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about you everyday for a year still over I had such a gut reaction to the script it just was very touching and very emotional and I wanted to play that girl I wanted to has so much conflict and you know she goes from being such an open fiery person with so much passion to see you know someone more controlled but that that little girl that little girl that fell in love for the first time is still in there and and it comes out again and I mean I'm just you know what I'm what a life what a what a love life No now say to your bird I'm a bird I mean there was an instant you know connection in terms of the audition and then from there we sort of had you know a separate experience in the two months leading up to the film we were both in in Charleston doing prep work but but very separate I was taking tennis and piano ballet art classes dialect and he was doing dialect and woodworking and rowing and it kind of worked I think because you know we were supposed to be playing these people from opposite you know ends of the spectrum who who come together and find each other and complement each other in their opposites I could do whatever you want you just tell me what you want don't be that for you you know he was loved with him first time he saw her on the ferris wheel he dedicated his life to her there was a great commitment that this man made this character and I admire that take you lon is the character that I play on the page he looks perfect like the perfect guy but what the movie proves is that you can have the perfect guy and have it not be your soul mate you know because there's some other connection that you can have with somebody else and that may be inexplicable you know when love comes into play it makes you do funny things that don't seem logical I guess but but he's a good guy I like and I think he's moved on and he's very happy it's living you know a very expensive life with some beautiful girl who appreciates him I mean I love that it you know it didn't make it an easy choice there was a great deal of conflict and you know it was a great great thing to have to struggle through we very easily could have made this character not likable he's been dealt an amazing hand in life he's got wealth and charm and you know and he's smart and very sincere and kind and it's an madly in love with her he could very easily be you know a rich obnoxious arrogant you know rich guy but he's not I didn't want him to be that because we wanted to meet more of a challenge for the audience you know we didn't want the audience to go at you know we wanted to make it harder for Ali to make that decision and to me it really validates their relationship more Allie and Noah so it's not gonna be easy it's gonna be really hard we're gonna have to work at this every day but I want to do that because I want you I want all of you forever you and me every day yeah I'm very excited to see what people think it was you know a long time in the making and a long time in the waiting for it to come out and and I'm excited about it I'm proud of it do you think love yes I didn't that's what brings you back to me each time and I'm so happy to be able to do it because it is a good script it's a wonderful script and I love Jenna I just she's a tremendous actress and I watched her and James together on set watch you know the way they they related to one another and they found each other instantly they seemed to connect to to one another and care for each other and you know James was really gentlemanly with her and it was nice to watch it was it was like looking into the future you know updates come on you wanna be the first to know about all the latest hookups breakups or arrests in so much more


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