The Ivy House Award – Introducing our schools programme

IV house brings life-changing learning the kind of learning that has previously only been available to a tiny percentage of senior executives to the next generation and we do it at a time when it really can make all the difference right now there are thousands of bright driven talented young people starting out and they all have big dreams but the truth is competition is intense it's really intense on top of this the workplace is changing fast not just the kind of jobs on offer but how companies recruit and engage their workforce so to thrive in this new world young people are going to need to do two things firstly they're going to have to choose a path that is right for them one way they really can play to their strengths secondly they're going to need to develop a crucial set of skills skills that will enable them to build strong networks have real personal presence and communicate in a confident and compelling way the good news is that at this time of incredible change in intense competition we have never known so much about how to develop these exact skills and knowledge however until now they've never been readily available to people at the beginning of their journey at the time when they really need it the team of IV haves have spent the last twenty years working at the most senior levels across every sector as leadership and performance coaches we've won many awards for our work and it has been amazing we've worked with some incredible people but one thing kept bugging us why are we waiting why is this kind of learning this profound personal and professional development only given to the most senior people why are we bringing it to people far earlier and that is why Ivy House is born to bring this incredible learning to the next generation at a time when they really need it and it can make all the difference not only to the careers they choose but to their whole lives we started off by creating the Ivy House program which brings together emerging leaders from an incredible range of forward-thinking innovative organization and now we're going to the next level with the Ivy House award we're bringing the essence of all of our experience and learning to sixth formers I want you to imagine for a moment a world where young people are given everything they need to begin creating an extraordinary life the award does just that it gives six formers the tools and support they need to discover who they are what they want and how they want to bring themselves to the world and it helps develop the skills to make it happen it will look at the work they choose the relationships they build the confidence they have in themselves and the impact they want to make in the wider world the award has been designed to suit this unique stage of life it provides clarity at a crucial time and it gives them the confidence they need to step up and take ownership for their life we also know that this kind of learning isn't for everyone some people aren't prepared to learn about themselves at a deep level and they're not willing to learn the new skills to make the changes but for those who are then the future is really exciting we've put on decades of knowledge and experience into creating an incredible program we've honed in on the things that make the biggest difference and we've put them all into one place to anyone that's watching this I would say you have a choice the knowledge and skills exists for you to become the leader of your life and to create something extraordinary the question is do you want it enough to do something about it if you do then the Ivy House award will give you the start that you need there is a credibility and there's an experience and there's a confidence I have in either house which I don't have in a lot of other folks that are trying to develop really the future leaders of this world I think young people in schools are under represented with what potential they have and I think that it's really important to allow people to think about themselves and think about their future in a way that they don't normally get a chance to think about it as HR professional I think the award is really important for young people because actually the jump from school through the workplace is massive and I think if young people are more equipped for that in terms of resilience confidence more clear on I guess what career they want and where they're going then that would be excellent I think the award would help young people in securing their first job because actually as a recruiter we're often looking for more of the interpersonal skills and who that person is inside really rather than the technical skills so I think the award could really help support that I think the ability to focus on themselves to have that dedicated time to have that space it's really valuable I would strongly support ivory house to take this program into schools I've got a big passion for education I think my where I've got to here is because I had some amazing experiences at school I never had an IV House experience though that sort of building of some inner traits and understanding inner trains having that connect to school rather than when you're 30 at work I think you know makes for more healthy individuals because they understand themselves and can connect it with purpose not just business purpose but their own purpose ringing that I earlier in school I think will pay dividends in another five to ten years for young people you know to learn some of the skills get some insight into who they are you know quite early on in their in their I think would be fantastic I wish I'd had that kind of experience but I think it will be a massive massive difference to see but I fundamentally believe that the ivy house team have really hit on something golden because unless we start to help people in schools so to really cope and be leaders of the world we're never gonna change I think the essence it will take when IV house brings us into schools it it will change the world

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