The Jamshed Dalal Trophy Winner – ARROWFIELD

and they're away in racing for the opening race of the afternoon which is a dump shed the Lyle trophy losing a couple of lengths at the start is astounding Bay Stockholm read the tough fate of the leader in the golden brown as their party 1,400 and take the rising ground from Silver King in second we know taken on the outside the Barrow field in the claritin gold Apple at Linton Albion Kennedy been tracked about Aloha in the white cap is on the outside gold medalist about the inside then I were the 1200 at the far end of the track astounding base second last two and a half trillion behind at the back of the field is Lucky Luciano they're heading to head to 1,000 meter marker arrow field now the new leader bout a length and a half in front of Stockholm rate interest Kennedy in the center making a forward move on the outside is the low had to wet the inside silver King who's fallen back in fifth lengthen a quarter behind his gold medalist on the outside astounding Bay another two and a half lengths behind is Lucky Luciano they're now at the halfway stage at the 800 narrow field about two and a quarter lengths in front of Stockholm red then we got Aloha in third on the outside Kennedy now making a fir bit more as the path of 600 meter Marcus silver King is improving down in the center on the outside astounding Bay gold medalist at the inside then we get Lucky Luciano then I was the clubhouse corner and the hedge turns for home arrow field comes in home first about two and a half lengths ahead from astounding veins second Kennedy's in the cinder silver king is rallying on the far side but Aero field is broken away into a three and a half lengths lead over astounding man Kennedy has dropped the rider then we got the gold medalist is on the outside but Harrow field the last 100 meters is well clear of astounding Bay a narrow field narrow field winning this one from astounding Bay then we got gold medalist silver king Lucky Luciano Aloha last of all is the Stockholm rain

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