The Problem With The NBA Awards!

do remember in my son's video where I said that I was wanting to start making more positive videos well that lasted long because the NBA Awards were on yesterday and I didn't watch them because I've watched the last two and I knew how much it sucked the show they put on isn't awful but it's also not good my biggest grievance with that aspect of it is how it seems like the NBA award show is trying to be like all the other award shows there is no creativity to it at all it's trying to be the Oscars but the difference is the Oscars is put on by a bunch of people and creative fields filmmaking writing acting whereas the NBA award show is put on by NBA executives even with that I don't enjoy the Oscars so you can only imagine how painful the NBA award show can be for me it does have its charm at times the Robin Roberts thing last night was great but the show itself isn't my biggest issue with the whole thing as a matter of fact I don't think the actual show is a bad idea I was fine with the way that it used to be where it was really just a press conference for every award but this is cool too and maybe with some better production value by some more creative people could actually be a really good thing it would be a great way to celebrate the end of the regular season because that's what the show is supposed to be a celebration of the regular season as well as obviously a way to hand out regular season awards so if this is supposed to be a celebration of the regular season why is it that it comes out a week after the finals end it's been two and a half months since the regular season has ended that is my biggest issue with the NBA award show timing the NBA award show is ruined by one simple thing when it actually happens [Applause] I hate the NBA award show for one reason and one reason only the timing in which the show comes out it completely kills the suspense of the NBA's regular season awards when the final buzzer of the regular season goes off I think of two things one wow I can't wait for the NBA Playoffs and two I think well that wraps up the case for MVP Rookie of the Year Sixth Man of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Most Improved all that is over in my head I'm like I wonder who will win MVP be honest or hardened who will win Rookie of the Year Trey Lucca or Ben Simmons just kidding that joke is way to played out same goes for the Brian Scalabrine jokes those have been tired for years stop at the end of the season the playoffs and the NBA awards are on my mind do you know when those awards are not on my mind two months later the NBA award show kills the suspense of those Awards because I don't care anymore at the end of the regular season I'm thinking of the playoffs and the awards when the season as a whole is over I'm thinking cool the Raptors are champions and I'm thinking of free agency how the draft will shape the NBA what rookies will be really good what teams going to make a breakthrough this year what I'm thinking about is the future next season not the awards from this season the MVP debate has stopped and the free agency debates have started another aspect of this is how much it confuses the more casual naive fan a lot of people don't understand this basic concept the MVP is a regular season award so when this award is given after the entire postseason has played out it can give the impression that the playoffs are a part of it when it's given in the middle of the first round the playoffs only get added to the MVP debates well after the award has been given out only by ignorant people but it's still used as a debate point in hindsight there is also a great point that was made by the NBA story teller who made a whole video on this aspect of the NBA award show because somehow he can talk about one small topic and make a 27 minute video on it he talked about how the award show completely removes players having to prove themselves after winning MVP in the playoffs Derk winning MVP in 2007 and then losing to the 8th seeded warriors is the biggest case of not backing up an MVP and then there are plenty of examples of backing it up it can also be used as motivation for rival players MJ did that with Charles Barkley and Karl Malone when they won MVPs over him MJ went out and used that as motivation to beat them in the finals the NBA award show completely kills the suspense and the fun of those awards so what is the solution to this it's simple to move it to the end of the regular season if the NBA award show is a celebration of the regular season how about put it right after the regular season concludes there are a few days in between the end of the season in the playoffs put it somewhere in there boom easy this also provides an opportunity for some players to have some trash talk at the award show pre playoffs maybe Jana says he's about to go get the Bucs a championship and then that becomes a meme for a decade we should take the NBA award show and move it somewhere else a lot of the voting is done before the post season anyways just to make the show happen in between the regular season and the playoffs in there you have it the NBA award show would go from something that people dread and make fun of on NBA twitter to something that could actually be viewed as a positive celebration of the end of the season that is the end of this video please be sure to LIKE and subscribe check out the hoops cast a link will be in the description and cue the outro music

  • In case anyone takes it this way: Giannis’ MVP speech was dope, my problem is that he had to give it after the playoffs lol. Congrats to the Greek freak, might have to make a mini documentary on him. 
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  • I never cared about MVP, an award that doesn't even know what it stands for. recently I don't even care for the regular season – I don't wanna watch harden & giannis (…) molest Knicks, Suns, and Cavs every 2nd night and then cry/whine for MVP award they (didn't) get. And by far the most annoying part of MVP award are literally hundreds of articles that start 2 weeks before start of the season and end 2 weeks after awards are done and all the drama is exploited :/

  • People still saying harden got robbed. The best player on the best team should win the mvp. Giannis is a 2 way player who can guard the 1-5 which not that many players in nba history can do. He’s a great playmaker and he dominates the paint. Don’t try to bring up Westbrook in 2016 that was an anomaly, rarely do players who aren’t at the top of their conference record wise win mvp.

  • I totally agree these NBA award show is garbage same thing with the NFL awards show when he started doing it like 3 or 4 years ago. I think the NHL also does this and Major league baseball now.

