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The Perfect Murder – Award Winning Crime Drama Short Film

What can I say that I haven’t said a million times already? You must keep in mind that you are 30 but your heart is like that of a 60 year old. Change your lifestyle. Go to bed early. Cut down on late nights and partying. Hmm. And this medicine You have to take a pill every day. I hope you are taking it. Yes. This is your responsibility. Explain to her that this is the best medicine for a weak heart. Take complete rest for a week now. Relax. But I’m flying to London this Saturday. This Saturday? No No No No!! It’s probably snowing there now. I wouldn’t advise you to go. Especially not in the winter. I have to go. We’re setting up a new office there. Well, now the ball is in your court. What does your husband do? Kabir, you’re an actor, aren’t you? Yes, sir. He’s in business with daddy and me. Still learning. In that case send him! Can you go, young man? Yeah. I can go. We’ll see? Yeah. Problem solved! I’ll show you out, sir. You sit. Look after her. I’ll show myself out. Thank you, doctor. OK! I think you’ll be fine now. Hmm. Get rest, like he said. And if you need anything ask for Bahadur. I may be back late today. Where are you going? I’m meeting a producer. OK. Neha There’s this movie. I have a shot at playing the lead in it. It’s a very promising project. A high concept film. The content is fabulous. All the producer needs is a little investment from me. Daddy won’t agree. There’s no point. No. This is really different. A really new concept. This guy has everything worked out. Kabir Movie stars get paid to work. They don’t pay money to work. I know Neha but they are stars and I’m not one. At least, as of now. Do you realize how ridiculous you sound, Kabir? Ridiculous? Look at you. You’ve been struggling for five years now and have reached nowwhere. What are the odds it making it now? Very long odds I would say. You just don’t have it in you. When will you realize this? When you’re 60 years old? You know, Kabir Dad was not happy about us. You also know he doesn’t have a high opinion of you. I fought with him to marry you. Give me one opportunity to prove him wrong. I really want to prove him wrong. Yeah. Kabir In a couple of years we’ll complete our business expansion. We’ll also hopefully have kids. I want us to be one successful happy family. Let’s work towards that. Yeah. Please forget these lofty goals. Yeah. Hi sweetheart. Going somewhere? Did you talk to Neha? No. Talk to me baby. Everything OK? You come over every Saturday with flowers or a gift. We sleep together. And then I ask you when are we getting married? and you reassure me Very soon, baby! I’ll divorce my wife any day now and then we’ll marry. Then you go away only to show up again next Saturday! to screw me. My life is so perfect, it couldn’t be better! Baby I want to marry you. Just give me some time. I’ve run out of patience. I’m going back to Goa. Please don’t do that. Just give me some time. I really love you a lot. You know that. My sister had warned me. Carol, don’t get involved with a married man. They are just time wasters. They’ll use you and cast you aside. I’m not using you. Just give me a little time. Things are getting really complicated. But you’re doing nothing to uncomplicate things. Why don’t you just divorce that bitch? It’s not that easy, Carol. You promised me. You’ll swindle them, make millions and then you’ll divorce her. I underestimated those bastards. Are they really as wealthy as you think? Probably even wealthier. Really. Once I make a debut as a lead actor I’ll show them what I’m made of. Do you have anything to your name? I’m a joint holder. So, if something happens to her, everything will come to you. I mean, whatever is held jointly. Why would something happen to her? Doesn’t she have a weak heart? Yeah but she’s probably good for another twenty years. She’s in good shape. The doctor examined her today morning. I don’t know. What? Murder her. What? Just get rid of her. You’re crazy! I don’t want to fry in the electric chair. What I want is money and I need a way for that. That’s it. Murder her! Huh! Don’t get hyper. I was just suggesting. What suggesting? These crime shows on TV that you watch put this garbage inside your head. Is it that easy to kill someone? We’ll be caught in one day. And then we’ll spend our entire life in prison. Whatever, Kabir. It’s over. Carol, come