The News @ 4.30pm: Vice President confers Democracy Awards

GST counts introduces rate from tax for electric vehicles from 12% to 5% for Evie charges from 18 to 5% and also approves GST for hiring our exemption of GST for hiring of electric buses the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman chairs the 36th GST council meeting through video conference table josh terrorist muna Lahori and his aide gunned down in shop Ian moon underwear he hails from Pakistan was involved with the series of civilian killings in south Kashmir in muchel sector of Jammu and Kashmir one Jovan is martyred as Pakistan violates a ceasefire again old stranded passengers Amala luxury Express evacuated successfully the train was held up near butter Laputa and Thani due to water logging heavy rains continue to nash Mumbai the Met department predicts scattered heavy rainfall in several parts of Maharashtra today and tomorrow special CBI court sends the businessman Satish Babu's son out to five days of remand the Enforcement Directorate had arrested sana in connection with a money laundering probe against Moines Qureshi and vice president in Mecca and I do converse the first democracy Awards instituted by the State Election Commission of Maharashtra advocating reservation for women and legislature the morrow after Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis also says one nation one election is needed of the art namaskara welcome to the news I'm mark Lanier's our top story and the high-powered GSD council meeting it took place today it decided to reduce the tax rate on electric vehicles from 12% to 5% and also the new rate will be effective from August 1 so this council it also slashed the GST on evey charges this is from 18% to 5% the 36th meeting of the council was chaired by the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman she did survive videoconferencing and the Minister of State for Finance on aracataca was present at the meeting the council also approved GST exemption for hiring of electric buses by local authorities and in Maharashtra rescue teams have safely evacuated all passengers of the maliki express the team the train in fact I beg your pardon had been held up near Badlapur and Thani district since last evening and this was because of water Logging's on the tracks and now it was scaring about 700 passengers and the ndr of the state and disastrous management team also the railway Protection Force and the fire brigade officials they were pressed into service immediately for the rescue and relief of the stranded passengers the relief material lying food packets other essentials were provided to the passengers the rescue teams used boats and they took the passengers out of the Train and shifted them to safer places the flood rescue teams of the Indian Navy also these included divers were present at the rescue operations and the Western Naval Command was keeping a close watch on the situation they were in constant touch with the state administration the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis instructed the chief secretary of the state to personally monitor the rescue operations the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityananda rice spoke to the chief minister took stock of the situation the railway ministry has announced that the passengers of the mala Laxmi Express will be taken to their destinations by a special train a special train with 19 coaches will leave from Kalyan to call up or with the passengers let's cook earlier Sabiha / look come correct India repents TD RFRA yaki local rescue team a Navy high air force a railway case of CRP Ojo B sub low key hopper opposite a local luminary coffee both sigh OPI or a bin Laden logo Papa – say Nikolai or Savino kookaburra bird silica jar a high rope came at them for Rickenbacker monkey mahalik injury was one who shot me say yo Kirkuk oh yes happy yeah Pentagon yeah heavy rains continue to lash mumbai and adjoining suburbs with water logging and separate areas of factory normal life Mumbaikars have been witnessing heavy – very heavy rainfall accompanied by strong winds and lightning since yesterday leading to water logging and traffic congestion at several spots non-stop rains and mumbai navi mumbai Thani and other suburbs have led to flooding in residential areas the Mumbai police requested commuters to avoid bottle dog areas and also to maintain a distance from the see the BMC officials are also on alert and they have alerted locals not to step out unless necessary meanwhile due to heavy rainfall compounded with overflowing will haast river resulting in water logging at UM beer not about 20 trains were terminated while two were cancelled the Met department has predicted scattered heavy rainfall at rygart Hannie Caulder and some parts of Ratnagiri and extra heavy rainfall that isolated places across Maharashtra today and tomorrow and in a major success for the security forces in their anti-terror campaign atop most terrorist was gunned down in south Kashmir today the terrorist was identified as Munna Lahori and hailed from Pakistan and was eliminated with his local associate ensure pian after a night long operation the slain terrorist was responsible for a partial car blast that took place on the security force convoy in bunny Hall in March this year it was also responsible for that fatal car blast on an army vehicle at re hull this was in pull wama and shewn and in a tweet the Jammu and Kashmir Police have said that Munna Holloway had an expertise and making of IEDs it was responsible for a series of civilian killings in southwest me region it said that the JME had also used him for recruiting of terrorists meanwhile and army Chauhan was martyred in module sector this is a North Korea para district and this is when Pakistani troops resorted to unprovoked firing a defense sources have said that the Pakistani forces attacked the Army's posts in module sector in the morning and this led to injuries to one of the soldiers and the critically injured soldier later succumbed in hospital while the Indian side responded in a befitting manner to this ceasefire violation a special CBI court and Eddie has sent the businessman selfish Babu's son out of five days of remand he was produced before a court by the investment directorate who was arrested on friday and this is in connection with the moines quraishi money laundering case and the IDI had sought a 14 day remand for Satish Babu he was arrested as we said under provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act