push like and then subscribe push subscribe and then like hell they don't make a difference your so long as yourself this is your favorite channel and don't forget to leave us a little something for our PayPal or for our cash up and that's for the betterment of this channel thank you push like and then subscribe or push subscribe and then like it doesn't make a difference just as long it's just up to this is your favorite channel well tonight at the BT Awards the honor Nipsey Hussle and gave him of course a Humanitarian Award while legibly they gave Livesey Hussle a Humanitarian Award I would have felt comfortable if the war was the award was presented to his family but GI and in fashion of the BT award show simply handed the award to Lauren London so that he heard the humanitarian award and nipsey hussle is a name but I was just thinking as oh god okay we're gonna hear speech about caressed KR st the church of africa and science and the outer troposphere and other galaxies and the atmosphere and the facilities of an ecclesiastical career but nevertheless before we get to any of that stuff where I really enjoyed granny I mean you can tell definitely that she left a lot of herself inside of nipsey and a lot of part of his life as he began to talk you can tell where it came from it came from her and I really enjoyed her speaking and if it had ended right there with granny this would have been probably spectacular because she brought it in she brought it home it made a lot of sense and you can genuinely see that granny is genuine I don't care what anybody says you pay close attention that this granny here the older woman here who said from the beginning she forgive the person who even did this and was praying for the person who did this still has not changed it's still a loving still genuine I'm a believe god-fearing woman who just loves people and she loved everybody for loving nip and everybody who showed that they care and everybody who is doing everything that's positive for her grandson and if it only could have ended there I would have been absolutely 100% satisfied but in Beatty fashion I'm sorry there's just some things that just can't be overlooked I want you to know that this was the highlight of the event for Nipsey Hussle and that's why we put the video up and out there for you guys but this however is strategic and many people would think that oh well Lily money is so sad for her father well we are showing you right here just a couple of days ago she's extremely happy with everybody that's surrounding her at her graduation this is the look of a child that is tired of being told what to do and how to act in front of the cameras to play in front of the cameras but more importantly she knows that they're doing this to try and get at her mom Tanisha and she loves her mom and what you're watching is wrong Lauren London should be holding her own damn son I don't I don't care how you feel about it it's the truth Samantha should be holding Lauren letting the son she should have her own son this is not Lauren London's daughter and this is done specifically this little girl had the opportunity to be at the Grammys with her father she knows how to act she knows she's wrapped with her father when she was a little girl she has stage presence already she knows how to conduct herself but when you have adults that are trying to manipulate a child this is the look the children give you when they're manipulating this is what send children into rebellion because she is not for the play of the cameras and not try to upset her mom the only living parent that she has and to make it even upset you have a Jewish woman Lauren London is Jewish according to science and fathers is Jewish that makes her Jewish who happened to have a dark-skinned mom to give her a little dark skin complexion trying to tell this child how to play towards cameras and things of this nature and this is why she doesn't speak it doesn't participate because she's sending a message to her mom or brothers and sisters that she care about that she was raised with but she's not down with this and that's why she doesn't speak as much she doesn't do anything and this is just a play for the cameras because remember these people are still going to court and this little girl is going to be in charge of millions and millions of dollars and this is what they're doing Lauren London of course is Jewish and you know we're about to go into n-double-a-cp and all that stuff and who was actually found by I don't have time to do a history lesson tonight but it wasn't founded by black people who are founded by Jews who award certain blacks who stay in a place and this is the as far as I'm concerned allegedly the Uncle Tom award show and certain blacks who say the right things and do the right things get humanitarian awards from these people like this you know be it by a comma would be it whoever it is they'll make a difference this is as far as I'm concerned and of course when they playing to their playing to learn London this is not Lauren London's daughters you don't feel anything at all period this is not her child and you know me you all probably don't remember this and I was gonna do a separate video this is I still maybe do a video on this on the beat the little Wayne & nipsey hussle had you know when it came towards Nipsey Hussle being a Crip and loujain been a blood and Cameron being in the house being raised by a Crip that was some shots fired between little Wayne Nipsey Hussle that nobody seems like they want to talk about he was completely unhappy and then sources tell me when she's dressed him up in blue at the funeral that really had some issues with a lot of people in little Wayne's camp that's allegedly and rumored by other people involved bloggers and people that I talk to who have pictures and things of that nature that you know you don't take our childhood supposed to be neutral and dress the child in colors that represent our gang and his father totally represents are totally separate a whole another outfit little wideness of blood Nipsey Hussle was a Crip I don't know little Wayne went to a bunch of sicknesses and the host to other things finally get yourself together and nipsey hussle is deceased and the one thing that they have in common is this woman you know everybody wants to paint Tanisha as being so bad but Tanisha is the mother of this child and this child should be with her mother but of course just as they did at the funeral I'm sure they didn't want the mother to be with this child but those are y'all talking and stuff and she didn't make the graduation you know what when you're going through a battle like that and you have a temporary guardian you can't even attend that graduation unless that guardian will allow you to because he has a guardian the guardian can get restraining orders and a host of other things the court has days that Tanisha can see her daughter and that must be abided by until July the 10th when they go back to court i'ma just stop right there and just say that little bit but I just wanted to let you know that I thought granny did a great job and to all my selves and followers One Nation

