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The Mothers of the Movement Accept The Community Change Agent Award | Black Girls Rock 2019

– From one activist
to another, I know how hard it is
to take a stand when the majority won’t. We see you. For fighting
against fear and corruption, “Black Girls Rock!”
is proud to present the Mothers of the Movement with the Community Change Agent
Award. – Please welcome Gwen Carr,
Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton, Maria Hamilton,
Congresswoman Lucy McBath, Geneva Reed-Veal,
and Sybrina Fulton. [uplifting music playing] [cheers and applause] – Wow. [cheers and applause continue] Thank you. On behalf
of Mothers of the Movement, thank you, Beverly Bond and “Black Girls Rock!” for bringing this social issue
into the spotlight and for making a difference in the lives of those who are
disenfranchised and silenced. Thank you also
to our family at BET. And to our forever family
and friends, we thank you as well. [applause] We’d also like to thank
Hillary Clinton for giving us the opportunity
to campaign with her in 2016. [cheers and applause] A special thank-you
to Nadia Fischer for your friendship…
– Whoo! – And for believing in us, but, more importantly, for your commitment to social
and criminal justice reform. [cheers and applause] We are deeply humbled
and grateful for this award. And while we have built
a sisterhood, this is not a club
that any of us wanted to join. [applause] This award… is for all
the Mothers of the Movement and women whose name
we’ll never know, all who have lost a child
to gun violence or confrontations
with the police. [applause] We know too well that all lives
have not mattered. This tells us very powerfully that we must change. We can’t ignore this. We can’t wish it away. Each of us has a responsibility to stand up and fight
for racial equality in America. [applause] Toni Morrison once said, “Definitions belong
to the definers, not the defined.” We must be our own definers. We must stand up
for what is right. We must stand up for justice. We must stand up for truth. Thank you again.
God bless you all.


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