now the IDI has registered a criminal case under the anti money laundering cool door this is against Qureshi as well it had done so in 2017 for alleged corruption in connivance with government officials it was Babu one who's complained that Central Bureau of Investigation had registered a criminal a fire on charges of corruption against its former senior officials Rakesh Astana and Alok Varma vice-president man can I do has confirmed the first to democracy Awards instituted by the State Election Commission of Maharashtra now the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was present at the award ceremony and it was held in Mumbai the vice president said that calling India our mother shows the importance that we give to women in our country he also asserted that women should get reservation in Parliament as they are 50% of the population he congratulated the Maharashtra government for granting 50% reservation for women in local bodies and even the country's name also we call it an are at Amata we don't call our capita we call it Mother India we don't call father in here why because that's the important you want to man then 50% of the population that's why you will use we look at the reverse without E Narmada property my handle Taniya Kaveri Krishna all things that is the importance of our civilizations given my chart oh I never need you know me sign here you carry over to okay I've advanced about sunset maybe my direction about you yet tomorrow should Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis highlighted the importance of one nation and one election and issue talked about by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he said that different parts of Maharashtra go into code of conduct for around 250 days of the year which not only disturbs the administration it also hinders the process of development report me Maharaj to me variety ex-army I saw this around 250 days there was a code of conduct in some or other parts of the state the other team soaked and said you know they said I saw the low tech of code of conduct rocking a it may not be tan Maharashtra it may be in some district or other but it affects the entire administration it affects the entire process of development Prime Minister Narendra Modi will share his thoughts with the people of India and abroad in the programme the radio program monkey barked on ordinary radio tomorrow at 11 a.m. the Prime Minister has been speaking on various important issues through the monthly program it said on the last Sunday of every month and the Union Health Minister dr. Schwarz and today visited the subject on hospital in Delhi he inaugurated in fact he will inaugurate the special OPDs for old persons and this will be a functional every Sunday so the doctors at these OPD they will be treating mainly geriatric cases for all persons and the minister also inspected the new emergency department and super speciality block and held a meeting with the concerned officials dr. schwa then also launched several health facilities and a significant meeting with the heads of aims at nirmaan Bhavan today will also take place research of research on reasons for various diseases and ways to prevent them besides other issues it's going to be discussed at this meeting you hammer hammer a bulgogi a special click disk opium Sunday clinic geriatric till any case act ahead if the unique manner is clinical concern manner the biggest fast one see that they may look like us but I'll miss you loopy as I say official fillet or summer WH okie director-general dr. Queensland popularized off-screen operation killer ideas of the junk moves till any kind of the chunkier doki pulses and Megan in Farah moving America she show gig is Chabad service with a low make a turkey in Sunday clinic organize drill facial who the working president of the BJP JP nadda is on a visit to Rohtak in Haryana while arriving there he was given a grand welcome by the party workers JP nadda will be reviewing the parties prepare us for the ensuing assembly elections in the state addressing a gathering in Rohtak he said that the welfare schemes initiated by the Modi government are transforming the lives of the common man the Central Reserve Police Force celebrated its 81st razing day today on the occasion the Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityananda I made floral tributes to the martyrs of the force of the National Police memorial at cha Nakamura in New Delhi but addressing the gathering the minister said that bravery of CRPF personnel is unmatched and that they are capable of dealing with any kind of untoward situation he added that with the efforts of the CRPF the scourge of terrorism will be eliminated from Jammu and Kashmir Jamarcus Wilma Pakistan private automata on McDonald opera Baha physical take all the heat body nominee he our recently produced her jumbo artists will say automatically ahead Nadia annually which he died no man which is omega bar absolute mahogany cable Pearl Jam worker's female Pakistan past the outcome Kabaddi a gasifier who did this could be smashing or gimmicky sir cargo which was and the DG of the CRPF Rajiv Rai but Nagar remember the CRPF Jevons martyred in the line of duty and hailed their bravery he added that in order to provide assistance to the families of the martyrs on a real-time basis the wheel party bar app was launched by the president in April this year rushed he say about me Evita CRPF kid though has our exhibition with Maharaja bono or ad carry on a table pranayama TD her Mensa be Shaheed o2 colony Anjali sure he don't apologize some are a policeman perv are okay have been only or in Kissimmee cos Amidon Kenya manny resada Mahadeshwara crpf will / VAR na ma my lap cashew Barham a big JIAJIA / the city hum shall he don't really talk assad la guitar generative way so lap toss a our chefs which now haunted ankara hundreds of people played paid floral tributes to the former president dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on his fourth death anniversary in Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu today people from all walks of life including students and representatives of political parties made a beeline to the Kalam National we're his burial site was located at the place and they paid their homage by placing wreaths as well as lighting candles remembering his contribution to the service of the country it's fondly remembered as the people's president dr. Kalam was the 11th President of India he was also