The Mooseman – 100% Full Game Walkthrough – All Achievements/Trophies & Collectibles (Artefacts)

before we get started I just wanted to let you guys know that the ultimate game sail is currently happening on xbox through to the end of July I've went ahead on my subreddit and posted the easiest games from the sale that are up to 80% off feel free to check out the link in the description if you'd like more info on those games MCEs guides hey guys Macca here with another 100% full game walkthrough this video is for the game called the moose man available starting mid-july 2018 it does offer a full 1000 gamer score as well as a platinum trophy for those playing on PlayStation this game is made or published by sometimes you the brilliant developers that brought us games like energy cycle and north and when I'd cook which I have also covered on the channel as you can tell by the length of the video that is how long it will take us to get our 1000 gamer score or our platinum trophy I will be doing this game in one long take including all of the loading screens and all of the small little cutscenes as you can see on screen right now between chapters it's gonna be roughly about an hour long game maybe an hour and a few minutes so in this game there are a total of let's quickly check there are a total of 15 achievements or trophies 16 trophies if you count the platinum most of them are going to be for either as completing the game for doing certain tasks in the game or for grabbing all 52 of the collectables now this is a side-scrolling game you move left to right from the very beginning of the game you want to move left and this is an artifact will be finding 52 of these and these are the collectibles at any point in the game you can press the left bumper in order to look through your artifacts to make sure you have all of them now we can start moving to the right-hand side I'll obviously be doing periodic checks to make sure that you are keeping up as this game does not have any achievement tracking of any kind once you reach this tree here you'll press the a button it'll kind of spawn this you know ghost world and you'll also unlock collectible although this one won't actually show up on your screen and unless you look at the journal but we'll do that later also for a lot of the collectibles there is a small chime you'll hear in the background now what you'll do is you'll go to these fellows right here at the campfire and we are going to use our d-pad input the following right right right right left left left so again that's right right right right left left left you'll hear the chime and you can continue forward so that's right to the you know go to the right four times go to the left three times and the artifact should drop down you'll hear the chime I was talking about and we can move on the way this game works is it as a side-scrolling game but you also have the ability to kind of shift through worlds so you'll notice that there's all these kind of white things on the screen and they're kind of in one dimension if I press the a button those will disappear and then I'll be in the real dimension so you kind of have to go through between these dimensions to make it through you can also double tap right on the d-pad in order to automatically walk and this for example will have to kind of switch through dimensions to pass through certain objects and that's kind of the main mechanic of the game the games actually out of all the sometimes–you games it's probably one of the better ones we'll have to make the bridge and go on the bridge you'll notice that there is a fish we'll try to get right over the fish and as the fish jumps we're going to press a to fall through it will end up in this dimension with a cow we'll grab an achievement for doing so we'll walk forward and then grab this collectable artifact right here and then we'll continue walking forward to the right we now cross the bridge as normal so here there is a small little thing we have to sneak by you'll automatically crouch when you stop moving but it does take about a second for you to crouch so we're going to sneak forward and then as we believe that the cat will kind of open his eyes we're going to stop moving in Crouch as soon as it kind of closes its eyes we can start walking forward if timed correctly you can do this all in one run but it's a little bit tricky so we're gonna do it kind of into a as soon as he closes his eyes from here you should be able to make a break for the end here there's gonna be a bunch of obstacles now in our way and the cat thing will start chasing us we're going to switch between dimensions in order to make it through the area before he catches us but whenever you have something kind of impeding your progress just switch dimensions at this point you can also just kind of fall off the side once you fall off the side you want to go to the left you might have to switch between dimensions in order to kind of get in this little cave here but you should be at five artifacts and you can press the left bumper to see that you can also walk forward right here and we will get an achievement for progress called Clause of oh and here you'll notice this kind of rock this rock will follow us if we're in the ghost dimension Louis want to stand all the way on the right until the rock aligns with the log on the top there once they seem to align should be able to pass through the rock now and then use it in order to go up here we'll switch in order to allow the log to roll down the hill until it creates a bridge for us and then we can solidify it in the normal dimension in order to cross right here we want to