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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you a story from my high school the first first show I was in I was super excited to be cast in the Pirates of Penzance and then I went and I looked at the cast list and I was cast as one of the cups and I got a headache every day from singing the tenor line because I am actually a high soprano but uh good times hi 2019 Jimmie Award nominees I'm Celia keenan-bolger hi my name is Kaylee Ann Voorhees hi my name is Kristian Dante white hi I'm Ansley and I play Aladdin in a led in the musical want to shout out to the Jimmy Award nominees you guys are so awesome and so talented I can't wait to see all of you on Broadway nailing it I'm just so proud of every single one of you I wanted to say a big chuckers to everybody in the Jimmy Awards I just want to say the best of luck and have the best time choucas is an Australian thing it means break a leg whatever you want it to mean it just means go and have fun take care of each other and enjoy us and know that you've already accomplished something huge it's great to see you guys and good luck one memory that I had is we were performing grease the musical in high school and my character I remember what song it was I think it was on the t-birds I was a t-bird this today I'm a different kind of t-bird but the D word and we were doing I think Reis lightning and I got to you know showcase my talent and do a toe touch split leap right in the air and my microphone pack battery pack flew off and mid-air I had to catch it in the air and keep singing and then I knew I was like you know what this this is my profession this is the world for me and I would have never had a memory like that if it hadn't been for drama class and being able to perform on a stage in a musical in high school and it's one of great many great memories in it [Applause] I'm Andrew Feldman I'm from the Roger Reece Awards I am Renee rap and I'm from Charlotte and the bloomie Awards it's been pretty like crazy in the best way possible I'm looking forward to strengthening myself being able to get better at what I love the most that's you know why we're all here and I'm so excited to see how I progressed five years and I'm ready get the spark plugs and confetti give away to the waiter and summon the maitre d just like jay-z and Beyonce I will make her my fiancee [Applause] 2018 Jimmy Award for Best Performance by an actor Andrew Barth Feldman Best Performance by an actress goes to Renae rap here with a Broadway star making history just 16 years old this is Andrew Barr Feldman he is the youngest person to play the lead role [Applause] now this is the third ever in the universe Regina George please meet miss Renee Ram [Applause] [Applause] hi everybody I'm Beth Malone hi I'm Jeremy Jordan hi my name is Kelvin moon Lowe hi I'm Gideon Glickman and to all the Jimmy Award nominees which I'm pretty sure is named after my character from Smash thank you break a leg you're gonna kill it congratulations to all of you guys nominated for Jimmy Awards when I was in high school all I ever dreamed about was being on Broadway and guess what it happened so break a leg I can't wait to see it this is your chance good luck break a leg especially off in Texas get er done I never say that good luck I only have one memory of performing in high school it was the only musical I did it was Joseph and I played the Pharaoh and I was the Elvis character in galled LeMay if you will and it was a turnaround as I was wandering long the banks of the river win the seven fat cats a man of the night it was great my parents loved it the entire student body was horrified hi everyone we can't wait for the Jimmy Awards to get started I'm Michelle Charlesworth from channel 7 Eyewitness News here in New York when the judges are meeting I'll be here with you during the intermission we're going to talk about what we've seen and heard so far talk with past coaches and performers a lots coming up it's a special live intermission show from right here at the Minskoff theater enjoy the show and we'll see you soon I auditioned because my dear friend at the time said why don't you audition for the musical my senior year spring musical and I had no literally no idea what she was talking about but I went and I auditioned for Brigadoon and I got the role of Bonnie Jean and it changed my life to walk into a rehearsal room a with people of that were like me whatever that means the same oxygen and to be around a group of people who had such a curiosity about this thing called theatre and musicals like I said I was not really exposed to exposed to it very much but from that point on I could never look back I had to find out even though I had no idea what to do with the curiosity and what turned into a passion I was gonna find out even if I had to get a degree in social work at counselling even if I had to go to grad school and get a masters degrees and then I moved to New York but I was like I said there was no turning back once that show you know the proverbial bug man it hit me bad in a good way ah I'm very grateful thank you brought in High School in Raleigh North Carolina for doing a spring musical changed my life yo Jimmy nominees it's George Salazar hi my name is Michaela diamond hey I'm Josh Lyman hi I'm Christiani Pitts from King Kong and I wanted to wish everyone a good luck at the Jimmy Awards Jimmy Awards what you guys got nominated I'm obsessed with the Jimmy Awards I watched the Jimmy Award videos on YouTube every year I am so happy for you all enjoy it love it celebrate each other I just want to say break all the legs to the 2019 Jim you hora nominees you are not each other's competition you are each other's family be really proud of yourselves because I certainly am and cannot wait to work with each and every one of you I'm a lot of fun and trust me I've been a huge Jimmy's nerd for a while and I was one of those theater kids and I am one of those theater kids to see these kids today these Jimmy nominees who clearly love this music so much who clearly loved to sing who clearly loved theater and to be able to watch each other and support each other and learn from each other and lift each other up there's nothing better than that I think he need to be challenged I saw dear Ivan Hanson he was a week after it opened and I saw it and I was like yeah that's what I want to do you know I see Andrew walk into this room with all these Jimmy nominees with people who admire him and people who look at Andrew as an example of what's possible you have this incredible opportunity to learn from 85 other incredible people it's not about winning you you won our way this this is the prize it's not lost on me that I got to be a part of something that they received in that way and they're giving it right back to us and that is really really [Applause] musical theater is my whole life it surprises me to do really anything it's just spectacular just knowing that people comes from different ends of the country I never would have met otherwise and being able to see them share their talent with everybody this show means a lot to me I saw two years ago right after I saw it I texted my dad I'm going into musical theater it's kind of like was the first step in the journey this week at the Jimmy's it's been so much fun like getting to meet everyone that's so passionate about theater and then getting to work with so many professionals in the field and getting to hear their input on what we're doing is artists gonna win the jimmies everyone should raise their hand cuz you're just gonna you know you you're in competition with everyone you're not though you're only in competition with yourself so stay on your path stay on your journey okay I have dreamed of coming here for a very long time and this experience is an experience of a lifetime and I would not trade it for anything you good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the 11th annual Jimmy Awards [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and now please welcome your host for this evening Tony Award winner then flat hosting my favorite night on Broadway at the sold-out Minskoff theater all right shout out as well to all the fans who are watching at home we are live streaming on Facebook and YouTube tonight so MT is going mainstream I first hosted the Jimmy's in 2017 which as many of you know was sort of a huge year for me it was in fact the year that I I did finally decide to cut my bangs thank you it was also the year that I want to Tony Award for you Evan Hanson okay but really the bangs decision is what made it iconic this year has been pretty great as well I'm starting at a new Netflix show called the politician that I got to create with a genius gay mafia Don Ryan Murphy it'll be out this fall I also dropped an original album on Atlantic Records called sing to me instead oh good oh good I've also been on a multi-city tour playing all that music all my own songs all over the country and in London as well and I'm gonna be playing down the street in September on the 29th at Radio City Music Hall [Applause] thanks but tonight I really can't think of anywhere that I would rather be than to be here celebrating high school musical theater if I did one of those ancestry tests like the 94 in us whatever it's called which I don't think that I will ever do because I'm far too afraid of the government in Russia and whatnot I I think that show tunes would definitely appear all over my DNA I grew up performing full musicals in my backyard I did cats alone with a fog machine and some overturned furniture I did The Music Man with full library book choreo with stamping as well you name it all of them I then graduated to a youth theatre program called the out early school where I played Albert Peterson Frank Butler Joe Hardy Nicky Arnstein all before the age of 12 and I was once does a double cast as Oliver with my sister the two of us shared a costume but the productions that have meant the most to my heart in all of my life and career that's far far and away are the ones that I did in high school and I won't bore you with the full list but I did play Pippin opposite beanie Feldstein she was she gave a show stealing turn as birth in 2011 by the way it's beanies birthday tonight happy birthday mini Palestine if you don't know who that is leave I do however wish that my school had been part of the Jimmy Awards back in the day I had to settle for watching the videos on YouTube which I started watching very religiously as a high school student myself I wasn't generally the type of kid that was like ahead of trends I came to first day of freshman year in white jeans we won't discuss it but I will say that I was obsessed with the medley videos long before they were a very fashionable empty trend so I will accept that our Jimmy Awards alumni also had a really spectacular year you'll meet some of them later but I'll tell you right now that two are currently in Dieruff and Hanson on Broadway with another in the Toronto production crazy I'd let that be a lesson for all of you fellow actors that are watching ticking this is like so sweet and cute they are coming for your jobs so [Applause] also last time I was here I need to clear something up i mispronounced the name of a finalist his name is antonio Cipriano i believe he's here