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The Main Event—Full-Service Event Entertainment

It starts with a crinkle in the eyes.
Then, a smile that turns into laughter. It’s the look, feel, and sound of fun.
Fun is contagious and infectious. It spreads quickly from person to person. Fun is living life to the fullest. A truly fun party event will become
a memory that lasts a lifetime. That’s the mission and the lifeline of The Main Event,
every person, every event, every time. It’s about real authentic moments
that turn into memories fueled by fun. The Main Event provides many services
for your event, whether a wedding, Mitzvah, or a company holiday party, big or small. It’s about connecting with their clients
on a level that goes beyond the party. It’s about personalized attention and
a genuine interest in the client’s dreams and desires. That’s what creates returning clients
event after event, milestone after milestone, from their Mitzvah, or sweet 16,
to their wedding day. The Main Event is in the business of fun. It’s all about a good time, an amazing
event, and celebrating. The Main Event:
A Dynamic Approach to Event Entertainment.

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