The Making Of Lizzo's Epic BET Awards Performance | Rehearsal 360°

Performing live
is what I do best. It's my favorite thing to do and it's how I fell
in love with music. It's really special
that it's the BET Awards because my music is finally
reaching the black community and that's so exciting for me because I make such self love,
positive music. So, an offsite rehearsal is
just, we go to a dance studio. We're just basically rehearsing with the exact
same measurements of the stage. We have this beautiful
black wedding with all these
beautiful curvaceous, women celebrating themselves
and celebrating their love for themselves
with a wedding ceremony. We have this amazing
three tiered cake and we were really thinking
about iconic performances and how we were going to
just make this our own. I'm getting married.
Wait, don't tell nobody. I don't necessarily think
we need it now that I added those claps. Working with Jemel
has been really exciting. I was like,
"Yo, I got to have more dancers. We got to step our game up." So, bringing him
in has been awesome. I remember I saw Janelle Monáe
perform last year and I was like,
"Who's doing that? Whoever's doing
that choreography, I want that person." [Singing 00:01:17]
Am I doing this right? We found him
and he's been incredible. Oh, that looks cool.
[inaudible 00:01:33] It's beautiful.
Ah, it's a flower! You love? Yes, I love.
We're getting married tomorrow. Dancers, let's go. It was very surreal walking
into the Microsoft Theater, seeing the cake and the screens
and all the dancers on the cake and all of the things
that we looked at in an email, a map of the stage,
was actually there With this performance,
it's the BET Awards. So, we wanted to go hard.
You go hard or go home. So, this is the most dancers
I've ever had on stage. We found 20 curvy girls, 20 black girls doing
the craziest choreography and we're all dressed
in beautiful street wear couture bridal wear and we're going to be
shining and glittering and sequined out
with diamonds everywhere. It's perfect.
It's a fantasy. [Singing 00:02:31]
I was definitely with Jamel, was giving him
a lot of my opinions of running through a lot of this stuff
for the first time. For instance,
the bouquet was hella thick. I need to grab
that bouquet on the fly and it was too thick
for my hands. Another thing is the cake
felt a little slippery and that was making me nervous.
Little things like that. I really am just showing off
who I am, showing off that rock
and roll performer that everybody fell in love with
and just having fun up there. That's my goal.
[Singing 00:02:59] I still can't believe that I'm going to be
performing on that stage and all those people that are
those little cardboard cutouts, Rihanna in the front row. I was like,
"This is about to be amazing." [Singing 00:03:14] This next performer, she takes
black girl magic to a new level- I'm making this music
as a big black woman and out of love
for all my black girls to be able to get
some of this music of medicine. So, it's an honor to be able
to play the BET Awards. It's just exciting
that I get the opportunity to have my own iconic moment. Give it up for Lizzo. BET. Do you want some cake?
[Singing 00:03:55] I hope that little girls
who look like me and little boys that look like me
can see themselves and see what's possible.
[Singing 00:04:12] I want the people who are in
the crowd to just feel the love, feel the self love,
feel the positive vibes. We're always trying to bring
the light into the room. If I'm shining,
everybody is going to shine. So, we brought the diamonds
to make sure that happens. [Singing 00:04:29]
How are you all doing? I'm really letting this full
circle moment sink in and it's just been really fun
and exciting and humbling to watch
where I came from and where I'm ending up
and where I'm going. [Singing 00:04:57] This is our story
that we're sharing and we just feel so victorious
and so triumphant and that picture of us
marrying ourselves in true love, that's the energy all 2019
to the future. Oh, I'm so proud. [Singing 00:05:17]


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