this evening I then corrected myself stating that I knew that he'd make it big and that I didn't want to be the guy that had screwed up his name well lo and behold he will be making his Broadway debut this year in the new musical Jagged Little Pill moral of the story I am a witch I will try to prophesize more things tonight and bring out some Ella Konami nominees the starry bunch that you just saw in that opening number are here because they want top honors for their performance in a high school musical that was part of a local competition representing 27 states who'd want to live in any of the other 23 our nominees are I mean if you don't look please our nominees are a blend of sophomores juniors and seniors 15 are in NYC for the first time three got on a plane for the first time to get here oh yes 20 saw their first ever Broadway show last week which you guessed it was dear momma and Hanson before we launch into more about our nominees I know that you'll want to join me in thanking those who helped make this prestigious tournament of teens if you will possible the Jimmy awards are co-produced by the Broadway League Foundation and Pittsburg Cielo [Applause] we are also very grateful to our partners Nederlander producing company of America Inc the Broadway League Pittsburg Cielo in deer rabbit hunter Wells Fargo Disney theatrical productions NYU Tisch School of the Arts and our superstar level donors the Shubert organization Inc John Gore organization the Hollywood Pantages Theatre where I saw my first show Planet Hollywood Stacy mnDOT's productions apples and oranges arts and our media partner wabc-tv many other loyal supporters helped make this program happen some of their names are behind me now plus everyone in your playbills and on Jimmy Ward's comm there is no this without all of you so thank you for supporting this American art form and the young people who pursue it and they are seriously pursuing it each year this program brings even more talented students to New York City for this experience of a lifetime and our artistic staff tries to celebrate their diverse talents and performance styles in new ways this year we have split the nominees into three groups who are all judged equally throughout the first act you will see them in either character-driven medleys which for the youtubers that's what you're most familiar with a musical mashup about creating a Broadway show or a tribute to the 15th anniversary of wicked 29 times I've seen a 29 times I hear shuffling backstage so that is either a wildebeest migration and open call for Newsies or the performers are getting ready in the wings thank you yes performers that brings us to our first medley group I believe we have an Adam and Adams a Seymour a martyr a boy who wants to dance and one who is immortal and the nominees are JJ Willis Adam Freaky Friday Rocco Polanco gomez addams The Addams Family Benjamin ably Seymour Little Shop of Horrors Casey likes Jean Valjean blame is Rob Matthew watir Rodriguez Ren MacCormack Footloose Jack D'Angelo Jesse tuck tuck everlasting but take what they offer annular Allah you're doubtful or dreadful they burned you before but trust me my brothers you'll line up for more they may be crusty or salty or sour which is always times there's a sandwich with it's not understanding you don't know what's inside women and sandwiches ice [Applause] anyone sees my every fever flu and canker sore she's my only hepatitis abhi dancing on my own today [Applause] future starting I gotta let each sequin that Blanton G my big powerful prize what am I saying no way forget it it's much too dangerous to keep a plant alive who knew success will come with messy nasty strings tiny squad traps that means I'm willing to keep on doing bloody awful evil things the vegetable is like the Sun God had granted me the summer ah can i conceal myself forevermore pretend I'm not the man I was before and to must my name until I die be no more than an alibi must I lie how can I ever face my fellow men can I ever face my son my sawmill honest to god I know I made that bargain long ago he gave me hope when hope was gone he gave me strength to tourney running hallway will never set you free doesn't matter where you go I guarantee we hold our ground see we cannot be bound for shaking up past making heartbreak taking control I breathe watch my every step find a sturdy branch don't you dare look down and pull your body up and dig in your heels let's see what this tree reveals a mountain to the west I'm motion to the east a storm cloud to the north ready to pull and every sycamore leaves me wanting more and more the top of the top at the top of the world my head and heart are pounding top at the top of the world Oh [Applause] [Applause] all right the boys already serving us some spin some clarity a backpack I think it's time we get an answer from the ladies and the nominees are Haley Dortch Deloris van Cartier Sister Act Elyse Bell Jo March Little Women signe Naranjo gertrude mcfuzz Seussical marisa mwoyeyo Deloris van Cartier sister act Katy bulan The Drowsy Chaperone The Drowsy Chaperone Hannah Restuccia The Drowsy Chaperone The Drowsy Chaperone first rule singing get the rafters ringing toss everything no turning back until I find my time and place I will be fearless wanna see a great [Applause] I'll be on solid she [Applause] I look at my look can you say hi you know what [Applause] [Applause] it's a dismal little world in which we live it can for you till there's nothing left to give stir you mustn't let it this planet Oh keep your eye on the prize we push and we that morning the star we pull our bootstraps laughs we came here [Applause] [Applause] Wow two drives of chaperones for the price of one oh boy that was astonishing the following Jimmy Awards alumni thank you the following Jimmy Awards alumni are starring on Broadway right now is Aaron Samuels and Mean Girls and Lois Lane and Kiss Me Kate and they're really hard to look at please welcome Kyle Selig and Stephanie Stiles thanks man there's nothing like being in New York City this unforgettable week gives you a glimpse into life away from home maybe for the first time ever not to mention on the campus of NYU you know you've only seen it in TV shows you meet Broadway's professionals and some personal heroes and you get to rehearse in the university's state-of-the-art studios and facilities with peers from all over the country who love theater as much as you do one of my favorite memories from my Jimmy's experience was heading back to the dorms after a long day of rehearsal changing into pajamas and recapping the day with my roommate we truly felt like we were getting a taste of what it would be like to live in New York and star on Broadway throughout the week our nominees are coached by faculty at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Department of Drama new studio on Broadway where for the 11th year in a row tonight's lucky winners will be eligible to qualify for a scholarship for being a partner since day one the jimmies think dean NYU Tisch School of the Arts Alison green chair Department of Drama Rubin polenta and founding director new studio and Broadway Kent gash the following video captures the highlights from this past week especially all the hard work that goes into creating tonight's show and the start of many new friendships [Applause] to get to work with a bunch of coaches and directors I think that's the coolest thing and I feel like the most important thing about this experience is learning as much as you can and of course I'm super excited to get to work with all of the other nominees it's really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it's something I don't want to take for granted and I just want to savor every single moment the Jimmy Awards is a collection of this year 86 kids from all around the country that won the regional programs and they get to learn rehearse and compete for a week we started right away learning our opening number music all day is just filled with rehearsals we're working on our opening numbers and our group number so you know we've got the character number and our musical number in the tribute and then simultaneously we're all working with our coaches so it's just non-stop go go go for a couple of days they get to work on their individual pieces that are going to be performed for our panelists of judges on Sunday before the big performance on Monday there's about seven or eight Broadway artists that come in and coach them on their pieces and get them performance ready my vocal coach is Michael McElroy it's really really surreal to be meeting people like this I actually just got out of a coaching session with him and I mean he knows what he's talking about I'm so excited to work with Wayne he offered a lot of great advice he was so inspiring just his experience and what the advice that he gave us is something that I would really take through the rest of the week and I can't wake some in the tribute group so I get to work on his piece and oh my gosh it's just he's like one of my idols Michael is genius like his ability to take all the words and string them together and make it make sense in the arc of a song is incredible my main task is to create material that shows them off both as a group and in certain cases as individuals then I love his approach of directing he and Keshia are together they're very they're very direct they're very forward with everything they know what they want but at the same time they're still trying to make connections and make relationships they know what they need to do they know what they need to get done and having so much fun doing what we're doing and that's what makes it really special here I co-founded the program and for me it revitalizes me every year when I see the energy and the excitement and the joy in their faces when they come to New York some of them for the first time they step on the Broadway stage for the first time they soak in as much as we can give them in a very short amount of time it excites me it reminds me why I got into theater in the first place I have never actually been to Sardis you know I've always heard about it but actually getting to go into this iconic theater home and just have a great time with all of my friends it's super cool we filmed the video today of them singing you will be found from dear Matt Hansen and a special treat they got the sing it with Andrew Feldman who was one of them a year ago and Andrew is a big example for them something that could happen that's something that seems like a crazy dream that actually became a reality dear VIN Hansen was not only amazing because I was seeing Andrew because he was in my position only a year ago and also the talkback seeing my friend Sam and he's also from the jimmies so it was it was really really inspiring there is absolutely nothing like seeing these students into a room introduce themselves the enthusiasm the hopes the dreams show up in their faces and you can feel this palpable energy and then as you go throughout the week you see them developing relationships and really solidify those hopes and dreams a sense of community and like mindedness is priceless and so when you're surrounded by people with the same beliefs and values then you feel like you are a part of something that is much larger than anything you might have