switch dimensions and we can pass through the ramp that we use to come down and go kind of behind and into this rock to find our sixth artifact all right so this is a little bit of an interesting area but you can ask through the ghost guys as long as you are in the kind of normal dimension for the most part there's a couple tricks but you have to kind of time they're little strikes to make sure they don't get you and the best thing to do pretty much here is to just kind of go into the ghost dimension whenever possible and you'll be able to pass through these guys occasionally they'll lunge at you but you should be able to kind of just slowly pass through them take your time and switch whenever it seems like it's the right thing to do if you are in the ghost dimension and they don't have red eyes you should be able to just walk right through them you will align the log and then you'll have to cross this little area if at any point you see one of them that is like walking towards you with red eyes they will lunge at you and and whatnot so the next thing we'll do is grab the artifact inside this rock we should now be at seven and then we can pull this rock forward with us and we will have some enemies in front of us here all these enemies can attack you so the only way to not get attacked by them is to go inside of the rock and solidify it in order to allow them to pass over as soon as they pass over you should be able to switch back and continue forward into the smoke cloud thing there's sometimes the second wave of enemies so you'll want to be careful just in case they do spawn on you and at this point you'll go to the next chapter there'll be a small little cutscene as you can see on screen here you can change this to English by the way but the English version doesn't have any voice over it's just text it is in Russian and I believe this game was kind of made to be played in Russian Mir only Semiramis evolved button will it be emoji as soon as we spawn into this next chapter we'll unlock an achievement or trophy called lower world and we can walk left in order to find artifact number eight alright now the next couple of artifacts are quite tricky and all puzzle based so we're gonna walk a little bit to the right and we'll notice this tree and on the tree is a solution to our puzzle we have to walk to the right without a mask continue walking to the right with a mask turn left with the mask and then continue left without the mask I can be quite difficult for the game to kind of trigger that you're doing it right so just kind of wiggle yourself back and forth you'll have to be quite quick on it and eventually it will fall from the sky as you can see I kind of just spammed it until it worked that one's really tricky to get right you got to do it really really fast so just go as fast as possible and it should eventually drop now we can continue forward make sure you press the push pad to open the little door and then continue a little bit forward here a lot of the artifacts from here on out are gonna be very kind of riddle and puzzle focused and some of them are quite tricky to get to unlock I'll do my best to absolutely give you like you know all the reasons you'll need to succeed all the little tips and tricks you'll need you ever want to turn on our masks to get the little cinematic of the kind of soldier the big the big dude here and we kind of walk past you'll see these push plates they only appear when you don't have your mask so go past the first one by using your mask activate the middle plate then the left plate and then the right plate to open up the passage now for the next artifact to put your mask on and you'll see the hieroglyphic at the top showing you the order of moving right left right left right right right and if you do that correctly it should fall from the sky as you see on screen it might take a little bit of practice to make sure the game's kind of tracking your things perfectly but with your mask on input right left right left right right right and the artifact will continue the next artifact is on this bridge right here we'll have our mask on and the order of the characters on the bridge is the solution itself so as you can see the characters making up the bridge are right left right left right left right we'll do that again and it will spawn sometimes you got to be really quick sometimes it's the timing that matters sometimes it's just the input but if done correctly you'll grab the artifact and continue forward this one can be quite tricky but it's all based on music so what you'll do is you'll come to these three crystals here on my right-hand side they'll play a melody what you want to do is take your mask off and see which crystal glows blue so we'll see the middle one just glowed blue we'll take our mask off go to it and turn it on the next one to turn blue was the left one will turn our mask off and turn it on then we want to go to the all the way to the right and just follow the pattern making sure you only turn your mask on on the next blue crystal we're basically creating a small melody here a jingle of sorts if done correctly you'll unlock another artifact and you'll also unlock the achievement called riddles of the darker not sure why it didn't unlock on screen for me just there actually to be honest but we'll continue forward cross the bridge you'll see the artifact near the bottom of the screen right now near nearing the end of the bridge you want to switch to your mask to drop down this will get you to the artifact and then we can continue forward keep your mask on and use this skeleton as a bridge to go up and then we have to pull this