The Jungkook And Lisa Award You Should NOT Vote For

[Applause] [Applause] jong-kook and Lisa are nominated but you should not vote for them hey everyone I'm back with another news slash informational video let's just get into it because I know the title of this video is vague and it sounds crazy for me to tell you not to vote for your favorite artists but I think this time is a valid exception to that BTS is jungkook and black kings Lisa have been nominated for the 2019 Kids Choice Awards in Mexico under the favorite ship category yeah I think now you understand why I am telling you not to vote for them this has nothing to do with their artistry work achievements is just simply a made-up couple thing now let me explain why this isn't right at all if you look at the category and the nominees the couple's listed are either real-life couples or portray a couple on their respective show this list could ship is not real under any circumstance not even in a Drama commercial anything this is something made up by fans imagine if they win they will see they won an award for something they have nothing to do with quite frankly it's embarrassing for fans to do this ships are meant to stay within fans and not go beyond them now I'm not blaming the fans I'm just saying if you actually vote because in all honesty this is Nickelodeon doing this the rest of the nominees are valid because like I said they are either real or are a couple on TV by the way in no way am i a hater because you know I am army and blink this just has nothing to do with the work at all there are a couple of things you can do to stop this ship from winning you can vote for any other nominee under the category I will leave the link to vote in the description below the other is to send a message to Nickelodeon Mexico I will leave a link in the description box below where you can send a message to in Mexico through Facebook and asked them to remove the nomination I advise you to keep it respectful and do not send any negative or offensive comments guys that doesn't help at all I know some of you may be thinking this isn't that deep or these awards don't matter since it's just the Kids Choice Awards in Mexico and while that may be true in the sense that it really doesn't have an impact on Lisa or Junko gasps artists I think these types of things no matter how big or small they may be are what contribute to the delusion fans create in their mind that make them believe it's okay to bring it up to the artists which in the end only makes them feel uncomfortable I can't make you do anything but in case you agree and would like to help this can be a way to do it now let me clear up any doubts this may have created I am not telling you to not ship or create ships they can be fun this is simply me telling you that in this case it's just gone too far thank you for watching and listening and as always thank you for sharing liking and subscribing and until next time adios

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  • Lizkook shippers please,STOP
    It’s gone tooo far
    They might even be embarrassed right now!!!!!!!!!!!!its disrespectful please stop!

  • Y’all this is just gonna put a bad name on us and this shit needs to STAY IN THE FANDOM I don’t really ship bts x someone else’s group but like this fucking shipping is like to a whole different level and imagine them going up to go get the award fuck if I was in that position I would even fucking go lmao but this is putting a bad name on both fandoms fuck people even think that both fandoms are toxic ass hell and now what? Their gonna start calling us names and shit And think about how this will effect them like what if they have a concert and they get the award do you know how awkward that would be? Anyways what I’m saying is that this type of shit should wait no NEEDS to stay within these fandoms and on Wattpad or whatever shit u make ffs on

  • Jungkook: Looks at Lisa

    Shippers : Yes, This is going to be great and it's going to be big.

    Me: Please go;-;

  • My opinion is that they just didn’t want a gay ship to win because Taekook and Jikook is two of the most favorite ships, no one who is a real Army or Blink would ship Lisa and Jungkook

  • Idk why but im a little embarrassed if they do win and see it, its just a little awkward for them both blackpink and bts thats my opinion

  • This is real?! What?! They can't do this! Do NOT vote for this!! Please!! Jungkook and Lisa didn't ask for this!

    Edit: Keep your ships low, please

  • Someone who knows YG and BigHit Entertainment please tell them about this. I hope they will contact them and remove Lisa and Jungkook. No hate but this is only a ship not a real couple.

  • Bullshit I will still ship LIZKOOK and will forever even if it isn't real. 🙃

    This is my opinion if you don't agree go back to ur Cave I don't care. 😘

  • Oh gos it was just a ship fron some immature fellow army but what is this how will they feel they don't have feeling like this !!!!!!lisa may like some other boys and jungkook like another girl so pls really don't vote for their godness!!!!

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