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The Oscar for Best Romance | Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso & Anwar Jibawi

>>LELE PONS: Welcome back to this year’s Academy Awards. This award is dedicated to the most romantic movies of the century. Here are our nominees. Grease>>MARCUS JOHNS: You guys don’t want to hear the horny details now, do you? [GUYS CHEERING]>>GIRLS: Tell us! Tell us!>>ALISSA VIOLET: He was so romantic! [GIRLS AWEING]>>MARCUS JOHNS: She was nasty! [GUYS OOHING]>>AMANDA CERNY: How’s he like?>>ALISSA VIOLET: He’s so cute! [GIRLS AWEING]>>MARCUS JOHNS: Big melons! [GUYS CHEERING]>>ALISSA VIOLET: We held hands! [GIRLS AWEING]>>RAY DIAZ: But did you smash?>>MARCUS JOHNS: I’m not saying no! [GUYS CHEERING]>>LELE PONS: Excuse me? Are you guys students?>>GUYS: Yeah…>>LELE PONS: He looks a little too old to be a student.>>MARCUS JOHNS: He failed a couple grades.>>RAY DIAZ: Yeah.>>LELE PONS: I’m gonna call the cops.>>MARCUS JOHNS: Let’s go boys! Come on! Go, go, go! Run boys! Run!>>ALISSA VIOLET: That looks like Danny.>>LELE PONS: The Notebook>>AMANDA CERNY: Why didn’t you text me? Why?>>CHRISTIAN DELGROSSO: I texted you! I texted you every day for one day!>>AMANDA CERNY: You texted me?>>CHRISTIAN DELGROSSO: It wasn’t over for me!>>AMANDA CERNY: Wait.>>CHRISTIAN DELGROSSO: It still isn’t!>>AMANDA CERNY: I’m not just gonna make out with you.>>CHRISTIAN DELGROSSO: I built you a house.>>AMANDA CERNY: That’s a really nice house.>>CHRISTIAN DELGROSSO: Yeah. Yeah. Maria? Romeo and Juliet>>TEALA: Romeo, oh Romeo.>>RUDY MANCUSO: I’m right here [BLEEP].>>TEALA: Wherefore out thou Romeo?>>RUDY MANCUSO: Excuse me? Juliet?>>TEALA: Deny thy father.>>RUDY MANCUSO: Are you even speaking English?>>TEALA: And refuse thy name.>>RUDY MANCUSO: What the [BLEEP] language is this?>>TEALA: Is someone there?>>RUDY MANCUSO: Finally! Holy [BLEEP]. Yes. Hi.>>TEALA: Will thy come up and visit me?>>RUDY MANCUSO: Who the [BLEEP] do you think I am? Spiderman?>>TEALA: Oh please Romeo! Find a way.
>>RUDY MANCUSO: Oh my God.>>TEALA: Oh here! Use my extensions.>>RUDY MANCUSO: What the [BLEEP] you think this is? Rapunzel?>>TEALA: Just try!>>RUDY MANCUSO: What is this yoga?>>TEALA: Are you kidding me? That’s it! You’ve missed your chance.>>RUDY MANCUSO: You know what? This is [BLEEP]! You know how many girls I could be with right now?>>TEALA: I don’t need you! I got Peter Pan on his way right now.
>>RUDY MANCUSO: I could be with Cinderella! I could be with Snow White! I could be with Sleeping Beauty!>>TEALA: That’s why you can’t climb up here Romeo.
>>RUDY MANCUSO: I could be with so many people! I don’t have to put up with this [BLEEP].>>TEALA: I don’t have time for your nonsense!>>RUDY MANCUSO: [BLEEP] you!>>TEALA: Peace!>>LELE PONS: Twilight>>MANON MATTEWS: But why can’t you just turn me?>>JAKE PAUL: It’s not that simple.>>MANON MATTES: Just bite me!>>JAKE PAUL: I’m trying to protect you>>MANON MATTHEWS: From what?>>JAKE PAUL: From me.>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Don’t do it Bella.>>JAKE PAUL: Oh, this guy again! Come on.>>MANON MATTHEWS: Jacob!>>JAKE PAUL: Not now Jacob.>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Come at me bro!>>JAKE PAUL: Just choose someone!>>MANON MATTHEWS: I don’t, I don’t know.>>JAKE PAUL: I can make you immortal.>>ANWAR JIBAWI: I got abs.>>JAKE PAUL: I’m cold.>>ANWAR JIBAWI: I’m warm.>>JAKE PAUL: I’m shiny!>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Well can you do this?>>MANON MATTHEWS: Yeah, I’m just gonna go with you.>>LELE PONS: And Titanic.>>LELE PONS: Hello Jack.>>LELE PONS: Jack!
>>KING BACH: Oh [BLEEP]!>>LELE PONS: I changed my mind.>>KING BACH: It’s about time.>>LELE PONS: They said you’d-
>>KING BACH: Shut up! Put that on!>>KING BACH: Come on. Take my hand. No. Not to get in, to help me out. Alright, we gonna go on the top.>>LELE PONS: Alright.>>KING BACH: Alright. Let’s do this date. Close your eyes. Do you trust me?>>LELE PONS: I trust you.>>KING BACH: [BLEEP] yeah. Make sure you keep trusting me. Put your hands up! Alright, now keep going up to the front of the ship. Keep going. I’ll tell you when to stop.>>KING BACH: Alright, keep going.
[LELE SCREAMING] [KING BACH SCREAMING]>>LELE PONS: You [BLEEP]!>>KING BACH: I’m not dying this time [BLEEP].>>LELE PONS: Jack! And the winner is… [DRUM ROLL] The Notebook!>>CHRISTIAN DELGROSSO: Yes! [CHRISTIAN CHEERING] That’s what I’m talking about baby! [BLEEP] you. [BLEEP] you. And [BLEEP] you. I won this [BLEEP]. Fair and square>>AMANDA CERNY: We won it together.>>CHRISTIAN DELGROSSO: Yeah! We’d like to thank the producers and directors->>LELE PONS: I must apologize… the winners are Twilight.>>CHRISTIAN DELGROSS: NO!>>LELE PONS: Have a good night!>>CHRISTIAN DELGROSSO: Oh [BLEEP]. [EXIT MUSIC]


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