known as the missile man of India for his starring contribution to India's missile program Hong Kong police fired tear gas at the protesters who were marching through UN long the dissenters were condemning an assault on pro-democracy protesters by armed men that took place last week the residents in Hong Kong have been demonstrating for democratic reforms and the withdrawal of the controversial extradition bill by the government the government has since halted the legislation the US president Donald Trump on Friday about substantial retaliation against France for attacks hitting us tech giant's accusing his counterpart Emmanuel macron of foolishness and issuing a veiled threat to impose tariffs on French wine Trump voiced his anger in a tweet in response to French plans to tax multinational firms like Google Apple Facebook and Amazon French authorities argue that the firms pay little or no corporate tax in countries where they are not based the Trump administration has said that the tax unfairly targets the US tech companies meanwhile Fran said that it will go ahead with the digital tax and if the French economy minister said that universal taxation of digital activities is a challenge for France he further added that France wants to reach an agreement within the g7 and the OECD and in the meantime France will implement its national decisions more international news eight people were killed and dozens injured when a series of earthquakes struck Islands and the far northern Philippines early today toppling historic buildings as well and sending terrified locals fleeing their homes the tremors hit the province of botanas a group of sparsely populated islets north of the nation's largest reduce on island tearing deep tracks in roads and forcing the evacuation of a hospital authorities said that some of the dead including two babies under a year old who were crushed by the walls of their own homes and many people were still asleep when the first tremor struck in the early hours the US Geological Survey says that the biggest of the quakes that's a magnitude five point four and five point nine struck within hours of each other a heat wave across Europe retreated slightly on Friday after a day of record-breaking temperatures in Germany France and Belgium the weather men have forecast unusually high temperatures and they will continue to prevail during the weekend the United Nations has warned that the heat wave will further stretch all the way across the top of the globe and it says that the impact of the rising temperatures would now be felt in Greenland as well which could cause environmental damage it also raised concerns that the changing weather could cause record melting of the world's second-largest Ice Sheet marine and ice sheet covers about 80% of that island and if all of it is melted it would raise the sea levels by 7 meters and the soaring temperatures also affected Britain and the Netherlands well with Britain's departure from the European Union due in less than a hundred days it seems that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a contingency plan at hand and the speculations of early elections started making the rounds this is after Johnson met with local police officers and Birmingham yesterday where he talked about his promise to recruit 20,000 more police officers he also hinted at speaking on other aspects of a packed domestic agenda Britain's next sheduled election is three years away but science suggests that Johnson may be preparing for a snap poll within weeks of or months in fact to break the breaks it impasse that defeated his predecessor Theresa May she resigned after failing three times to get Parliament's backing for her divorce deal with the EU refuting such as speculation sabores however ruled out calling a general election he said that he believed the British people didn't want another vote but wanted bricks it's delivered by October 31 I can give you an absolute cut though the British people voted in 2015 in 2016 in 2017 what they want us to do is deliver on their mandate to come out of the EU on October the 31st they don't want another electoral event they don't want a referendum they don't want a general election we want to come out of you towba the 31st that is what working to do the Union Territory Cricket Association was registered in 1982 and since then various attempts were made to get attention after nearly four decades Chandigarh has finally received affiliation from the Board of Control for Cricket in India thus providing an opportunity for the city cricketers to play in the BCCI tournaments and the said this is the Union Territory Cricket Association president Sanjay Tandon speaking on the issue a marito Association held at Borgata t salsa con karate or arthur cupid is karuppu got Natalia Ashish Caribe to MU J M patottie a cushy hurry sugar watch on ki yo BCCI e or co a key meeting and the yo Chandigarh Kelly UTC a the Union Territory Cricket Association of San Diego Ted who spoke magnetically you're watching DD news here are the headlines to conclude GST council reduces tax rate on electric vehicles from 12% to 5% for Evie charges from 18% to 5% approves exemption from GST for hiring of electric buses by local authorities finance minister chairs the 36 GST council meeting through video conference table josh terrorist Moonen Lahori and his aide gunned down in shop Ian Bernardo hurry hailed from Pakistan and was involved in a series of civilian killings in south Kashmir in muchel sector of Jammu and Kashmir one German martyred as Pakistan violates the ceasefire again all stranded passengers of Maha Lakshmi Express evacuated successfully the train was held up in Butler food in Thani the suspect as of waterlogging heavy rains continue in Mumbai the Met department predicts scattered to heavy rains in several parts of Maharashtra both today and tomorrow special CBI court sends the businessman Satish Babu's son out of five days of Vermont the Enforcement Directorate had arrested Satheesh balasana and this is in connection with a money laundering probe against more intuition and vice president in Mecca and I do confers the first democracy Awards initiated by the State Election Commission of Maharashtra advocating reservation for women in the legislature the morrow show Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis says one nation one election is the need of the hour you've been watching DD News thank you for your time Namaskar

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