experienced before but there's a sense of belonging that is irreplaceable and that's what the arts do for young people today meeting these new people and building that network has been one of the best experiences I could have ever asked for it's important that we have high-caliber opportunities and that the Broadway League is invested the Broadway theater community is invested and making sure there are opportunities for the next generation of artists I get to be U star V on a Broadway stage and for me that is that is amazing because your snobby story was my story anyway Gustav II was on the search for home as I was doing the character and while I was on stage saying there's last lyrics you heard that music in the air take the trains at the top for the world and I'm the and I was home onstage I remember freshman year where I went to the city for the first time like by myself and I looked up at Times Square and I saw the billboards I was like wow I want to be on that one day and seeing myself yesterday on a billboard really hit me hard it was the way they just surprised us it got me in tears and I just I was just brimmed with joy I get on the Minskoff theater stage and I'm just there looking at the crowd part of my dream is already fulfilled sky for forever sweet sweet boy crying oh my god Oh Lord as I mentioned earlier I'm a witch so I've just I've just had a vision almost like a prophecy thank you I think that one day one of these kids will be a g-got meaning that we'll have a Jimmy Emmy Grammy Oscar Tony situation [Applause] so it's a race to the G got our next guest is starring on Broadway as Michael Mel and be more chill at the Lyceum theater say hello to the wonderful Jorge Salazar thank you thanks bad I am delighted to introduce our next group of nominees whose names are on the screen behind me in a minute they'll perform a musical mash-up about creating a Broadway show we all know art isn't easy and on the other hand everyone wants to make a musical and there's nothing better than making one with the people that you love which it's home for me because I've been a part of a few new musicals including be more chill you know it a show about self-acceptance forgiveness and friendship I'm actors dream about making art that helps people and changes lives it's what we are born to do and the cherry on top is when you're able to do that on a Broadway stage the following number celebrates show people making that dream come true the luckiest people in the world please welcome the musicals group performing on with the show [Applause] order design tension composition balance light come with me and the Gloam of constant innovation what good is sitting alone in your room music [Applause] you're on your way there is no keep scale to hold to your vision it's not talk of art and the struggles ahead that allow you to get through the worst it's teamwork and breakthroughs and working together [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we all want to be with you says it'll make all my dreams come true there you are [Applause] and all that chest a special kind of people known as show people our days are tied to curtains they rise and fall [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] alright ladies and gentlemen we have another medley getting ready in the wings a rocker a rapper a beast – Bobby's eteri tinder can be difficult thank you and the nominees are Samuel Abakan Terry Connor sideshow Shyu Oni drew Rock of Ages jr. Heckman beast Beauty and the Beast Eric Liu Bobby child crazy for you Jacob Simon Bobby child crazy for you Michael is skander who's Navi in the heights I'm the guy who books the stars that garner the bravas loans and fill the rows of theatres from Lexington's and buffaloes with acts I've pre-selected I'm very well-connected I know the big producers and all the VIPs anyone who's anyone are friends or enemies I'm on a first-name basis with the lauded and respected the self-made Kings who pull the strings I'm very well-connected I hope that I'll be working with you and you and you we're a team who's had a dream who knows what we can do we'll make our way together with partners we've collected with every bar extremely well [Applause] connected [Applause] I could have [Applause] but it's not defined that's the world [Applause] [Applause] things are looking up I've been looking the landscape over and it's covered with four-leaf clovers Oh seams are bitter Wow it's Michael but no more will I be the mourner before I've certainly turned the hot corner how things are looking sunshine makes my trouble when I'm dancing I don't care or even some day I shan't because you see I'm dancing and I can't be bothered now yeah I'm a streetlight chillin in the heat illuminate the stories of the people in the streets some of happy endings some of bittersweet but I know them on that's what makes my life complete and it's not me who keeps her legacies who's gonna keep the coffee she was sick your recipes oh boy my recipes she live in my memories but Sonny's gotta eat the schooner is my destiny [Applause] let me set the record straight I'm separative – I'm getting a second date I'm 100 in the shade I'm afraid music in the tree [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yes yes the richness of tone at 16 our final medley is ready of some more ladies let's see a princess a producer a wife who wants a child an orphan child to teens figuring out life in New York City I'm not gonna touch any of that and the nominees are Ecole a Okubo Aida Aida sarah nelson georgia hendrix curtains lauren sendin baker's wife into the woods mary-rose bada-bang– core Eponine lim is a cob Janina Colucci anita West Side Story Abby Linderman Millie dil Mount Thoroughly Modern Millie all I have to do is pretend I never knew head fathers very rare occasions when he steals into my heart to ever lost him when the times my belly buddy though I think about him till you have chosen around me she's not a girl no betrayal but we dancer we're teams in my own eyes it's easy [Applause] [Applause] see you just wait and see if it's up to you depends on your back to life back to sentence back to child back to husband no one there are vows there are ties there are needs there are standards there are students and soon there's the answer if your club Hamish Worldport warm and a baker for bread and never first a witch then a child that a prince then a moment and to get what you wish only just for a moment these are dangerous war [Applause] and I know only in my mind that I'm talking to myself and not I know that there's a way forward I love him but when the night is over he is gone the rivers just a river without him the world around me changes the trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of street Oh happiness that boy like that killed your brother get that boy stick to your own just wait and see chips away money just away don't forget me [Applause] Oh open throat at Belton clears my skin our distinguished judges saw all of our nominees perform yesterday and officially will score their performances tonight during intermission eight finalists will somehow be chosen to perform solos in the second act following the solos the judges will submit final scores and we will find out who is best in show now I would like to introduce our judges please stand and wave when I announce your name like a dog show our first judge is a Tony Award nominee for her role in Memphis on Broadway she most recently appeared in the Chicago production of Hamilton please welcome the beautiful Montego Glover our next judge is an actor director and associate chair of the department of drama at NYU Tisch School of the Arts please welcome Nathan flower the next judge is an executive producer of many Broadway West End and touring productions please welcome Alicia Parker the next judge has produced iconic works of theater film and television he is a living legend and his diet consists entirely of diet coke balance bars cold pizza and peanut butter on bagels please welcome my dad Mark Platt that was fun our next judge is a ginormous Broadway casting director who just celebrated her 31st year casting The Phantom of the Opera and I'd be remiss if I did not mention that another of her Broadway credits is dear glam and handsome please welcome Tara Rubin this judges president and producer of Disney theatrical productions and chairman of the Broadway League please welcome Thomas Schumacher next we have a very casual musical theater lyricist and composer who has written I don't know just the soundtrack to our lives Scott spell Pippin wicked please welcome the amazing Stephen Schwartz our final judge is a Broadway film and television casting director and we've all been in this lobby maybe you've heard of his show Hamilton if you haven't please get up and leave please welcome Bernard Telsey now also please give it up for our preliminary judges who evaluated all of our nominees prior to tonight's ceremony thank you – director Gabriel berry actor and director Robert Cuchillo Lee actor and director Nathan flower casting director Stephanie clapper and producer and director Seth scholar Hine and finally our nominees NYU coaches certainly deserve a hand thank you – Jenny barber Randy Graf Marianne whoo Adam canter telly Leung Michael McElroy and Alice a Roman and now here to introduce our next number is a veteran Broadway performer who originated the role of Dimitri and Anastasia on Broadway and will be starring in the upcoming new musical Jagged Little Pill say hello to the lovely Derek Lana hey guys isn't so amazing I missed the first time I've been at the Jimmy Wars and it's just out of control I mean you go on lives to be is tenacious and as talented as these students on the stage it's just incredible I wish this existed when I was going to high school okay to close out the first act I would like to welcome our remaining nominees whose names are behind me on the school musical celebrating 15 years on Broadway yeah and one that I was very honored to perform in during its tenth anniversary and also made my Broadway debut this number was staged by director and choreographer Wayne salento with musical direction by Ben Cohn ladies and gentlemen let's get wicked [Applause] wickhead no one cries they would return [Applause] the goodness cords the wicked through the night the children would what'd we miss [Applause] L stands for Lyman was born in upstate New York he was a physically frail child not able to play like the other kids so he read books for adventure he would tell stories for his family and friends that boy would become an author of best-selling children's books The Wonderful Wizard of Oz it blended a fairy tale premise with an American sensibility the series would inspire generations to come with as many as eighty seven books eighteen movies and ten musicals what was it about that story [Applause] [Applause] they died [Applause] you'll be happy too because nothing it's just keep dancing through almost a century later in 1995 another upstate New York born rider Gregory Maguire questioned the moral implications of bombs off stories in his own best-selling book wicked the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West was she wicked or just misunderstood this iconic story was brought to life with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz but fight Winnie