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The Real Heroes | Crime Policeman | 9tanki Entertainment

Laxmi: Father, hope you are having dinner with us tonight. Laxmi: Because Mother has made us our favorite desert. Laxmi: And yes, I’ve bought firecrackers of the money you had given me for it. Laxmi: We’ll go light them after dinner, alright? Laxmi: Father, please say something. Laxmi: So you are having dinner with us tonight, right? Father: No, I have some work. Laxmi: You always do this! You are never home on Diwali. Laxmi: Every year, Mother and I have to spend it on our own being at home. Laxmi: My friend Divya and her father spend all their Diwalis together. Laxmi: I don’t want to talk to you. Katti! Mother: Laxmi, Father has work to do. He cannot spend his Diwalis with his family, so that you can spend yours with your loved ones. Peacefully!


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