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The Patriot (3/8) Movie CLIP – Before This War is Over (2000) HD

Release the prisoners! -General, what is this?
-Prisoner exchange. -He has 18 of our officers.
-Who is he? I recognize him. He’s the commander of the militia. Your ghost. Stay that sword, colonel! He rode in under a white flag for formal parley. This is madness. If you harm him, you condemn our officers. With respect, sir, he’s killed as many officers
in the last two months. He has shown no aggression here. Hence he cannot be touched. Has he not? You! So you’re the ghost, are you? I rememeber you! On that farm! That stupid little boy! Did he die? You know… …it’s an ugly business, doing one’s duty. But just occasionally… …it’s a real pleasure. Before this war is over, I’m going to kill you. Why wait? Soon.


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