Holzman direction by Joe Mantello and choreography by Wayne solando wicked opened at the Gershwin Theatre on October 30th 2003 he told the story of the unlikeliest of friendship between two young women it asks the question to governments and societies decide who is good and who is wicked based on how they look it is the right tale for our time [Applause] I know he loves her so I'm not that I've always wanted to see the city [Applause] [Applause] since its Broadway opening there have been sit-down productions in Chicago Los Angeles San Francisco London and Tokyo there have also been two national tours and several international tours and at one time the musical had nine companies running simultaneously around the world over 60 million people have seen it in more than 100 cities in 16 different countries it will be the fit longest-running show later this year and hey at 15 years young wicked is a teenager just like us for encouraging us to embrace our uniqueness and find our own voice for defying the status quo with 15 years on Broadway congratulations working [Applause] the greatest Linda we planned [Applause] [Applause] I ask forgiveness for the things I've done you blame me for well then I guess we know there's blame to shoot and none of it seems to matter [Applause] I've been changed for the [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] dear Mom and Dad I could not be here without your continuous love and support I am so grateful for all that you have given me I love you so much dear mom thank you for loving me unconditionally thank you for being my rock and thank you for supporting me in everything I do dear mom and dad thank you for teaching me that opportunities are made and not just handed out and thank you for always loving and supporting me through this crazy adventure dear Cooper and my parents thank you for your constant love and support and your encouragement through the whole process of learning how to happen dear mr. Riggs and this is being thank you so much for helping me reach new heights not only as an actor singer and performer but a person as well do you miss Kathleen thank you for all your help and guidance with my voice I would not be anywhere near where I am without you thank you mom for everything that you've ever done for me from helping me with my resume to finding me beautiful beautiful music I just want to thank and appreciate you for everything that you've done dear Jake Lierman thank you so much for all of your work helping shape me as an artist and as a human being these past three years I love you buddy dear to you thank you so much for all people opportunities you've given me and for always inspiring me to follow my dreams dear Mom and Dad thank you so much for everything that you've done helping me to be the best person that I can be dear Phipps bánffy family thank you for encouraging me and pushing me out of my comfort zone I wouldn't be the performer I am today without your help and guidance dear is fall sick thank you for making bedford theatre a true family and inspiring my passion for theater with every new show dear mom thank you so much for letting me sign up for that talent show when I was nine years old in first fifty California you believed in me let me do it and from then on I grew a passion for music and performing that will stick with me forever dear Susan thank you for inspiring me to pursue my dreams and also for teaching me – the most important thing is the way to each other dear Lindsay thank you for showing me what it means to be a crying compassionate leader because of you I have the courage to go after my wildest dreams dear my entire family I just want to say thank you for pushing me and being there for me and supporting me throughout my whole life and getting me to be where I am now dear mom thank you for being there from the very beginning through my crazy ups and downs because I certainly have a lot of them Devin two years ago you told me it could be me up on the stage at Brook joy and Aquarium now so thank you for believing welcome to the 2019 Jimmy Awards livestream brought to you by the Broadway League Foundation and dear Evan Hanson it's intermission and we are having a great time co-hosting this with me thank you for joining us is Shelley Williams who is the director of the revival of Aida I am like may this is fantastic to have you here with me she brought us rince you were the associate choreographer yes for that as well and also you have been a coach for kids just like the ones yes I coached the Jimmy Awards four times so tonight is thrilling for me and I'm so happy to be back what what do you have to say about what you're seeing up there on the stage and what they're going through just to give us like put us in their heads and their bodies I can't believe they're high school students my heart is bursting for them they are doing a magnificent job they're so poised rigor that they have had with rehearsing these new metal melody medleys learning all of this new choreography I mean they've done it in four days and hats off to Keyshia and man and Michael for putting them through the paces and they were just rising to the occasion they're doing an incredible job if you're watching at home I'm sure you are as amazed as we are we were sitting together yes and just holding our breaths for them their armies and my face hurts from smiling so what does it take to stand out being your authentic self you know I believe that if you are prepared you're never scared so you can see when the young people step out there and they are confident and they're not pushing and they're telling the story I know that they know what they're doing and that this is just another wonderful moment in their lives the ones that are a little bit nervous or pushing a little bit too right or you can see right yeah but the ones that have little prepared there have scared so much talent I can't stand it okay Marla Louissaint come on in thank you so much yes so you are no what what do you have to say about what everyone is seeing out there I know they've been watching you have the live stream on yes yes yes yes wait first I want to tell everybody computer science Brainiac and for them right now yes also has been spinning you know she had a little bit of a hiatus she's been working with beautiful music call that Carol Carol King musical and then also you won the Jimmy in 2015 that's so congratulations what would you say to these kids do the kids that are watching everybody all the kids yeah anybody yes the ones on stage the ones at home okay first the ones on stage just be yourself and I see plenty of that on stage up there I'm like I wish when I was here the Jimmy's I feel like I was putting on a character I'm glad I mean that's part of it but bringing you yourself to the character is so important and I'm seeing that already and for the folks at home just trust the process and also trust your teachers trust your mentors all the people that are giving you the notes that you you need to succeed I think that's so important because sometimes you think oh I got this on my own like I'm I'm up at the top you've really gotta stay humble and make sure that you pay your dues to the people teaching you for sure do you remember what it was like for you stepping on the Broadway stage for the first time I thought I did and seeing that video Jeremy Fuentes one of the New York nominees when I saw him ball I was like no I know I cannot cry this makeup on my face but I remember that exact feeling and seeing him cry on I just it jerked all of the exact emotions that I had when I came on the Minskoff Peter states to with her an inspiration you made me start to cry thinking about that I mean I'm telling you I know this is their passion thank you so much we also have here thank you so much more Stacey mnDOT's hi United States is here Evan Hansen two-time Tony winner what do you what do you say we're talking about what do you say to the ones here and ones out there oh well you've already accomplished so much by being on this stage by having the courage and by finding out what you love to do I mean that's the extraordinary thing about tonight see what's incredible stacy is that you have produced over 20 shows and for all the people out there who want to be a part of the business as a storyteller as a producer can you please give them some advice about what it means to be a woman producer in this business I think the great thing about being a producer in this business is being surrounded by talent all the time and perhaps as a woman what I think I can lend to the the landscape is that I'm a good listener you know I'm a mom and moms are good listeners and I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for great talent and for people who may not be obvious but have that spark inside of them what about your stomach watching all of this I mean where I was butterflies you're like it's well I can't sing and dance so it's very nice to sit in the audience but it is actually one of the most actually I think it is the most thrilling night on Broadway more thrilling than the Tony Awards because all these people have so much promise to be fulfilled and tonight is the beginning for so many of them would my favorite night on Broadway it's a room full of dreams and you've made so many of them come true with Devon Hansen thank you and thank you for sparing a moment to talk right now thank you thank you so much we're having a great time still talking about this we say we trusted to some more about dear Evan Hansen yeah and we'll be back in just a couple of seconds so see you in a few dear mom dad and dad thank you so much for being so unrelentingly supportive of me throughout all of my theater related ventures and I am so thankful to have you all in my life dear mom and dad thank you for always encouraging me to follow my dreams giving me the tools I need to succeed dear mom you're one of the hardest-working people I know thank you for loving me and supporting me with anything that I do I love you dear mom dad Michelle weeks and Lambrecht I want to thank you all for all that you've done for me I wouldn't be where I am without all of you dear grandma thank you for always inspiring me to be me and only me dear mrs. Hughes thank you for being my music director and for being an inspirational example of a musician a collaborator a leader and a friend dear mom dad and set parents thank you for loving me when I make mistakes teaching me everything I know and showing me what it means to work hard I'm proud to be your son dear Mom and Dad thank you for always giving me an endless amount of love and always supporting me in my decision for going into the arts dear mom and dad thank you so much for putting up with me and doing so much just so I can do what I love to do dear Molly my sister I love you so much thank you for always believing yourself and believing in me you deserve the world dear mom and dad I just want to thank you for every opportunity that you've given me I couldn't be Who I am without either of you guys dear Chris Brenly thank you so much for all of the laughter love and support that helped me to become brave enough to follow my dreams dear problem they control your love and support and helping with by density dear Bob Downard my magical voice teacher I can never thank you enough for the immense impact