The Jimmy Awards: Red Carpet Arrivals

scoff theaters is it unbelievable so are there really I mean just coming here on New Jersey Transit I was thinking there are so glamorous there are no losers every single person here is coming away with friends community advice all kinds of things what kinds of things are they going away with from this experience you know I think very much what you just named but I think more importantly it's just it's telling them if this is the moment for them to decide as they go on to their college education are they gone is it the career that they want to proceed with and I think you know they might change their minds later down the road too but it's a really good stepping stone for them to understand but the pressures are of having auditions and what are the pressures of having to perform in front of you know we might be judges but they have to perform in front of these creative teams during auditions and I think it gives them a first real look at what that means this is like their baptism by fire right but they we get you so everybody's really honest with them about how difficult it can be how much competition is out there how much talent I mean as they look left and look right look right I can't even imagine they may be the best in their town but then they you know they know they know there's so much out there and then if they come here they might go to the same audition with 40 of those same students right they might all be it throw the same role they might all be looking for one role I mean it's you know it's a difficult career to take on a rewarding one when you succeed but I think that this gives them a little taste of what that actually means it's like it's a hardcore internship kind of you know yeah because they do so much tell me a little bit do you know what they do for these eight days what they're up to the whole time yes absolutely so they're learning material they're picking what their specialty is going and so they have to learn that brand-new material as well they get to see a Broadway show they get to have the experience of talking to some of the creative teams to find out what it has meant to develop a show and then starting tomorrow they also have the opportunity they learn about what are some of the other jobs that the theater industry offers yes students because that's something that we've learned that as an industry people know about performers people know about directors but when you start talking about all the other depth of jobs that exist in this industry it's really our jobs to teach them that so now we use this opportunity to let them know what some of those other jobs are yeah and it can only help you if you've been on a stage it can only help you but if you want to step back if you want to write if you want to do so many other things you could be an accountant and do the accounting for Broadway okay great what a great point what a great point lots of this you can I mean the the depth of the jobs are huge if you speak a foreign language you could work in somebody who helps book international productions right so there's just such a wealth of jobs in this industry that most people don't know about now what what does it really take to stand out I mean really really is it authenticity is it the it thing is it you know is it is it what kind of a vehicle are they for something you've seen before I think it's the the authenticity shows especially when this is really important when they're doing material that means something to them so when they've chose a material that is near and dear to them and something they're comfortable with you'd be amazed how they shine well you'd be amazed but when they're trying to do Mama Rose from gypsy and they're sixteen years old thank you all right I'm scooting out sorry keys hi Emily I'm Jason town multitasking I am here with my friend Maryann Hugh who's one of the judges and I'm so excited I didn't even know about the Jimmy Awards embarrassingly for me until last year that was the first year that I knew that these even existed and I was blown away by the level of talent and the level of just storytelling know-how that these young students have it's so inspiring for me and it brings me back to a place in my life as a performer I'm in a show called be more chill right now on Broadway and it just brings me back to a place in my life and in my training where I felt brave and I felt light and I felt unencumbered by the being in the business of it all and I was just operating from a place of pure joy of telling a story through song and so I'm excited to reconnect myself with that through these students tonight yes yeah it's so exciting it's very amazing yeah yeah it's a huge opportunity for these students and I'm just rooting for all of them oh it's been so great it's been thrilling I've never experienced something like this before because I don't think it's happened before where you know people online have brought a musical to Broadway and so it's been really great to ride the energy of that I feel this really intense support from the fans and every single night we hear that in the audience and you see it in the audience and so we're just enjoying our last seven weeks on Broadway and encouraging everybody to come back and have a nice chill summer on Broadway with be more chill yeah what's nice for me what oh what's next oh my gosh I was like what's nice for me is so many things what an interesting question what's next there are some things that are in development that I can't talk about unfortunately but some some stage things that are in development and also I would love to do some TV yeah I'm just put that into the universe I would love to do more TV there's so much great writing happening right now for television and I would love to be a part of it yeah thank you all right thanks hi Renee you know it's um it's interesting Andrew and I were just talking about how being back this year is almost more exciting because it's like we get to relive everything through new and fresh eyes knowing what the behind-the-scenes looks like so it's so exciting to be back and it's such an honor to be here with all the nominees this year they sound and look amazing so yeah I think I'm really excited to see the medleys tonight I heard they did something a little bit different this year and I can't wait to see what that is Mean Girls is just everything I could have wanted it to be in more that Cassim creative is amazing it's it's such a fun show and it's it's a joy to work on every night and our audiences are always incredible and it's it's a dream it's a dream you know I don't think so I really think it was just more of like this amazing platform and program prompted us to do what we're doing now and it was just the way the stars align then I couldn't be more grateful yeah I'm in Mean Girls I stopped for a brief time I stopped on Wednesday and then I come back in