rock a little bit with us to the left here once they are close to each other we can switch and drop under and go to the right-hand side at the end of this tunnel we should find our fourteenth artifact let's just double-check that is 14 so we can now continue we can now pull the rock all the way to the right with us here with our mask on obviously once I touches the little cliff we will pass through it in order to use the rock to get up top without the mask now obviously we'll go all the way to the checkpoint here put our mask back on and you'll see a small bridge that leads to the left now which you'll want to take it'll take you into a secret cave where we'll collect our 15th artifact we can now continue forward to the right and go down this hill but don't jump off at the end once you do reach the end just stand there and wait for about 3 to 5 seconds so I'm at the end and I'm gonna wait 1 2 3 and the artifact will appear now you can jump down into it in order to move to meditate news cm shiraz Portis immortal a Jewish evil Muslim dual role is unique on decision all right so at the very beginning of this kind of chapter I guess by the way you can chapter select all of this at any point if you miss something or if there's a puzzle you to understand you want to try it again or whatever all of there's a lot of different chapters you can select but from the very beginning of this area go left and find the artifact and then start pulling the rock with you with your mask on in order to bring it on to this kind of push pad here and once it activates it you can walk on through now the game actually gets quite a bit easier for a little bit and then it gets back to the kind of tough riddles but we'll put our masks on and there will be these two kind of crab creatures and we'll have to use them to put them on switches you'll see it all happen on-screen there's nothing crazy happening for the next 10 minutes or so the game is just about as easy as it gets and then it kind of gets difficult again so turn your mask off to walk past these kind of crab creatures and then pull one and only one of them with you and put them on the further of the two available switches here you can't get too far ahead of them or they will stop following you so keep that in mind once he's on the switch turn him to stone by taking your mask off and now go and get the other crab creature and to make sure you don't accidentally move the first one or else you might kind of find yourself in a little bit of a sticky situation no matter what happens you should be able to kind of save yourself but it's just easier to do them separately than it is to bring them together and then try to separate them after bring them and then put him on the switch turn off your mask and you are free to now move on next is a little bit of a riddle here we'll go past this checkpoint put our mask on and you'll see directions directly above me using the handprints in the line left right right left right left right if done correctly you'll hear the artifact jingle and see the artifact drop from the sky again that's left right right left right left right and that's in the handprints kind of above me in the row there next we'll grab an artifact here right in the middle it's kind of automatic as part of the story all right now what you have to do in order to solve these this puzzle here is you have to generate the face that is kind of above the circle so we're gonna start with the middle piece to align the eyes we're going to see that the mouth is aligned and that's gonna be on the very right hand side and then on the very left hand side we will align the outer ring in order to match it up and let it keep spinning until it's just right and we got it got to do a little bit of kind of planning here make sure we spin the far right and then we'll spin the far left again but essentially you're just trying to create the face that is above the diagram here it'd take you a couple tries but once everything is aligned it should kind of glow right white and then this should happen if done correctly you can actually do it very very very quickly but yeah anyways walk to the walk to the middle here and press a in order to kind of proceed but if done correctly you can kind of do that within two seconds but if you get everything kind of out of order it's definitely better to know the solution we're going to now go into this kind of bow shooting section where we can press a to shoot a bow and this section is really really easy but there are a couple of well-hidden artifacts that you definitely want to pay attention to Meera's netletter our research on disk wheeler is fetishy Sushruta : Suresh Mira the volitional mover alright so the mechanic itself is pretty easy what you would do is you would hold a to draw the bow let go of a to shoot the bow before we proceed we're want to go left and make sure we grab the artifact this should be number 20 if you want to do a quick check lb you should have a full first page and you should have two on your second page for the most part we just proceed to the right for the next couple minutes and shoot any enemies that kind of you know get in our way there are some pretty well hidden artifacts though so like I was leading alluding to earlier you know after we get a little bit of a scene change there's another one to our left it'll be us in the snake in the shape of a snake get 21 now we're gonna have proceed to the right will see a wolf we will have to draw our bow and kill the wolf will actually have to shoot to the right there the wolf will pretty much die you know very easily I don't know if you can actually attack you unless