  • First of all…. shorten that shit. It doesn't need to be 3 hours long. Instead of the old school formal award format, go more hip and modern. Keep it moving and keep the audience engaged.

    Second and more importantly… Fix the postseason/offseason schedule okay. The gap between the end of the regular season and this awards show is too long. There's no suspense or question as to who will win any of the awards. And as much as I'm a traditionalist and hate big changes like this, I think that it's time to move the Draft to AFTER the free agency period opens. It's just so weird to have it before and have all of these proposed trades that are confirmed but not technically confirmed. If I was a new fan to the NBA I'd be confused as fuck watching the draft. I'd be like… "Wait, the Jazz drafted Darius Bazley? I thought I heard the Jazz traded that pick to the Grizzlies for Conley? Why is he wearing a Jazz hat? Wait now the Grizzlies are trading him to the Thunder? How? I thought he was with the Jazz? Or is he with the Grizzlies? But that trade isn't final so how could the Grizzlies even trade him?" It's just ridiculous when it doesn't need to be. Do the draft after free agency so that it's after the new league year starts and every trade can be confirmed real time. No proposed bullshit.

    Here's what I would do…

    Under the current format
    – the regular season typically ends around April 10th
    – the playoffs begin around April 15th
    – the draft lottery is held anywhere from May 15th to 20th
    – the finals begin in the last few days of May or first couple of days in June
    – the finals end in mid June
    – the draft is held anywhere from June 20th to 25th
    – the nba awards are held a few days after the draft
    – July 1st is the opening of free agency and the start of a new league year

    My suggested new format is…
    – end the regular season around April 10th as usual
    – around April 13th hold the nba award show (ALL of the awards live including all nba/all rookie teams, etc) then give the players 1 week off to rest/practice
    – around April 20th/21st the playoffs begin
    – the finals would begin around the 8th-10th of June
    – the draft lottery is held before the 1st game of the finals (around June 8)
    – the finals end around June 25th (if there's 7 games)
    – push back the beginning of free agency to July 5th or so
    – the draft is held somewhere around July 20th-25th
    – summer league would be in August

  • Another point, Dwane Casey accepting Coach of the Year in June from the team he got fired from is more awkward than him accepting the award in April with the high hopes of making the finals.
    Move the DAMN AWARD SHOW.

  • They really should have done it during the 2nd round of the playoffs because right now, Kawhi not getting MVP is ridiculous. Strike while the recency bias is strong

  • The biggest take away from this video for me is that die-hard fans really do get sucked into their own private know-it-all bubbles sometimes. It's like we sometimes forget that there are other people who watch the sport, and enjoy it, casually. You are making the case for the award show to be moved to the end of the regular season. I think the problem here lies in the attempt to divide the NBA season into two parts, and arbitrarily so if I might add. What you call the regular season and "playoff" season is essentially one and the same to the vast majority of casual fans. Do you really most people who watch the game care for understanding the minutia underlies the distinction between the regular season and playoffs? Let's be honest here, isn't the whole season just one elaborate nationwide battle to figure out who the best team is? Isn't the point of the regular season to determine who gets to go to the playoffs, and where they are seeded? If this is case, why is it so wrong to make the case that it should be treated as one long affair? As opposed to splitting up, and then having two separate award shows? C'mom dude, think it thru. Most people just don't care.

    You say the MVP is a regular season award. No shit, Sherlock. I think that becomes pretty obvious when you notice the guy who won the award didn't even make the finals. Not like that in itself makes a world of difference. I mean, when was the last time someone won the MVP but didn't make the playoffs? My point is, the relevance of the award is in the name itself. Regular season MVP?… as opposed to what?… Finals MVP? I think people are smart enough to figure out which award should go to who without having someone drum it in their heads with a megaphone. Even if the award is given out at the end of the playoffs.

    The NBA already has the all-star week, which many consider to be more of a distraction than anything else. Having another 'special event" at the end of the regular season, and then the whole thing after the playoffs? Might just be the straw that breaks the camels back. I think things should be left the way they are. Having two separate events in one season arbitrarily divided in two doesn't make a lot of sense, and will likely be a logistical nightmare for the NBA and for fans of the game. I don't think "losing interest" or "killing the suspense and the fun" is enough justification for altering the status quo. Grow up, dude.

    PS: I love your show. I watch all your videos when they come out.

  • They use this as a way to keep ppl attention on the league way after the season ends it's a selfish act that needs to stop

  • i really prefer your videos with like slideshows or nba highlights in the background, not that your ugly or anything its just i think your videos would be better if they didnt have a face cam because we want to see nba stuff not your face (no offence) I love your videos tho, keep up the good work!

  • Harden should have won mvp. I have never in my life 21 years of life seen any one man put on a one man show like that for a season . This man had teams on a nightly basis coming up with defensive schemes that haven’t even been thought of 😂

  • The nba is always making cool stuff lame. Used to be awesome to see the mvp get the award in front of their home crowd and gove a speech. Aesthetically it was cool. The nba also hasn't done playoff and finals logos on the court for sum reason, miss those too

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