you've had on me as a performer and as a person your support and mentorship mean the world to me yo mrs. Williams and miss Raymond thank you for being a constant supporter and motivation throughout my time in high school dear family and I don't just mean blood-related family I mean anyone who has ever loved me supported me or believed in me thank you because it's people like you have got me where I am today and I'm so very fortunate dear Mom and Dad thank you for your never-ending love and support I would not be where I am today if it weren't for you guys dear Mom and Dad and the samanda pile you guys have been such a huge inspiration for me y'all taught me what it means to work hard and I just want to say thank you for everything that you've done for me dear Playhouse Square my amazing family and everyone who has supported me in Cleveland Ohio thank you for always inspiring me to chase after my dreams you've truly changed my life dear mother thank you for continuously supporting me in my various theatrical activities dear mom thank you for infecting you with this contagious love of theater and thank you for most of all teaching me that in order to be a good performer you have to be a good person first sincerely mean sincerely me sincerely me welcome back we're still in intermission and I'm with Shelley Williams who's bringing back Aida directing it so that's pretty cool and then Mary Ann Q who we were just talking about my fair lady was in my fair lady which I saw which was my Christmas present could you talk a little bit since you've been a coach you've been a coach for years you've been to coach two years two years coaching these high school students on what to do what do you say hopefully I just try to encourage them to be themselves and flying that authenticity we were just talking about really if they can leave here with one tool and their toolkit or something that they can take away from the week and if they're having fun can you tell if they're having fun yes the coaching sessions are festive they're so fast you probably have about 10 15 minutes per kid per day so you have a lot to do in a very short amount of time imagine that yeah so Brett for a coach it's really finding the way in if something doesn't work you have to find another way in or another way of translating it so that that the nominee will understand what it is you're getting it go through a side window go through the chimney knock on the back door something that resonates with them are you amazed because I am these high school suits 16 17 18 years old what kind of instruction have they had prior to this I mean kudos to the teachers and the instructors out there you're unbelievable but a lot of its self taught and what if it is self taught it's all over the map there's no rhyme or reason to it I mean they all come from different parts of the United States it's it's a whole potpourri of different types of training one of the things that always surprises me in the most wonderful way is that is the most supportive room as each person is performing did you find that was that the thing that is most inspiring to me is they come here as strangers and that they they learn the spirit of collaboration and they as a community to build something together I do something on the very first day of coaching is I give them the Latin definition of competition which is not against each other it's striving together towards a common goal I try to be even with that because all the theater as storytellers or theatre makers we do it all together and then company with whole group or whole community do you think that clicks I think that might be the most important thing in life and you're inspired by people that you're not jealous by success because there's a lot of the buffet right right but you can see it when they leave you can see it the difference from then I mean you can speak to me from the beginning to the end of the coaching they built something together they built relationships every person you can have all eighty-six people saying the exact same song but each person's going to have their own spot so once they identify what makes them special and what makes them unique and they own that they carry that with them for life what do you what do you tell them in terms of finding their own authenticity they haven't been on the planet that law right I mean how it's hard to figure out how to be just a person and then to be a person playing another person on stage and being that authentic version so how do they dig into that again I think it's different with everybody but what I like to do is I like to just actually sit down and talk with them and actually get to know who they are as a human being so that I can find my way in with the song a lot of times you can also learn a lot by the song state shoes because if you're choosing a song for yourself you're it's a story that is personal to you it's a song that you love for a reason so sometimes the weigh-in is about saying why did you choose that song what is it saying you love about what it did you love about it and then you kind of find how they connect to it okay talk about connection did you see in there that the Times Square billboards piece let's go to that right now [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's the dream to actually be on Broadway so to see my face in cemeteries pretty crazy I've been in New York like seeing your face up there is like I come to the Time Square you know often right and I've always looked at the bill boys I'm like I want to be on that one dream come true dream for Joe it's been incredible honestly it's just an honor that I meet them and present with such many talented people and to see my face and Phyllis be talented actresses and actors on the screen it's amazing I have been huge but I've never had an experience like this [Applause] alright guess what we found some winners from last year Andrew Feldman and Rene rap you guys congratulations on your continued success stay tuned you might know what he's been doing what she's been doing give us an update what do you do yeah I'm playing Evan in dear enhance and I've been I've been in since the end of January so it's going on five months and how old are you now I'm 17 years old and what do you say to these kids out there breathe what are you doing I am Regina George and Mean Girls on Broadway right now and 20 is also degrees very important but just just keep your cool and eat healthy and self-care I need to take it to you so Shelley was seeing that talk speak to that about my self-care right you know yeah we think of us as artists but we are also athletes the voice is a muscle we have to take care of our bodies the same way athletes we do eight shows a week we do a doubleheader baseball fans we are athletes at the Thai market I have rains III try my best to practice mindfulness and meditate and just keep a positive mind every day especially in the show that I'm in it can get a little heavy so so just to make sure I'm in the best possible shape mentally to tackle that every day are you a little worried that the high school students out there who are amazing are gonna think that maybe they're gonna have the kind of success that you have seen I mean you're still pinching yourselves yeah every day but I mean it's I think that's what's so cool about what has happened to us and all the other alums that are so successful is like this is very attainable like when you work hard and when you're put in this amazing position that this program does and that all the arts education does it's attainable this is a dream and you're able to live your dream you know I had that word too though that they would really feel that pressure and I got to visit them on Monday and we filmed a really fun video and I just really wanted like my goal was like I want to make sure to nip that in the bud if they're feeling any pressure and make sure that like they know that it's not super likely this will happen the same way the same right place right I'm sorry the weed I had but they seemed so in the right mind and here for the right reasons that just to learn and it was really incredible to see that in all them it was so clear being here as as to success what about people at home and you're going to talk about this Shelley you have a real message for people at home what do you say to the folks there who are in love with theater who are not here who are teenagers who are in their early 20s you know I it's interesting I think everybody everybody has their there right path and you know the things that are meant to happen will happen and the universe has got your back and I think that's that's probably the most important thing like you said like you never know what is in front of you so as long as you keep dreaming and you keep working towards your goals anything can happen and that's a huge part of it theater is everyone included here is that actors theatres the company theaters creative theaters backstage leaders offstage theaters support at home it's a it's a gigantic family there were a lot of jobs what would you what would you say – I think just work as hard as you possibly can and you there's no reason why you can't get here if you didn't get a job go take a class you know just there's no limit to how much you can grow and I would take you know I we both took so many classes and did so many community theater shows and just worked our butts off to get here even though we're very young we've worked just as much if not more if not less of course but then a lot of the people who are who are here on Broadway – so it's exactly and we're still growing I'm just learning so much every day so there's no limit to how much you can grow and there's no reason to stop how do you deal with failure you might be the wrong people to ask but how do you deal with failure really oh that's the business right is it the job is auditioning and then once you know the occupation is an actor is going to auditions and hoping for and when you actually get you know a job and you're employed that's incredible but the job more than anything else is is auditioning and there's a lot of rejection in that so you you know it's a muscle you learn how to handle it when at the end of the day failure is only gonna make you better in every aspect of your life so it's how you take it and it's what you do coming back from that field I think counts and creates who you are in your path as a person and it's like what you said the universe has got your back I you know we both had so many auditions Jimmy Awards and we did not get a whole bunch of them and now we're hearing the job that we are meant to be yeah I'll tell you one thing about I was thinking about this as I was watching all of them out there and thinking about how they're feeling the applause and the love of twenty five hundred people in that night it's the same feeling that when I sit behind the table as a director I have all of that love for every person that comes in to audition and I hope that they carry that feeling with them every time they go into an audition that we're rooting for you and I think about that often people think we're here to judge but we are rooting for you every time you walk in the door we want you to be the one and maybe if you're not the one for that show you're the one for the next show but if you do your best audition