you get way too close to him anyways though you cannot walk up the rock and there's a couple of like small little puzzle things kind of coming up but none of them are hard by any means well walk up to here and we want to shoot the bird on the rock shooting that bird or turkey will kill it and create a artifact for us to pick up once we reach this open chasm shoot down the log in order to create a bridge for us to cross now once you cross the bridge there is a wolf near this tent to make sure you keep your distance and shoot the wolf so that he doesn't attack you he is currently off screen for me but you can shoot a pretty fair distance in this game so make sure you take him out or he will get you and then just continue forward and to the right you reach this small little lip where you will jump off there's a secret room to the left so make sure you walk into that and pick up the artifact here and now we can continue to the right it should be another wolf right around here he kind of wanders back and forth so obviously make sure you don't let him take you out and now proceed to the right you'll spawn in the next scene just again proceed to the right this one doesn't have a hidden artifact on the left you will need to take out your bow and take out the moose though you'll now have a small cutscene it will spawn in a desert area the desert area seems like there's only like one thing to do but there's actually two very tricky so proceed to the right and go past the altar in the middle that has the button prompt you do not want to hit this prompt until later if you do hit the prompt accidentally feel free to just back out to the main menu and then you can tap there select and seems like this specific scene so we'll be walking past this little altar right here and all the way on the far right hand side there is a artifact it should be number two point four all the artifacts you're picking up so far have been in order but the next couple ones will be a little bit out of order we'll get to that when you get so pick up this artifact on the far far right [Applause] and now go back into the left as you approach you are going to want to draw your bow at full strength and shoot this pillar in front of me doing so will spawn an artifact above it so stand under it will drop and you'll pick it up after doing that you can proceed to this hill and interact with it in order to unlock an achievement or trophy called Chandi for interacting with the shimmering Sun you now have a new ability where you can put light into your staff by pressing the B button or the circle button on PlayStation and this will ward off certain types of enemies and protect you from them you don't need to be protected from them but it will protect you in case you do need it so if you're about to get hit by an enemy like this you can press B to shine your light and it will create a shield around you that will protect you from them however getting hit by something and triggering your shield will bring your light away from you so every time you get hit you'll need to put your light back up if you want to keep that shield and the shield only remains on for a certain amount of time so you definitely kind of have to time the enemy attacks and make sure that you have enough time to react and you use your staff again if you want to get hit by multiple enemies for example and we'll be doing that coming up here now we'll want to cross this checkpoint with our masks on obviously for these next enemies you can either just time it so that you walk under them as they are highest in the sky or feel free to use your Shaundi light in order to protect yourself I'd probably recommend that you just get good with the timing though as it's a lot more difficult trying to protect yourself from them than it is to just kind of time it properly nonetheless I seem to be doing it the hard way now as you walk forward here you want to put your mask on and you'll kind of wake up this giant beast just tap through the scenes and then press a and continue forward here to the right at this point we'll see an artifact up and to the right however we're gonna do them out of order here so you can count along with me but they will be kind of showing up out of order inside of your artifact booklet thing we'll walk forward what I mask on watch out for the creatures and once on this bridge stand near the eye of the beast and press take your mask off to drop down under him and then go left in order to collect this artifact now we can come back out of the hole and go to the right hand side towards this checkpoint from this checkpoint there's a long series of kind of things we need to do but put your mask off and you should be able to climb a branch to your left watch out for all of these enemies here they can get caught you know they get quite aggressive and you will want to continue forward and to the left want to then grab this artifact and with our masks off grab the next artifact down here as well all right so this next part can be quite tricky we have to make our way to the right chances are you'll get hit by one of these red guys that are kind of circling around here if you do that's completely fine you'll go back to the checkpoint and then you will just climb back up and go to the right there's also these three circling dudes they can be a little bit tough if you I would recommend trying to take them out one by one though just kind of slowly creep in let them try to attack you and take them out one by one grab the artifact and you can now proceed you'll now drop down back to the checkpoint we were talking about a little bit earlier we want to go through the tree