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The Official Grammy Style Studio for the Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Tatiana Diana here with Turbo Tax and Young Hollywood
Checking out the Official Grammy Style Studio. [music] So tell me about what you’ve got going on. Well, I’m workin’ on a new album currently. Just met with some amazing producers and writers, Isaac Slade from The Fray, met up with Babyface. I’m excited about that. So, anybody in the Grammys that you’re kind of rooting for? Yes, yes I am, Bruno Mars and also Cee Lo, a very big fan of Cee Lo.
What is it about Cee Lo? Everybody just seems to love that man. He’s just, he’s free, he’s free to express his self however he feels like and he doesn’t apologize about it and I love it. We’ve actually teamed up with Turbo Tax to
help guide us through the Grammys. yeah. If you were to get some crazy tax return like I’m talking ten million dollars, what would you do with it? You know what. I’d go to my church and I’d
pay my tithe and I’d pay my taxes. Wow, you’re a responsible kind of guy. Yeah because I don’t want nobody botherin’ me when I start partyin’ really hard. So, you go to church, you pay your taxes. I’ll go but I won’t stay long. Drop it off and keep goin’. Head out to Rodeo Drive. It’s Rodeo, then Charlotte, North Carolina, then I’ll travel, you know.
And if you could have any future dream collaboration, who would it be? Bill Withers, me, Bill Withers and Willie Nelson would do a great song together. I think you would. What would it sound like? Oh man. In my mind I’m going to Carolina. We’d take and redo James Taylors “Carolina On My Mind”. Can I be on the song? You can, you can. I’ll
sing in the background. Just bring a guitar with you. I will. And extra strings. [laughter] [music] You like this and I’m out. So we’ve got Alex Da Kid. What’s up? Chillin’ What’s goin’ on? Are you hangin’ out? Yeah getting’ free
stuff. My favorite kind of stuff is free stuff. So you don’t even need free stuff cause
you’re like a Grammy nominated awesome man. I’m very awesome, but I always need free stuff. So have you gotten anything cool so far? I just
got some sunglasses that were pretty cool. My head doesn’t suit any sunglasses so actually have sunglasses that fit me and there
cool that’s pretty amazing. Grammy nominations, you’ve got a lot going on. Are you excited? I’m just pretty much nominated for all the best categories. That’s what I do. He’s so humble. Do you know what you’re wearing
to the Grammys? I need to know. Probably a sombrero and I may wear a
fishnet tank top. I’m not sure though. Are you going to try to outdo Gaga? No
it’s not a competition I always outdo her. She wore a meat suit. She wore like a bacon suit or something. She got that from me. I was wearing that like two days before. Really? She borrowed your meat. And Bieber, I don’t want to break this to anybody, but that’s my hairstyle. I had that like two years ago before he
even came out. Talk to me about other Grammy nominated artists. Is there anybody you’re rooting for besides yourself? No. Me either. Yay.

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