September on the 10th and I start for a year my favorite science gotta be world burn yeah definitely definitely yes you should definitely come to Mean Girls it's it's such a great time it's a it's a fun and lighthearted show even though there's some dark humor but I mean Tina wrote the book like no other and the music is equally as benefit thank you good how are you oh my god it's the best I'm just like I'm not even like thinking about I thought like it would all come rushing back when I'm just so excited for this year's batch of nominees that I'm like I just I just can't wait to see you know see them see them shine no no Broadway Sade it's the most magical thing and I can't wait to watch it I've never gotten to see it you know yeah Adam Cantor was my coach and he provided me with like so much incredible wisdom that I still used to this day but to pin one thing is so impossible because it was just the most magical week it was everything I wanted it to be and more it was so special and I made some incredible friends like my friend Emily Escobar was a finalist is here with me tonight Renee so many people it was so special yeah I mean it's amazing I it was it was funny the music box theater is is smaller than the Mintz Kaufman scoffs huge so I stepped down to the music box stage for the first time just to get the tour I was like okay I can do this you know it was it was the mints cough is so huge and I remember just like losing circulation in my hands when I had to go on for that but do you have enhanced it was it looked so much smaller from the stage and I was like okay I can I can make this work I can make this you know sort of my home in my space it's been amazing it's just been the best time and I'm I'm so lucky and so grateful every day and it's so hard but the best kind of difficulty the most fulfilling kind of difficulty we'll see I don't want to put that pressure on anyone I you know but but um you know you never know who's in there I mean these these nominees are incredible so absolutely there could be another Evan Hanson or another Regina George or another whatever the next huge star or they could all you know be real estate agents after this it just this is what they want to do and I'm just so happy and proud of them madeley's I think I you know I think I think just just just being there and witnessing it all and seeing the spectacle and how much they were to not sort of knowing before what's going to happen I mean I just just the anticipation I think I'm already feeling it yes I did I got to go shoot a video that just came out today with them on Monday that was a secret I think but now it's a yeah oh my god it was so magical and you know I would slap him or was there and and he was just provides provided so much inspiration for me for them it was beautiful was a very emotional moment thank you so much thank you but if you want to just make sure yeah yeah I'm good I'm gonna wipe my brow does that interview make me sweat I'm so great I'm so I'm excited to be at the Jimmy Awards I you know I think that what the what the Jimmy Awards stands for when it in the platform that it gives to young performers it's like really inspiring and super exciting and it's also really angering to watch seventeen year olds be so unbelievably talented so yeah I'm probably gonna be very upset in my seat throughout the entire Oh God we don't want to do that we'll be here all night I'm my very first show was Little Shop of Horrors I played Seymour Krelborn and that was the thing that got me into theater like that was my introduction into theater so it was like um it was really important for me and you know arts education in high schools is such an important and I think underappreciated thing and you know the Jimmy Wars is one of these beacons for arts education this is I watched many many YouTube videos and so I'm very excited to be here as a presenter and to watch the show live at the men scoff these kids are so lucky be more Chell has been all of my dreams coming true in one show it's a that's a very overwhelming sentence but it's been incredible and you know primarily to be able apart to be a part of a work of art that that young people in particular are really connecting with to know that this thing that we that we're making on a nightly basis together is is is kind of making such a positive social impact in that generation it's it's it's it's it's a pleasure but it's also like the honor of honors yeah we were running for seven more weeks at the Lyceum we closed August 11 and so I've just been inviting everyone to come party with us we climbed a steep mountain to get to where we are and we're gonna party on the way down yeah if you are a little kid like I was who was a little weirder and didn't really fit in and didn't look like the other kids at your school if you love theater so much I urge those people to stay as true to themselves as possible to be unapologetically who they are and then to grow as an adult with that leading with that in their hearts because the art that they will end up creating will end up connecting with another weird kid out there it happened to me and if it happened to me it can happen to all of you at home thank you thank you thanks so much you're playing the game you're doing a great job your earrings look beautiful are they j.crew what are they they're so beautiful Sam I am presenting here I'd swear except like not presenting an award I'm presenting a segment but I was a Jimmy finalist back in 2010 so it's so amazing to be here I came back I think the year after or two years after but this is I haven't been in a long time and I heard this is the first year since I did the Jimmy's where there are hats apparently they're featuring hats so I'm excited about it oh my gosh it's like feral waves to the mind right now it's so amazing just like seeing all these kids and I love seeing the different musical theater characters interacting with the other characters and just they just look so much younger now and they're all Bavetta but it was great and I loved it I'm so happy to be here and what's funny is that there's you know there's a love night here but there's also fans of the Jimmy Awards that now we're on Broadway but have watched the Jimmy words forever so it's really like transcending even what it was when I was involved a medley 3 I was in medley 3 and it was amazing we had like a transition from Edwin Drood into drowsy we had a Peter Pan and a Joanna from Sweeney Todd it was a great amalgamation oh my god we had a mama rose from gypsy and you seemed nothing until you've seen a teenage mama rose it was amazing mary-rose to Ganju she's amazing it's been a dream come true we have one week left here at Studio 54 and it couldn't have been more perfect and so I'm having the time of my life and it's we're tying a little ribbon on this perfect little package I'm gonna be back in LA a little bit can't really say what's happening