under here watch out on this enemy here here and this parts a little bit tough but the the clue is in the middle we want to stand to the right here and put our mask on and then go to the left stand right here and just tap your light on and off as much as possible if done correctly you will hear the chime [Applause] well there we actually got it there and once you do that you can drop down by putting your mask on it'll get you underneath the little barrier that we wouldn't have been able to get unless we did that little trick grab the artifact and continue left doing so all the way to the end of this room will get us the secrets of the bone achievement or trophy you want to do a quick count of collectibles we should have all 18 on the first page going to the next page we should have the pattern as follows may want to go back to the left here a little bit and back to the checkpoint and go up above to the right watch out for the little enemies you'll have to use your shield to protect yourself and then we will need to kind of push this log by putting our masks on and it'll kind of be magnetized away from us keep pushing it until it drops down and then drop down with it and then keep pushing it in order for it to be in the gap there once it covers the gap take your mask off and then protect yourself against the two enemy types or the two enemies and we can now cross just keep walking to the right to not be killed by anything and once you reach this area you'll go to the next chapter okay so for this little chapter there is a spider of sorts and all you'll want to do is turn on your Shaundi and put your mask on and if you do ever get hit make sure you put your Shaundi back on to protect yourself from any future hits when you reach this point you'll see a bridge cross the first bridge make sure you protect yourself and then go to the second bridge make sure you protect yourself and then drop down through the second bridge in order to find a secret area as well as an artifact go to the right to pick it up and there's also like this fetus thing in here you can take a look at it but just leave once you're ready now as we continue just do the same thing protect yourself make sure you use your mask to get across and eventually you will reach this section here you'll just continue forward and yeah keep going all right so once you spawn here this is basically the boss battle there is an artifact all the way to the left so we're gonna go grab that right now I'm going to show you where I am on the screen if you can't see me just in cases go all the way to the left pass the screen and you'll pick up an artifact so make sure you picked it up it'll show in the top-left corner that you picked it up now what we need to do is we need to defeat the boss by activating the three switches in the proper order so protect yourself whenever you protect yourself whenever you need to unfortunately I died we're going to activate the first switch here we're going to skip the second switch we're gonna go all the way to the right activate the tree switch and then go back to the middle and activate the middle switch and that will defeat the spider boss quite quickly there is a lot of you know you got to make sure that shield is always up and there is a lot of alternating between mask on mask off so make sure a for those to get that reference leave a comment but nonetheless it's not a hard boss battle you just got to make sure to do the three switches in a row and if you do get hit you just kind of respawn as soon as you do finish the boss battle and you go to the next scene make sure you walk left in order to pick up what should be our 34th artifact right here and then we can proceed to the right for a fair while about one or two minutes of walking to the right and nothing will actually really happen we will reach an area where we kind of go underwater and I'll rejoin you back with my commentary once we get to that section but for the next minute or two just walk to the right you can leave your mask on or off you can have your light on or off I think I haven't like tested it extensively but I'm just gonna leave my mask off my light off for now until I get to where I'm going this is a fair warning the next section is one of my least favorite in the game but as you approach this area you should notice a very obvious artifact in front of you which you pretty much cannot miss and then we will enter the water in front of us whenever I'm in the water I do put my chandi on just so that you guys can kind of see where I am a little bit better on the video as you proceed forward though it will change the scenes for you and you will spawn in this cave now there is an artifact all the way to the left as soon as you spawn and there is a very little tricky button combination that we're going to try to do right here the button combination is as follows you want to start with your mask off and your light off you are going to turn your mask on turn your light on and then double tap to the left as quickly as you can I found that mashing the buttons tended to actually be more successful for me than just pressing them so here we go it's uh it's it's not very accurate but just keep pressing it and it will eventually drop an artifact as you can see there I I just kind of kept going I kept button mashing it eventually dropped honestly this one's probably one of the least consistent ones in the game in terms of button combinations so again you're gonna turn your mask on and your light on while looking to the right and then try to turn around and run to the left button mashings seems to have worked better for me honestly then actually