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THE PROFESSOR Official Trailer (2019) Johnny Depp, Zoey Deutch Movie HD

It doesn’t look good Richard, in fact, to be quite frank it looks pretty bad. How long are we talking? Probably six months. My name is Richard, I’m your professor. From here on out, we’re gonna do things very, very differently. Oh, if any of you sell marijuana. Please visit me during office hours. Thanks, bye. I’ve cancer and it doesn’t look good. Best of luck with your impending deaths. To your health. There’s no need to be facetious. Right, stop. You get a B. But I’m not finished. Take a seat. Do you mind if I smoke a joint? You gotta be kidding me. He’s trying to a be- Where’d you get that? What well-to-do middle-aged wasps we can get prescriptions for anything you want. What’s going on? Seems like you’re drunk on drugs. Admittedly, we are on a bit of both. We need to talk. I am chancellor of this University. You have been cheating on your wife, haven’t we? With the wife of a devoted faculty member. Specifically…mine. Are you alright? Ummm… No. Why are you and Mom are still together? What happened to us, Richard? What happened to us? Life. Damn it, Richard. Those are crystal. She winked at me. You just picked up that waitress in less than a minute. Shut up, Richard I hope your parents all told you that you die at the end. We should have floated without living. And you’ve got one shot and grab it snatch it up, make it yours. Don’t let a moment slip by. What’s your gardener doing here? He’s my emergency contact. Well, is that it? Yeah, I think I think so. Yeah. Yeah, that’s it. I’m Richard. Okay. That’s a hell of a greeting.


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