we will never forget you yeah and same thing if you're not here for the Jimmy Awards persevere keep going you know if you didn't make it here that doesn't mean anything necessarily yeah it still be part of all of this which is really great yeah we're very welcoming here in New York we are it's very true so what is what what would you say regarding dealing with success I asked you about failure yeah how do you deal with success I think stay stay grounded I think I think especially in the position that we're in we're working with people that we've looked up to yeah maybe our whole lives and so I think there's no better way to stay humble then than to be working with those people and say okay how come how can I get to their level how can I meet them you know it's it's that's the best way to not let it get to your head is don't think okay I'm here I got it covered there's that's the work is just beginning I think – there's there's a lot of remembering who you are but also like remembering the people that got you to where you are like I'm we say this I'm pretty sure every day I say it every time I get on stage I wouldn't be where I am without my arts education in my high school back in Charlotte I wouldn't be here without the Jimmy Awards like my family's like there's there's so many people who are a part of the process that you can't think about it as only your success because at the end of the day I can't even count how many people have made this happen for the both of us so it's not just about us yeah good point continue to success I can tell you're having fun with it too and that's the point right you're having fun with it right and helping other people yeah thank you so much I'm just gonna hang out and talk to show wow that was great that is wonderful is that fun all right so what resonates for you with what they were talking about pulled you out onto those are two very young and grounded young people it is wonderful that they are on Broadway at this time of their life it is wonderful that they are setting a shining example of what is possible and it's incredible that they're so gracious I mean the success so young I'm really impressed by them as they talk about this they are surrounded by some incredible actors that are so much older than them and they have the ability to learn from them and their eyes are open to that opportunity and you see the gratitude yes he's all with gratitude or happy people right yes and they're having fun even at my age I have mentors I keep people in my life that continue to teach me and they were just speaking about that they were you're not looking around and learning and I think that is the most important thing Shelly it keeps you young right yeah right yeah right are we gonna talk a little bit about the process behind the Jimmy Awards let's go to that story they are the best singers and brightest stars chosen from among 100,000 high school students across the country brought here for the finals of a competition that offers a head start like no other it's a competition of course but everybody's using it as a learning experience two winners are selected one actress and one actor will Nylander Andrew Barth Feldman won last year to be here now is so surreal and I keep pinching myself every second then he got discovered hired to star in beer Evan Hanson on Broadway so the next time I talked to the team we were in his dressing room never did I ever think it would happen or happen this soon now there are 86 young people looking to follow in his footsteps you see him and it's just one of those feelings that you can do it to like we're here and he was here why can't I we rehearsing for their big show they look like the kids next door but their talent sets them apart she hails from Minnesota but for the two contestants from our area there's a bit of extra pressure to make us proud I'm freaking out um I couldn't imagine that I'd ever get this far um but I'm happy to be here and hopefully that I can take something out of this experience and make the best of it it's just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I'm really thankful that I have the opportunity to be one of the Jimmy Awards participants alright that was sandy Kenyon reporting and right now we're just in the intermission still waiting for the judges give me some idea what the families are feeling I mean these all of these high school kids are attached to a family in their home one of the families feeling spend so much money on lessons yes families who are who have everything crossed yeah but I hope families that are incredibly proud seeing their child out there seeing their sibling out there shine because no matter what names the judges come back with it seems cliché but each one of them are winners they have gone through an incredible week they've seen a Broadway show they've had incredible training they have learned so much so to all the parents and caregivers out there and all the nannies who shuffled all of these everyone points to all of the lessons you've got eighty six young people who are so grateful to you and an industry that is looking forward to welcoming them when they're out of high school Oh My heavens and we were talking earlier and you've touched on this but this is a big industry yes and people who are all over the country watching this right now who have who are young people who have aspirations the best advice you would give them would be what stay in and around the theater any way that you can I had a teacher tell me that when I was younger and I assured my first Broadway show was rent and when rent started someone came up to me and said hey this new show is coming to Broadway we're looking for someone to sell merchandise and so I sold t-shirts and hats on the opening night of rent on Broadway and then when the first national tour came around who knew the show better than me I became the dance captain and then shortly thereafter became the associate choreographer for all the productions from Hawking t-shirts Hawking teach on the lines original Broadway because you were in it because I was in and around theater I watched that show every day and I knew it I was so prepared for my audition so that's proof that being around it and as I have learned more about theater the more I have evolved as an artist I thought I wanted to be an actor and then I tried choreography and now I'm a director and I love it so I just keep finding different ways to tell the story so someone on the stage who is singing now might turn out to be the next great playwright or the next incredible producer there's so many ways to tell a story they might be a set designer or a lighting designer or a stage manager or a company manager there's so many components to this collaboration that makes theatre and what do you say to all of the instructors to you know tell these kids back home to buck up who didn't make it to the Jimmy Awards who had a dream they still have a dream what do you say to the instructors and the people who are giving those lessons to say to those kids and and you know first of all whoever has been instructing what we've seen you're amazing thank you yes this was a show to watch yes and to all that all the casts all the fellow actors and actors actresses who were in the show with all of these actors who are here today you're a part of the success you are part of them being here and I hope that you feel the pride of your fellow actor or actress being on stage here today what do I say to the coaches yeah I'd say what you want more than anything is to teach these young actors and actresses to be themselves and oftentimes when you are doing a show in your local high school you're doing a show where there was a character who's a mother and so you have the 18 year old or the 17 year old play the mom and your fifties yeah in her 50s and then she gets to New York and she realizes that she has to be young right because we have old people here so part of the instruction is to remind them to learn happy fresh joyful songs remind them that they are young vibrant people and that's what we want to meet when we see them in auditions we were talking to Mary Ann about this how do you get the authenticity out and do you see it on do you see it when you see it do you know it immediately oh I see a faker in a heartbeat I mean that's the thing too is it's don't cheat the audience out of what makes you genuine right we only want the truth right we and sometimes the truth is hard and sometimes you pick a song that's a little too close to home so then you have to find a different truth so all anyone wants to see is who you really are when you go into an audition you walk in that room and all we want to do is meet you we want to see a wonderful happy joyful joyful person because that's who we want to work with it right a super angsty sad no there's so many hours of angsty songs if someone comes in with a joyful song it makes everyone happy so that's a hint find some up-tempo joyful songs exactly your joy yeah to bring out your joy everyone right it's a good conduit I would think I would think are you still having fun we heard the ding ding ding that doesn't necessarily mean we're going right back yet the judges are still looking over things how many judges 8 in there just as the judges they've been living these students have been living high school students at NYU they have been here seven days now on the entire week yes many of them had never been to a Broadway I think twenty percent had not been to a Broadway play ever mm-hm and three had never been on a airplane and can I just say to all of the regional theaters out there congratulations if you were going to your road productions if you're going to the your touring productions these young people are seeing theater in their local towns and and it is changing their lives so thank you for going to the theater in your town thank you for seeing the tours it's magnificent Shelley we're looking forward to Aida thank you you are the best you're a mama she lives in Brooklyn yeah that send it back to the show you have been a pleasure thank you [Applause] hello welcome back everybody during under mission seven the kids got cast and Broadway shows eight have new representation and just kidding but they will also during intermission our judges somehow selected eight finalists from this very very deep talent pool of eighty-six students scoring is based on our nominees performances last night and tonight personally I would have gone with eeny meeny miny moe but that is not my arena with our entire cast please join us on stage all right you're all spectacular here we go starting with the gentlemen our finalists are from the ASU Gammage high school musical theater awards in Tempe Arizona Casey likes from the Jerry Awards in Madison Wisconsin Christians made a nice shake from the enchantment Awards in Albuquerque New Mexico Colin Miller Oh skids are so sweet from the utah highschool musical theater awards in Logan Utah Ethan Kelso lovely alrighty now the ladies the finalists are from the 5th Avenue theater awards in Seattle Washington Lexie love from the lucie arnaz Awards in Palm Springs California Marissa Moines yo yes curls from the Georgia High School Musical Theater Awards Shuler Hensley Awards in Atlanta Georgia Jesse curtly and finally from the Roger Ruiz Awards in New York New York a cola