attempting to play now this is easily my least favorite part of the game this is the river-god part we'll walk forward a little bit here and we'll pick up the obvious artifact and then we will continue forward you'll notice that when your mask is on these logs in front of us will be rotating they will stop rotating when your mask is off keep that in mind what you want to basically do or get used to doing is using these logs as protection kind of above you there will be a monster that swims around and if his light shines on you he will capture you however the mechanics are pretty rough in my opinion so it might take a little bit of trial and error as we go here you'll notice that the river-god appears in front of us right here he has a light and that light kind of shines downward and he has certain patterns we have to try to get from left to right while not getting captured by him so there's like you know there's definitely a certain way to do it but it's a little bit tricky for sure to get the perfect kind of timing down the first log you can see right here is protecting me completely and as I can actually make it across without the light shining I will do so the next logs I'll have to rotate a little bit in order to get the kind of proper angle here of protection it's also a fair bit of timing and as you saw unfortunately for some reason the game decided I didn't do it properly that would that would be the one thing I would say about this mechanic is that it's almost impossible to like figure out exactly what you're doing wrong whenever the monster does catch you he will swim back and I will just continue to the right need to get to my next checkpoint this next uphill section can be quite difficult but with a little bit of practice isn't too terrible is from the beginning go to the right as much as possible if he does capture you just go back to the checkpoint and immediately start walking to the right use the logs to protect yourself as well as possible here unfortunately I didn't do so but that's fine we'll restart the checkpoint and now that we have a little bit of a setup hopefully we can get pretty far and if done correctly you will eventually make it to the end it might take you a couple more tries and it took me but that's okay if it does you will unlock an achievement or trophy as well for completing it now in this area will spawn in the water I just turned on my Sean D so you can see where I am kind of in the middle left there and walk to the left there is an artifact under the water here on the left so make sure you grab that we're at 39 out of 52 we can now walk out of the water and towards this rabbits now right here there is a musical puzzle of sorts but it's actually more of a Simon Says puzzle to be completely honest walk up to these masks and if you activate your mask right here for example it'll give you a pattern so the pattern was one – so we're gonna repeat that pattern turn our masks on at one turn our mask on at two now we're gonna get the second instance of the pattern one two three so we're gonna redo that so on the mat on the first one we're gonna turn our mask on to activate it off to leave two and three the next instance of the puzzle one two three one we're gonna input that one two three and one now it should replay one two three one and it should spawn the artefact above all so unlocking an achievement or trophy specific to this artifact we're gonna walk forward make sure you have your Shaundi on so that you can protect yourself against this guy right here and here is another really terrible button input combination coming right up so what we'll do is we'll go to this rock and wait for the bird to fly by obviously using the rock for protection and the button combination is as follows you want to stay here on this rock with your mask on and your light on and then turn both of them off and go underneath this hanging artifact right here input the following button combination I will repeat it a few times all right here we go it is right light right mask light right left light mask and if done correctly it should spawn the artifact again that is right light right mask light right left light mask so if you want you can repeat that process you can repeat that kind of voiceover it's written on the tree in front of us but it's pretty hard to see unless you kind of take a screenshot and like enhance it CSI style so if you do that correctly it will spawn that artifact and we can now continue forward you'll notice these rabbits and also for the last puzzle make sure that you're starting with both your mask and your light off you'll notice these rabbits turn your mask on and your light on they will turn white and you will want to kind of push them forward pushing them forward you'll see this owl right here that will try to eat the bunny but the bunny will run away so now we're gonna go we're gonna go back and make sure to grab as many of them as possible here so there's one kind of behind us we gotta have at least like four or five of them so here's the second one here's the third one there should be five six of them okay so we're gonna grab all six even though we don't need all six just to be safe we're gonna push the rabbits all the way to the right-hand side towards the owl yeah well we'll eat them and we'll grab our 41st out of 52 artifacts another small thing to take note of is that you don't want to get too close to the owl yourself or the owl will actually eat you so make sure you kind of keep a little bit of distance just enough to get the rabbits towards them but not so much that you're right next to him you know what I mean once he flies away he