  • I cried when granny spoke.. She's been though a lot in her life.. Nipseys mother spoke in code.. Nipsey mother is in pain.

  • Angela Ermias’ Mom said 1) there was no blood 2) his effects were staged in a crescent shape 3) The cop wasn’t helping her 4) The press never showed his family 5) most importantly she said her son was ASSASSINATED 6) The Strong Enemy is the LAPD . Think people she ain’t crazy but making mothersfuckahs think she crazy on purpose. That fake azz video everyone has used to incriminate Eric Holder Cowboy Kerry Latham is FAKE AS FUK complete with a corpse they said was Nipsey. Nipsey was already DEAD. Like his Grandmother said .Stop believing fake videos on YOU TUBE and wake da Fuk Up .

  • Dude needs to stfu bc no one is trying to manipulate this child. They love that child. Lauren is a good person.

  • Did you notice Lauren facial expressions when she turned her head away from Emani, she looked frustrated and rounded her eyes

  • Lil Wayne is a wanna be he ain't no dam blood I remember in the hot boys video he wore a blue rag around his head. Just because he did a video with J RoCK from the Nickerson Gardens who is a blood from Bounty Hunnas, does not make Lil Wayne or Baby a blood.. I'm from LA

  • Bruh Tanique you really sleep. You don’t even know what Krst means And Christianity is plagiarized from Kemet. Know thyself and to Maát be true. You lost in the sauce

  • Did anyone catch that his mom said he celebrated her Godson’s birthday on the 31st? How when he was dead before 4pm? And if grandma is right he was probably dead before noon. This is crazy!

  • What does Lauren pregnancy have to do with her holding her own child really nobody is hating on LL like I said Emanui is miserable around Lauren look carefully!!! Lauren is not perfect

  • We don’t think Tanisha is so bad, we just think she is making bad choices.. Nipsey had full custody so why does Tanisha all of a sudden want full custody?!

    Because all she sees is dollar signs!! Tanisha doesn’t even have full custody of her other kids either!!

    So if Nipsey had full custody before his passing I think it’s only right for Nipsey’s sister Samantha to get full custody

  • You’re a fucking hater. Lauren was just trying to comfort her because she was missing her dad. How the fuck you know how a little girl is thinking or needing. You have never been a girl or a psychologist. She missed her Dad you asshole and Lauren was comforting her. Her mother is an unstable, disturbed, alcoholic druggy. She is not fit to raise her. When she gets herself straightened out and deal with her issues and substance abuse, then she will get custody. You want Emani to end up in and out of detention center like her other daughter and in and out of homes like her other son. Nipsey raised Emani not that hood rat. Lauren is a biracial black woman and you fucking know it. You probably have some affiliation to Tanisha why you saying this bullshit. Lauren’s older son didn’t lose a father. Emani did and it was very nice of Lauren to comfort her. No judge is going to give that unstable, deranged alcoholic hood rat custody because she is the mother. The criteria for having custody of your child is not just being a mother. You have to be a stable fit mother which Tanisha is not. Fucking hater.

  • I'm so glad he said something about Lauren she is Jewish!!!! Lauren is from a different world from Nipsey now she's in the entertainment world which she introduced to Nipsey ppl need to stop putting Tanisha down so much guess LL isn't perfect Award should of went to Nipsey's family no shit

  • I think his mother should have gotten that award smmfh was that a job well done award??? Think outside of the box

  • That award should have been given to both of the children he left behind.. The GRANDMOTHER, and the DAUGHTER real BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.. Pray for Nipsey's beautiful daughter PEOPLE this child looks so uncomfortable around this woman LAUREN… IT hurts to WITNESS this child's pain in her eyes.

  • Nipsey even said it himself his words he loved his mother without a doubt but He looked at his grandmother as a mother. But something is not quite right with nips mom in my opinion.

  • But yo punk ass don't want to talk about what his Mom said ? You the Feds man . You choose a narrative that is best for you and the least dangerous .

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