you keg boo congratulations to everyone on this stage for creating this fabulous show now with our 8 finalists please head backstage and prepare for your solos yes and let's hear it one more time for all of these nominees here tonight truly insane all right earlier this evening the artistic staff who worked closely with our nominees all week gave out some special Jimmy Awards the first honor was Best Performance in an ensemble for outstanding collaboration during Jimmy Awards week in New York City this award is presented by Disney theatrical productions and comes with a cash scholarship of $2,000 the winner was our nominee from Broadway star of the future in Tampa Florida Sena profit on a saw where ii honor was the Rising Star Award for impressive advancement during Jimmy Awards week in New York City this award is presented by the John Gore organization and comes with a $2,000 cash scholarship the winner was our nominee from the Illinois High School Musical Theater Awards in Chicago Illinois Jacob Simon the next award had a different selection process this winner is chosen by our nominees the spirit of the Jimmy's award for embodying the heart and soul of this musical theater celebration is presented by the Hollywood Pantages Theatre and comes with a $2,000 cash scholarship the winner was our nominee from the Tommy tune Awards in Houston Texas Adam crawl [Applause] yes Adam for the feared third year in a row a dance audition was held in our rehearsal space at NYU our nominees performed for Broadway director and choreographer Wayne salento and Jimmy Awards choreographer Keisha lamma lamma excuse me who together selected our next winner the best dancer award for excellence in dance and movement is made possible by the Shubert organization and comes with a $2,000 cash scholarship the winner was our nominee from the st. Louie high school musical theater awards in st. Louis Missouri Anna Gossett George all right now please welcome some very special guests they were last year's Best Actor and Best Actress winner at the Jimmy Awards and these days they're both kind of slumming at hardcore I'm honestly very worried about both of them if you see them in the street give them some support say hello to Evan of dear Ivan Hansen Andrew bar Feldman and the new Regina Georgie Mean Girls Renee Rapp oh hey Andrew this is such a pinch me moment one year ago almost the day Hugh and I were standing here on a Broadway stage for the first time in our lives and now we're performing on Broadway doing what we love and getting a paycheck and everything for me this would not have been possible without the support of my family everyone in this room and my Rockstar high school theater teacher mr. Henson who I still call for advice like all the time when I pinch me more like punch me to wake me from this dream ha ha don't know ok teachers are everyday heroes who quietly ignite our dreams sometimes they see something in you no one else does like-minded Thank You mr. party in supportive arts educators for the third year in a row Wells Fargo is sponsoring the inspiring teacher Awards and as an extra special treat Wells Fargo surprised our nominees on their way to see your Broadway show by displaying their photos on a billboard in Times Square let's take a look a Jay everett with the Wells Fargo foundation the Wells Fargo foundation celebrates the fact that behind every great student performance to experience this evening in New York City is an outstanding teacher and educator back home these incredibly committed theater educators do more than just teach they mentor they motivate they challenge and inspire our next generation of performers a remarkable teacher has the ability to nurture potential into greatness the Wells Fargo foundation studies national research that shows strong correlation between arts education and academic performance this research impacts how Wells Fargo invests millions of dollars in education initiatives to support teaching excellence across the country students consistently involved in musical theater show higher levels of success in mathematics and reading but the connection between arts education and performance goes way beyond the test scores studying the Performing Arts promotes creativity social development and self-worth in short the arts are good for us and I'd even say they're great for us and that is something our teachers know and take to heart tonight all of us at Wells Fargo are especially proud to fund the inspiring teacher awards to recognize the exceptional teachers who coached and guided last year's Jimmy Award winners hi my name is Matt Henson and I work at Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte North Carolina I love teaching musical theater it's it's there's so many facets to it it's about the voice it's about the emotion behind the voice it's about that energy and that intensity I've had I've had so many memorable moments um I think a big one was finding out when even though blues odda was being casted Miss Saigon in London that was a huge moment for all of us where she is plucked out of high school her senior year in order to go be in a show that eventually moves to Broadway and she gets a Tony nomination for it is just an incredible feeling of pride I just want to say thank you this is an incredible opportunity and I am so deeply humbled by it and my name is Tasha Party and I'm a caterer twelve theatre and dance teacher at Lawrence with Mirror Academy I think from the time that I was little all I ever wanted to do was be a teacher what I found working with kids there are so many times when I am working I'm doing my job in the back of my mind I'm thinking I can't believe someone's paying me to be doing this because I'm I laugh every day every day a student does something that makes me laugh that makes me think that makes me feel you know something reminds me that we're all human I hope they learn to be good to each other I hope they learn to be kind I think that theatre more than just about anything is about empathy and I think that if there's anything at all that I want them to take away from my class it's understanding how it feels to be another person I wanted to say thank you to the Raja Riza words and the Jimmy Awards and in Wells Fargo no teacher does this for a prize you know nobody does this for an award or a pat on the back but but I think it's so nice that they're recognizing teachers and I there were more things like this respect for teachers is where respect for education begins all right everyone let's get down to some solos you saw him earlier this evening as Jean Valjean from lame is rob representing the ASU Gammage high school musical theater awards and singing Santa Fe from Newsies is Casey likes [Applause] let me go faraway somewhere they won't never find me and tomorrow won't remind me of today when the city's finally sleeping and the moon looks old and crazy dreams come true yeah they do hints an affair where to say you gotta live and die here Weiss where does it say you've gotta take a break why should you only take what you're given who I should you spend your whole life living trapper there ain't no future even at 17 breaking your back for someone else's sake if the life don't seem the suit ah how about a change of scene far from the lousy headlines in the deadlines in beat suey my old friend so I can't spend my whole life dreaming though I know that's all I seem inclined to do are you getting any younger and I want to start brand new I need space and fresh air but a muff in my face they don't care say bye [Applause] days I'll be there just be real he's all I'm asking not some paintin in my head because I'm dead if I can't count on you today I got nothing if I ain't God [Applause] or just you saw him earlier this evening in the wicked tribute to representing the Jerry Awards and singing it all fades away from The Bridges of Madison County it's Christians Bay there was some thing in the desert there was someplace wild and green and the child in a village I passed through there are places that I've traveled and so many things I've seen and it all fades away I was fighting down a mountain I was burning in the Sun I was crying with amazement at the view I was capturing a moment but when all was said and done oh well it all fades away but you it all fades away it all fades away it all fades away would you [Applause] there is one thing that's eternal that cannot be torn apart there is one thing that remains forever to past the thinking press the pareve hang past the beating of my heart [Applause] it all fades away it all fades away it all fades away buddy it all fades away it all fades away face away but you yeah beautiful you saw him earlier this evening in the on with the show number representing the enchantment Awards and singing I am Adolfo from The Drowsy Chaperone is Colin Miller well lovely miss I am the same although I introduce myself I am not so fast so just in case you didn't make it very clear I'll die for the lovely ladies always cheer now I repeat myself I am I'll Darfur I can see why oh I can see it law for I can seeing it very fast I can see it very soon I do it now but it would take hours now let us see if you can remember my name now who's the fellow that you see mild all fool and how should you refer to me are the fool and who is it all always be all for now see it proudly I am [Applause] let me spell it out for Joe for all of you lovely ladies sitting here for some reason because maybe you are hard of hearing or something I don't know it goes [Applause] whoo you saw him earlier this evening in the wicked tribute to our final oh boy tonight representing the Utah high school musical theater awards and singing wandering from the Bridges of Madison County it's Ethan Kelso [Applause] a little twinge a little shock a little whisper at the bottom of your memory a sudden wind a gentle knock and then a rustle in the lean you hold your breath you check the lock you reassure yourself there's nothing at the window but you're wondering you're wondering you're wondering what that was but nothing's gonna happen nothing's gonna happen but wouldn't it be fine to share the weather in her eyes her hair her footsteps as she climbs the stairs the shadow in her I'd put everything you know is true and everything you wants to do and everything that makes you you collides against them and nothing's black here the Wow right monitoring your wondering your wonder he wants to do your wandering wandering you're wondering if it's true but nothing's gonna happen nothing has to happen alright now for some ladies who saw her earlier this evening in the on with the show number representing the Fifth Avenue theater awards and singing I know the truth from Aida is Lexie love it should have been my time it's over it never begin how to go on with the rest of my life to pretend I don't care it should have been my time it's over it never began I close my eyes – so much for song I tried to blame it on some kind of but I know the truth and it haunts me it's just I know the truth it's Oh begin and I close my eyes – so much for so long [Applause] that's me I know the truth you saw her earlier this evening as Deloris van Cartier from Sister Act representing the lucie arnaz awards and singing way back to paradise for Marie Christine it's Maresa millenia brothers we are ruled by our husbands