will leave an artifact behind and we can continue forward that should be number 41 I think yeah we'll do a quick check in a second here though we'll go across the water making sure to protect ourselves from the enemy using our light at this point we just continue walking forward and to the right for approximately 30 seconds to a minute until we get a scene change enjoy the cool music and the quite nice looking visuals while we do that though once you reach the light it will trigger a change of scene you will unlock an achievement or trophy for progress through the game and you can also unlock an artifact we'll let the couple of words here play out oh she's almost Austral – Nasia chorus so sure is new fish are less active autocracy disposal Madikeri swoop could a move to envision Ozma corsage again as soon as we gain control of our character achievement or trophy for progress walk to the left and get artifact number 42 of 52 all right at this point we can proceed to the right and we're in the homestretch of the game walk forward and see this kind of fireplace tent thing and we'll see this bug that attaches to ourselves and every five to ten seconds he will reverse our controls so if you start walking the wrong way just alternate your controls basically until you get to where you want to go it sounds a lot more difficult than it is but basically whenever he reverses you just you know figure it out and then these guys will kill him and now there is an artifact and you'll see the positions of the spears are left left left that's left left left left right right right so we're gonna input that left left left left right right right and for some reason didn't work eventually it'll work sometimes it just decides not to work I found that using the d-pad is more consistent than using the analog stick but after you do left left left left right right right that's four left's and three rights you should get the artifact from the spearmen and we can walk forward and there will be another achievement here we can grab called healer for defeating the witch to defeat the witch you will crawl into this kind of cellar with your mask and light on in order to try to attract her to attack you once she does you have to kind of escape and then turn it back on and off to kind of lure her back and you're gonna be taking her out of the cellar but make sure you take your mask and light off if she gets too close as she will kill you so lead her back towards these kind of warrior dudes who will kill her that will grab you the achievement or trophy as well as an artifact from her body continue to the right obviously for a fair bit of time here the music's actually pretty good in this game I would say it's one of the best parts of it this game is actually significantly better than a lot of the games that sometimes you does publish I mean it's not like a fantastic amazing game you must play or anything but it's pretty good alright so we'll come to the top of the hill with these seven kind of poles walk past them to find the artifact once we've grabbed the artifact interact with the middle pole and you'll have you'll have a seven or like all the totems will go off in a specific order you have to memorize that order or just follow the video so the order is as follows we'll grab the middle one with the light the second one from the left the second one from the right the one to the left of it then we go all the way to the left we're activating these with the light by the way then the one on the left that remains and then the one on the far right that remains when done correctly it should do the song and call a bird over and then you can hop on that bird and I bet you didn't see this coming a bird section a side-scrolling bird escape level alright so well I'm not gonna achieve in a trophy for getting to a certain area here and we'll want to grab the artifact which is kind of directly above us from where we spawn you'll notice these red clouds the red clouds do harm you you will need to maneuver your way into this canal and it is a little bit difficult but at the end you will find an artifact you can try to maneuver your way out or you can just die to the clouds up to you and what you want to do is kind of fly pretty low to the ground for for this next couple this next little section as we fly too low to the ground we should notice this flying bird artifact right here be a little bit hard to see as it does go behind the clouds and then from this bird artifact we want to go directly up and we'll find another artifact kind of flying around in the clouds which is also gonna be somewhat difficult to see as it pokes in and out of the clouds a little bit any time now there it is well once you grab that one you are now free to move to the right and downward and you'll notice this last little bird flying around here which is an artifact make sure you pick that up and now interact with this man in order to proceed and now you can just obviously pick up the giant artifact as well that he leaves behind on his hand at this point you're ready to basically go to the right and there's like a small escape section the scape section is generally very easy the only hard part about it is the fact that there's artifacts littered around I would highly recommend that you follow my path exactly I will be narrating it as I do it it's it's not difficult by any means but if you try to do it a different way you will find it a lot more difficult in my opinion you do have to actually pick up the artifacts and complete the section so keep that in mind now the red is the clouds you're trying to avoid so we're gonna avoid the first cloud which will