on, hon. Now you want me to commit murder for you? I need money, Kabir and lots of it. Carol Kabir Are you OK? Just give me some water. It’s OK. Just give me some time to think. Neha My credit card was declined today. Please talk to the bank. I know. I blocked it. Blocked it? Why? Because I don’t think you need a credit card. Really? So now you’re going to decide whether I need a credit card or not? Kabir, the credit card is yours. The money is mine. Oh, yes. How could I forget that? I didn’t marry you to foot your whisky bills. So, you don’t drink? I do but I don’t drink myself into a stupor that people have to lift me and plonk me into a car. How many times are you going to taunt me about that? Did I rape or murder someone? Whom do you keep texting in the middle of the night? There you go again. Don’t drink. Don’t text. Quit acting. You don’t have it in you! How do you know that I don’t have it in me? What are you? God? This morning, your ‘last seen’ on Whatsapp was 3 :30 AM. And why do your modelling friends keep sending you their bikini pics? What the fuck is going on, Kabir? You checked my phone again? Haven’t you heard the concept of giving space? Oh! So now the problem between us is that I’m not giving space. Kabir, normal rules don’t apply here because you’re a fucking womanizer and an alcoholic. Neha! Sir I need to replace the washer. Go ahead. The store’s closed now. I’ll drop by on Saturday. On Saturday? Come over on Sunday. OK, Ma’m. Saturday is the twelfth. Nisha’s store opening is on that day. Remember? Ah. Right. I spoke to dad. You’re going to London. I can’t take a chance. It’ll be freezing. It’s just a couple of months, anyway. If one of us is present there work will get done faster. OK. Neha, I.. need some money. How much? Ten thousand rupees. OK. I gave a lot of thought to this. after going home that day. Getting rid of her is in our best interest. It’ll solve all our problems. Good. When will you kill her? You have to be patient. It’s hard to kill someone but what’s harder is to get away with it. What we need is a perfect murder. I’m going to London on Monday. You’re going to London? When will you return? After two months when news about her death breaks out. Two months? The less you know about this the better it is for you. And till everything is done don’t call me. No Whatsapp, email, message, nothing. Even after it’s all done, don’t get in touch. I’ll call you. Where’s Bahadur? I’ve sent him to pick up clothes from the laundry. OK. Don’t drink too much. Yeah. Should I come along? I haven’t met Sanjay and Anu in ages. But Nisha’s store launch? Yeah. OK. I’ll see you soon. Yeah. See you. Hello, yes. It’s me. Neha. Yeah. When I left, did I have my phone in my hand? I’m not sure. Looks like I’ve forgotten it at home. I think I forgot it in the kitchen when I went in to drink water. OK. Where are you now? I’m returning home to pick up my phone. Where are you? I’m stuck in traffic. OK. We’ll talk later. OK. Kabir If you decide, you can be very successful in business. You just need to remain focused. If you set up this London office dad will be very impressed. So, please give this your best shot. For me. Yeah. Hello Hello Kabir Hello. Hello Hello Hello Hello. Lousy network here. A minute. I warned you not to call me. Fuck that, Kabir. I’m pregnant. What? How did this happen? What do you mean, how did this happen? You’ve been sleeping with me for two years and you’re asking me how it happened? I mean we always used protection. I want to meet you. When can we meet? Carol I can’t meet you. I’m flying to London tonight. I told you about it. I don’t care, Kabir. I’m not going to wait two months to meet you. I need to meet you right now. Do you understand that? Hello Hello How dare you hang up on me? I’m pregnant because of you, Kabir. You promised me you’ll marry me and you had sex with me. I’m coming to your house right now. If you don’t meet me I’ll go to the cops. Kabir What happened? Are you OK? Kabir, talk to me. What happened? I think, heart. OK. I’ll.. Should I call the doctor? Wait wait. wait. I’ll call the doctor. Do you have chest pain? Ok. Wait. I’ll just be back in a minute. I’ll just be back in a minute. Kabir, take this. Kabir Kabir What’s happening to you? Kabir, talk to me. Kabir, please talk to me. What happened to you? Bahadur!! What’s wrong, Kabir? Ok. Stay with me. Kabir, stay with me.


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