right now but I'm excited and hoping for a season two of bonding on Netflix so we'll see I'm definitely excited because there are two drowsy chaperones and I am here for it and I was a Janet from drowsy so I like to see that represented thank you so much for having me oh my gosh sure whatever you need oh my gosh I mean I was 2010 I was barely a little kid and you know had no idea what I was doing myself into and just had a really cool week and then it ended really really well at the end yeah I mean I was this is when we were first startling the medleys we started that and I was in a bin I was in the villains one even though I wasn't a villain but everybody else around me was high Davis just like it was the best to just hang out with a bunch of kids who like doing the same thing as you I grew up in Huntington Beach California like maybe first five times I visited and seen a couple shows enough to know I kind of wanted to do this already but I think it was the Jimmy's that really solidified that yeah oh my gosh me girls who play Aaron Samuels kind of a dream roll you know not one you'd expect because it wasn't a musical until recently so that's a dream working with Tina Fey is the best I love my cast I love everybody there it's it's a very happy show oh my gosh more is better cuz it's my son biased biased opinion I am presenting with Stephanie Stiles who was my year at the Jimmy's is now in Kiss Me Kate block up oh my gosh great we she's here okay haven't seen her yet anyway we're presenting the Week in Review so a video about showing what the kids did this week and I just got here so I haven't met any of them but I meet all of them after it's my favorite part yeah yeah I never stopped trying you know it's a it's a numbers game you just keep putting yourself out there something spent a stick yeah hell it's my pleasure nice to meet you yeah thanks how are you doing I see all the talented kids and people that are about to get on the stage and give it their all I cannot wait he actually invited me I've heard so much about it but didn't even know when it existed I just learned from my roommates like maybe two hours ago that Regina George from that's so cool I'm really ready for this singing I love events like this you know I'm heavily involved with kids and you know trying to put arts back into education and so any chance I get to support young people doing what they love to do and doing what they inspire you know inspired to do I'm here for it so on my day off I would spend it all not on my day off you know I'd do a little running around sleeping and lots of sleep because this Broadway schedule is very hectic you know these eight shows a week are gruesome and it's been one of the the most fulfilling experiences that I had you know so far my career and so I'm so excited well my role I play Melvin Franklin the base of the temptations yeah and this is she actually is my girlfriend in this show so you know we have fun and you know it's a lot of dancing it's a heartfelt show that makes you quiet it makes you laugh that makes you think that stop provoking it so you know I encourage everybody who you know if they're just at home on a Tuesday Wednesday through Sunday night come on out check us out cuz we at the Imperial theater you never get tired you never get tired never get tired of his music Motown music was classic Motown music is it's just you know runs through everyone's bones no matter black white or whoever you are you know and so I love that about the music I love that about the artists and the company of a recording the founder who created you know you know about it that came and I knew every song I was a big party and we have the built-in fan base that you know normal Jew Bach musicals and things don't have our new musicals and so they also are coming as judge and jury to make sure that we do it right so they're gonna be at that stage door to say okay you had it or not day how David dinner or it doesn't have what Mel but I remember you know but it's been a great great audience oh it's a lot of pressure but I'm up for the challenge I'm up put it down I wanted to yeah you you try to grab hello I'm good how are you Emily Ethan nice to meet you as well this is my first time here so I'm looking forward to seeing the real-life version of videos that I've seen on YouTube and not just seeing people coming into their start on the QL butts but but like celebrating the community that is high school theater and this place where people are learning about themselves and learning about what it means to be a part of an ensemble and and collaborators and I think high school theater is one of the most exciting things in the world yeah it does I mean I never got to experience an event like this as a high schooler but I will say like high school shows that I was a part of are some of my favorite theater memories ever and I don't see that changing anytime soon I learned so much from my high school classmates that I still think about in every rehearsal that I'm in for every project and so I hope that the students in tonight's events and you know seeing tonight's event are able to embrace that and and grow from that too you know I was in the producers I was in a funny thing happened on the way to the forum Pippin Amadeus a play called Elizabeth Rex which if you don't know it you should look it up it's awesome and then our country's good by Timberland Wirt and Baker are most people listing off every show they did in high school or is usually just like a well I've been working on a bunch of different things some TV stuff I got some film projects that are coming out which is really fun but really what I've been able to do in the past almost a year is work on stuff that I've been writing and I'm I've been working on a couple of projects for you know five six years and since spongebob I've haven't been able to take it to the next step of development and really dive into those projects that's really exciting so I've got a couple of things that I've written that hopefully we'll be able to look out for yeah in the audience tonight I think if you're in this is the advice that I would give to everyone watching or tangentially related to high school theater is find ways to be involved in all aspects of the theater making whether it's writing directing costume design set building acting stage management all of these different parts of making theater make you a better theater maker no matter where you end up specializing in the future and I think it was a real real joy of my high school experience to be able to work on set crew or work on costumes through in addition to acting and so I hope that people are able to do that absolutely it like helps you empathize with how much work everyone is putting in to make it happen from all different angles yeah thank you I'm sure I will thanks for talking to me have a good night

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