show up near the bottom going to avoid the second cloud going to avoid the third cloud before the fourth cloud there's an artifact so fly straight into the red and dodge the cloud now after dodging for he wants to try to dodge five even though there is an artifact and pick up the fifth after the clouds continue flying for that fifth cloud if you don't dodge first and then pick it up you end up too far on the left of the screen and you end up getting killed by the boss once you reach this part you can kind of fly up and into the clouds here you should unlock an achievement or trophy for progression called rug life rug ride never mind and it should fade to white and give you a little bit of story again if you do fail during that like escape section I got lucky exited on my first try this time you will get put all the way to the very beginning and you will need to regrow all the artifacts there so keep that in mind now if everything if you've done everything correctly at this point in the game you should let's do a quick like achievement check in a quick artifact check you should only have two achievements left and in terms of your artifact collection your first page should obviously be full your second page should be full and your third page should have one artifact missing in the top right hand corner at this point we basically just proceed to the right there is one more artifact to grab there is like one more kind of puzzle thing although it's pretty obvious what you're supposed to do and then there is a three to five minute outro cinematic and we are yeah we're basically done the game we have less than five minutes to go the music and audio in this section is actually pretty good too so if you want to want to pay attention to that I would recommend it nonetheless guys I'd like to thank you for taking the time with me today to go through the moose man I hope I helped you get to your 1000 gamerscore or your platinum trophy I hope the video was helpful as helpful as possible and that there weren't too many places you got stuck in I hope the game didn't glitch on you or anything as well if the video was helpful I would HIGHLY appreciate a like on the video share the video with a friend if you want to take your support above and beyond you can support the channel financially through patreon pledges but that is completely optional only because in the description if you'd like to take a look at how that works as you approach this final area you will unlock your last artifact which is mandatory in the game you'll go up to it and with your mask and light on we can now try to solve the final puzzle which is to complete the face in the middle every time you approach the poles it will start rotating things at a different speed so what I would recommend is to try to align the mouth and the eyes first and then try to align everything else here I would try to go from left to right but that's kind of up to up to you and what you think is the best so starting with the left starting with the right rather sorry I got my sides mixed up I aligned the eyes in the mouth and then I aligned the outermost edge to be a little bit tricky to get everything to kind of sync up perfectly but I would try to definitely recommend finishing the puzzle with the very left hand side poll here you also have to have it so that as it aligns its upright so if you do have if you find it that your are spinning it into the right location but it's not locking in as soon as it's in the proper location you have to step off all of the poles at this point in the game you're gonna walk to the right hand side and continue walking to the right hand side until the game basically finishes we did unlock the achievement therefore getting all the artifacts when we did pick up number 52 of 52 if for whatever reason you are missing an artifact you should be able to go to your artifact page and locate the one that doesn't have like you know isn't filled out in the chart and you should be able to kind of go through the video and figure out which one you might be missing or which one you might have I don't know which run you or whatever all 52 are located in this video walked all the way to the right hand side to the tree interact with it in order to finish the game stay with the cinematic or the story kind of ending thing for about two or three minutes and that will unlock your final achievement which is called sunset I'm not gonna let the video play out actually I might we'll see depending on how the music is and how YouTube's copyright is but nonetheless after the credits after the story sunset achievement or trophy will unlock you should have everything done now if you missed the miscellaneous achievement or trophy there will be timestamps in the youtube description so you can go back and chapter select your way through the game to find what you might have missed and again thank you guys for watching shout out to people on patreon for supporting the show you guys helped videos like this be possible because I can guarantee you not a lot of people are gonna be playing the moose man but for a gamer scored for you know trying to get all the achievements and whatnot but you know I enjoy what I do and hopefully you guys find a little bit of value in the videos or just have a good time what we're all trying some of these games out this one's I think seven dollars which isn't too bad for what it is and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed it I'll see you next time peace Viveca Vasia initiative with sorry on social part which commands shown disorder siege evil must mode


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