The Libertines NME Award Don't Look Back Into The Sun

okay um the winner is the winners all the legatine teacher come on Peter I know you're waiting in a weakness well ladies and gentlemen it's been a hell of a year yeah listen though just give us two seconds right Carl I knew a simple soldier boy he grinned through life an empty joy he slept soundly through the lonesome dark and whistled earlier with the lock and in winter trenches cowed and glum with cramps and lies and lack of rum he put a bullet through his brain and no one spoke of him again you smug face crowds with kindling eye who cheer as soldier boys March by sneak home and pray you'll never know the hell where you throw and laughed there go yeah son was gone when they said it would never come for you Oh I wanna chill never Oh yeah you go now you can easily see extra clips to do just something off I like yeah this is Colin hello again yes okay roll em in this is Carlos speaking yeah one slice Oh Peters pulley the better it is not ever come across and that's what really inspired me in the first place yeah I mean hello hello there hello have some manners please I'm trying to conductor civilising to Duke


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