The Investors in People Awards 2017 – Highlights

we're celebrating excellence or celebrate and organizations who really believe and realizing the potential of the people they've demonstrated excellence and leadership and people management above and beyond the average organization but our old fillings get and we are here to celebrate the 2017 investors in people awards the organizations that are here tonight have demonstrated consistent high performance and the way that they invest and support our people would be the best si one for the employees and it's our one for the organization the employees bring their talent and I fire the talent to the business objectives and the employer to get the benefits of that [Applause] welcome to the 2017 investors and people award the rooms packed this is a truly global event this is our biggest year yet by far and also the quality and the quantity the applications we've had has never been better so the fact that you've been shortlisted tonight as a tremendous achievement so huge congratulations to all [Applause] it's good to be here in a fish market got rid of smell and they write judicial awards [Applause] the first category is evening is the apprentice Employee of the Year the winner Glasgow Housing Association and true by Watters and Anders if you give everyone the chance in terms of giving them that start in life it will pay you back so much so Best Newcomer the winners are incre caring accounting and Watson's personal care source Philippines I'm very privileged in this job to me vessel people organizations and leaders have to single one out today and for our country and communities to prosper we need more organizations like that because they create jobs and if the opportunities for people it's amazing to be with everyone who really cares about their employees and we really recognize the impact that's working together can have on our organization and learning from each other totally stoked we did this an absolutely over the moon we won a first much more unified now and part of a single organization so it's really brought us together it's unbelievable for us they've achieved I said this way about just Tomatoes leadership itself Platinum employer of the year as an exceptional organization they've consistently achieved high performance across a wide range of people and leadership management practices finally platinum employer of the DISA stainer and embed that performance over a long period of time takes an organization with real commitment investment people the winners are the auntie's old school nursery trust international companies Cyprus and Glasgow Housing Association really really hard to get here I'm gonna vote better homes better rapes and I Paraguay school this is for the tenants [Applause] every organization should go for I pay everyone wants to be the best that they can be and I pay allows you to focus on higher goal to do that we may be coming from different nationalities different countries different cultures but there's a common trend developing people investing a lot in people and we have found out that by investing in people we are actually developing our own organizations if we were communities to prosper we need more organization to invest in the people I would encourage more organizations to join our community to create more opportunities for people to get good jobs and have a good career

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