The P1000 Song performed by CC subscriber Oscar

depuis ma rage elle y est le fruit j'ai et je donnerai pointage n et janry frais mal-logés bas les pollens à demain les poches de notre stage me plongerai tous les chiens du bon et ne marque pas tél le jeu hejda exemple heureux et les mots [Musique] 15e les boîtes valeo avec la pokal flore il faire de budweiser bas harare c'est quoi et ma g g oh le mot le dire [Musique] 2 vous pouvez nous [Musique]

  • Will the chemtrails song also make an appearance on this channel? Definitely a highlight even past this one ! 😀

  • I like how Galileo put forth arguments explaining this stuff centuries ago, but the Flerfers think simplicio was winning the debates in his dialogue.

  • my favourite line is "Ranty come and sit with me and I'll give you some of my NASA-shill money" 😂

  • Ah, Ranty, the Good Soldier Schweik of flat earth.

    Anyone who hasn't read Jaroslav Hasek's hilarious but unfinished novel (he died suddenly at 39) doesn't know what they're missing. The point about Schweik is that he appears to be very, very stupid. His meticulous obedience to orders and eager loyalty to those in authority (and there are many in authority, all illustrated by Josef Lada with a variety of fancy hats, large moustaches and apoplexy) somehow always results in everything getting screwed up, more rage from the moustaches and fancy hats yelling more orders which Schweik will obey, of course, thus screwing up something else. So you begin to wonder if Schweik is actually very clever. He couldn't wreak more havoc if he was trying -which he isn't.. or is he? His prolix but simplistic speeches to his comrades about the excellence of their officers and the nobility of the Austro-Hungarian cause are usually terminated by those same officers yelling "Shut up, Schweik!"

    Rather like Ranty, don't you think?

  • The best thing about Ranty’s video here is the waves. There is so little refraction that you can clearly see there is no compression or other effects that could be hiding what is clearly obstructed behind a physical barrier.

  • I am sorry but if you are as stupid as Ranty Globe Earth and believe that the erth is flat, then those ships are sinking and why did he not call the coastguard to rescue them 🙁

  • Dunno if you could find a tune to go with these lyrics??…

    Space, Comma, Comma, Comma, Comma, daft reason
    Ships come and go, ships come and go….

  • Hail King Ranty, Defender of the globe. With half a mind and a P1000 the world is his, in a lovely ball shape, so it seems 😆

  • Ranty needs an award for his efforts and services constantly proving his own friends wrong. Such a great guy.

  • Dude, that is the funniest thing ever, love ALL your channels and EVERYTHING you do. (Sorry, got carried away with yelling a bit there !) 🤣🤣👍🏼🇦🇺

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