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The Kings’ Final Routine is an Action Movie Live on Stage – World of Dance World Finals 2019

– This is where we live. This is where we rule. We are The Kings. [Devi Sri Prasad’s
“Aadevadanna Eedevadanna”] – Whoa! [indistinct chanting] – Whoo! – Yeah! [indistinct chanting] [cheers and applause] – Whoa! – Remember,
we show no mercy! – Whoa! What? – Kings. Prepare for glory. [wild cheering] – Whoo! – Jesus.
Oh, my God. [wild cheering] – Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
– What? – That was
a music video, right? – That was a movie. That was a feature film.
– What? [cheers and applause] – Oh, my God. [laughs] [cheers and applause] – I’ve said it before,
but you guys are the… both: Kings! [cheers and applause] – You manifest
what you believe, and tonight you guys
are kings. – Unbelievable.
– Whoo! – I said to Jennifer
right before you started, I was like,
“I feel like we’re about to go on a roller coaster.”
– Yeah, I said hold on tight. – Here we are, and literally
it was like [whooshing]. I mean, okay–
in the mentor session, we were like, “We want this
to feel cinematic.” [laughter] – I feel like I just
went to the movies and saw the greatest
action film that I’ve ever watched in life,
but, like, live. – Thank you so much.
– Whoo! – We didn’t know it was gonna
be in slow-mo. – Holy cow. Literally, like,
you guys altered reality. I was like, “Am I watching–
Am I– Is this real
or what’s happening?” [laughter] Okay, let’s just talk
about the synchronicity, like the dancing. You actually had more
dancing in this routine than your other ones,
which is incredible. And I love the culture,
I love your style of dance, bringing that over here
and sharing it with all of us. Then your dang tricks. What in the heck
are you doing up there? – What can we do
that will potentially almost kill us, but really?
Like, what can we do? Goodness gracious. I think your head
might have touched the light. Like, you got that high. Oh, yeah–yep, keep going,
and it kept–and it was just– Goodness.
– Thank you so much. Thank you so much.
[cheers and applause] – You surprised me. I didn’t think you guys
could surprise me, ’cause I felt like, I know
they’re gonna do something out-of-this-world
spectacular, but I was actually surprised,
’cause tonight for me it wasn’t the tricks. It was that you came
with a different narrative and a story, and then you– honestly, the slow-motion
blew my mind. He’s right, it felt like
we were in an altered reality, and then when you did
the last trick, I literally just stood–
[laughter] I’m gonna make fun
of myself right now. I stood here like this. [laughter] I was in shock,
and I didn’t do anything, and I was just like–
and then I went, “Whoo!” [cheers and applause] – Wait, wait, wait. And look, it came out. – It came out.
– It just came out. [cheers and applause] Her hair. [laughter] – You guys took my shoe
in the first performance. Now you’re taking my wig.
You have– You have–you have to stop.
You have to stop. [laughter] – The Kings, we are gonna
lock in our scores, and we’re gonna see
where it lands, all right? [cheers and applause]


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