The Learning Awards 2019

what would it mean to you to win well it'd be a complete privilege and an honor it shows I think the developments in L&D it's a big recognition for that how important L&D is in in the structure of a business great venue so far great event love the food please give a warm welcome to chief executive officer of the Learning & Performance Institute Edmund mom good evening everyone and welcome to the 23rd annual learning awards are the Fantastic Four Chester the learning Awards exists to recognize the most talented individuals and organizations in L&D this is sincerely your knight please welcome the truly inspirational Pat Pierce MBE every October we charter a 747 aircraft and take 192 children with a serious illness of disability to Orlando for 10-day action-packed four fun-filled holiday and we don't take any parents with us but we do take a huge team of volunteer doctors nurses and physiotherapists to the craft and to date we've now taken over 6,000 children to Orlando following the success of the last two LPI charity calendars we are delighted to share with you the 2019 calendar TV shows and box sets January is the Brady Bunch June The Sopranos if you do have a glass in your hand it's probably wise to put that down at this point as I show you in November sex in the city we've already raised thousands more for dream flight this year this 2019 calendar believe it or not has sold out please welcome on stage the wonderful after nominated Claudia Winkleman heute welcome to the awards the judges have come up to me and said that you have to tell the finalists that we have never seen such a high standard so should we have a round of applause for all the finalists go nuts for the winners if that's all right I don't mean to be possible I can't help it the winner earning leader of the Year awards is Louisa [Applause] the winner of wisest of the year goes to Sarah Davis of the Welsh amber Ramayana Thea so things like this don't happen to people in me so I just have something thank you okay this is good news to learning transformation Awards is my approaches we've been in training from roughly 20 years so it's our first year out 22 we had to go and this is our first place that was really really tired and really pleased with the winner at the startup learning provider of the Year award is virtual speech complete survived have no idea you're gonna win an even closer I'm really motivated very smoothly Center that this kind of evolution yeah the winner of the landing professional of the Year award is clear Barden waterfall I think absolutely overwhelmed than pretty much took the bits should buy them never expected it Learning Team of the Year award in congratulations is ldg ID the winner of learning provider of the year those do sponsor I really never did know mr. president and everyone says that and the winner of the external learning solution of the Year award is Samaritans [Applause] the Colin Corder Award for outstanding services to learning few recipients of the Common Core award have had as one idol influence or as long and influence across our industry as the recipient tonight Josh person I think the profession is in a wonderful spot with all sorts of innovative ideas in routines we're all going to have a great time over the years ahead [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you

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