we jump have the voices of our masters and do as they say we are bartered and traded along with Catalan kata and we have to be beautiful and it helps to have a dowry of some kind we have to show humility and have the presence of mind to never complain and they say it's our fault we were thrown out of Eden to be turned into salt but Suey didn't stroke before you attack part of a front and then slip to the back beyond your head back to we did husband's we danced to the voices in the garden and mothers by the river [Laughter] we were thrown out of time be on your way be on your way back to the repertoire what happened to everybody just singing wizard and I so sophisticated you saw her earlier this evening in the wicked tribute representing the Georgia High School Musical Theater Awards Shuler Hensley awards and singing movie in my mind from Miss Saigon is Jesse curtly your nights the mostly noise they swear like men they screw like boys I know there's nothing in their hearts but every time I take one in my own it's done the movie in mine the dream they leave behind a scene I can too and in strong gi's and breaks the movie plays and the screen before me he takes me New York and keeps me dollar be our children thirty too much ice cream a world well life is not my and finally you saw her earlier this evening as Aida from Aida representing the Roger Ruiz awards and singing I'm here from the color purple it's a Callay Luke egg blue I don't need you I don't need you I got I forgot I got my sister I can feel her now she may not be here but she's still a man and I know got my children I can't hold them now they may not be here but they still my now they know got my house it's still a keeper car dad got too much hair when my body can't her dad got to my hands doing a good like this for to to the boats to get my hands though they don't see us but now they seem all that happy I know [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] ah [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] every day be easy I'm thankful for I'm beautiful [Applause] [Applause] I'm sorry that that walk off she said that was amazing okay well equally exciting Broadway had another epic year of shows and record-breaking attendance the Broadway League under the leadership of Chairman Thomas Schumacher and president Charlotte st. Martin continues to spearhead innovative programs in audience outreach as the industry moves toward the future here's a message from them hello everyone and welcome to the Minskoff theatre I'm Tom Schumacher producer of The Lion King and chairman of the Broadway League the jimmies have become a beloved event for us here on Broadway and we're thrilled to host all of you here tonight you are the select few out of a group that started at a hundred thousand students so you and your families should be very proud whatever happens here tonight enjoy it take it in and savor your first performance on a Broadway stage now here's my dear friend and colleague Charlotte st. Martin president of the Broadway League to tell you a bit about the work we do here welcome to Broadway hi I'm Charlotte st. Martin we're so proud of our foundations role in producing the Jimmy Awards and creating the chance for these fantastic nominees to be here our ongoing goal is to provide opportunities for those with great potential to shine both on and off stage two years ago we launched Broadway bridges a program that aims to have every public high school student in New York City attend a Broadway show before graduating that's 70 thousand students a year the Jimmy Awards and Broadway bridges are just two of the many programs that we have created to provide access to potential career paths in the theater our members in New York City and in 150 cities and 200 venues nationally continue to work hard to bring Broadway to everyone no matter where they live with other league programs like Viva Broadway kids not on Broadway and family first nights there are more young people coming to Broadway than ever before after tonight's ceremony be sure to keep your eye on your favorite nominees you may soon see them in a Broadway production or on a national tour for example both of last year's winners are currently in lead roles in Broadway shows and another 20 of our previous nominees have appeared on stages in New York on national tours and in the West End in London we can't wait to see what happens next with this year's Jimmy Awards nominees finally tonight's 86 nominees represent 43 regions and over 1,700 schools none of this happens without the support of their families the teachers who introduced them to the Arts our members who run the programs and of course all of you thank you for being part of this incredible night I'm now pleased to introduce the cofounders of the National High School Musical Theater Awards executive producer of Pittsburg Cielo van Kaplan and president of the Nederlander Organization James L Nederlander how about our hand for our terrific host Ben play and for those who made tonight's magic possible choreographer Keshia al-al'ama director van Kaplan the team at Pittsburg Cielo our executive producer Rachel Reiner and the team at the Broadway League thanks Jimmy each year at this event the Broadway League presents eight special recognition scholarships accompanied by a $2,000 cash award these nominees were chosen by our judges and the honors go to from the stars of tomorrow in Rochester New York Jack D'Angelo from spotlight education in Minneapolis Minnesota William dusky from the Roger Reese Awards in New York New York Jeremy Fuentes and from the spirit of the Macy Wars in La Mirada California Michael Iskander from the bhabhiji Awards in Denver Colorado Abby Linderman from the stars of tomorrow in Rochester New York mia hall from the Monty Awards southern Arizona's musical theater finals in Tucson Arizona Chloe Elmer and from Nevada high school musical theater awards in Las Vegas Nevada Sophia Wilson congratulations to all of our recipients okay Jimmy it's time I'd like to ask our finalists to join us on stage great evening and now the 2019 Jimmie Award for Best Performance by an actor goes to from the Utah High School Musical Theater Awards Ethan Kelso and for the 2019 Jimmy Award for Best Performance by an actress goes to from the Roger Reece Awards a clue acabou I'd like to announce that all six finalists will receive a $5,000 cash scholarship towards their college education let's give them a round of applause and for our two winners we're pleased to tell you that along with being eligible for a four-year merit and need-based scholarship to the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Department of Drama contingent upon acceptance into the program you'll also have the opportunity to perform at next year's Broadway con the Nederlander producing company of America would like to help take the pressure off the cost of college here is a check for each of you for $25,000 to go toward your education let's hear from our winners then that's right think of Broadway League oh my goodness Pittsburgh Cielo Nederlander there's so many people you have to think and then you're a wonderful wonderful man such a great Keesha wherever you are you're a queen and I love you Michael you're a genius thank you so much mom mom oh my gosh dad Maura everybody all my friends everybody here thank you so much for supporting the arts musical theater such a gift to humanity and it's such an amazing experience to be here and we are here telling stories and that's so important telling stories is how we connect and how we get through our struggles thank you so much to everybody who's supported me in my life who's who loves me you are why I'm here you're why I love being in shows oh my gosh thank you so much [Applause] Oh God first and foremost I would like to thank my God Almighty for this out the time has led me so far I'm just honored to stand here on stage and just represent my state it's an amazing feeling I would like to thank the Pittsburgh Cielo the Nederlander Organization the Broadway League mr. van I thank you I thank you so much you're amazing miss Keesha mr. Michael I thank you all because honestly I wouldn't have done this without you you're you're all amazing I would like to thank my family especially my mom she she's superwoman she's just she helped me along the way and I'm just grateful to be her daughter and represent her stage I thank my music teacher mr. Fossen T Miss Holly Simmons at home thank Elmont Memorial High School where I'm from I think everybody for believing in me because I wouldn't have been there without you guys and I thank you so much thank you oh what a night I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did thank you to everyone watching at home and I hear that the ratings are through the roof and how about a hand for the guy who puts all these gorgeous arrangements together and conducts the fabulous Jimmy's Orchestra musical director and arranger Michael Moore it's literally every musical ever played within two three hours a final thanks to our families aunts uncles parents you what a nanny is everything for sharing their old cast albums letting us play dress-up and encouraging us to be ourselves in our formative years when it matters most and thank you to my dad for letting me dress as Dorothy for all those years to close out the evening one more time let's hear it for our 2019 Jamie's Cass [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh I don't know that's mine [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

  • Here are some timestamps:
    17:10 Show start/ opening number
    22:40 Opening Speech by Ben Platt
    29:15 First Medley group- Actors
    37:25 First Medley group- Actresses
    45:15 Speech by Kyle Selig & Stephanie Styles & Highlights Video
    53:20 Speech by George Salazar & Creating a Broadway Show Mash-up
    1:04:46 Another Medley- Actors
    1:11:57 Final Medley- Actresses
    1:20:15 Judges introduced
    1:23:35 Speech Derek Klena & Wicked 15th-anniversary number
    1:37:00 Intermission
    2:21:12 Act Two begins
    2:25:15 Eight Finalists announced
    2:36:12 Casey Likes
    2:39:26 Christian Spaay
    2:43:01 Colin Miller
    2:46:44 Ethan Kelso
    2:50:14 Lexie Love
    2:53:24 Marisa Moenho
    2:56:42 Jessi Kirtley
    2:59:42 Ekele Ukegbu
    3:10:13 Announcing the winners
    3:16:30 Closing remarks & number
    Hope this helps!

  • I wish I could be on the Jimmy’s. Where I come from the competition is rigged so only one school wins every time. I would kill to have this opportunity

  • Ekele Ukegbu really come out at the end there SWINGING with her song choice. So well deserved, and many congrats to all for being freaking INCREDIBLE.

  • me: a junior in college who didn’t know the jimmys were a thing until college
    you: a jimmy award nominee I will live vicariously through

  • Benjamin Eble does theatre at the same place as me! He did great! We have never spoken, but he did amazing!

  • All the finalists were amazing but I wish the girl who played Jo March had been one – would have loved to have heard her solo, she was absolutely incredible and had tone and intonation far beyond her years

  • The girl who played Millie in the 2nd female medley really reminds me of Sutton Foster in the best way possible 🙂

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