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THE HAPPY PRINCE Official UK Trailer (2018) Oscar Wilde

Your appreciation has been the most intelligent, which persuades me that you think almost as highly of the play as I do myself. -He was never this friend of yours.
-Oscar. -Oscar Wilde.
-Oh, Jesus Christ! I knew you’re writing a new play. Superb. Constance, my dear beautiful wife, you and my sons are the things that tie me in life. Oscar, let’s run away. Somewhere no one could find us. You don’t know what you’re saying. -You don’t wear your silk stockings today, Oscar?
-You go too far, sir. No, you go too far, madam. I am a ruined man. Oscar Wilde, the crime of which you have been convicted is so bad. You must be dead to all sense of flair. It’s Oscar bleeding Wilde! Who shall under such circumstances pass the severe sentence that the law allows. The sentence of the Court is that you’ll be imprisoned and kept to hard labour for two years. For two years, I have lain on hardwoods, knelt on cold stone, dying on shame, and ready to return to life. I feel sure that if I was to see him once, I would forgive him everything. I can make you happy. Yes, you can. I dare say what I have done is fatal. Be careful, Rosco. I love him as I always did, with a sense of tragedy and ruin. There’s no mystery so great as suffering. And suffering is nothing when there is love. Love is everything. And in mortal combat with this wallpaper, Robbie, one of us has to go.

  • Stephen Fry is always my 'true' Oscar Wilde, but I am always up for more movies about Oscar & Bosie.  And this looks really good – can't wait to see it! <3

  • Colin Morgan looks gorgeous. Just the other day I was bemoaning that he’d let his looks slip since his pretty days in Merlin. Don’t know what he’s done, but he’s BACK! Couldn’t believe that was really him as Bosie. Well done, him.

  • Seeing Colin in that blonde wig I couldn't help but think…..Lestat De Lioncourt is that you?? He could pull that role off I think… Now I kinda wanna see him play the vampire Lestat in a Vampire Chronicles movie or tv show….

  • First Rupert and Colin co starred in The Importance of Being Earnest, which was Wilde's most famous play, and now they're co starring again, this time Rupert as Wilde ♥️♥️♥️

  • Ah yes, Colin Morgan. The man infamous for starring in things that make me cry. The brilliant actor who crushes your soul with his performance. In another definitely very sad movie? Sign me up.

  • I think of all the gay people throughout history who suffered because they were not understood or wanted. This film looks gorgeous.

  • I really hope that Colin Morgan knew what his doing when he accepted to play Bosie. This role will change his life forever. Sooner or later someone will put him this straight question: "Are you gay?" If he says "no", everyone will be watching him at any public appearances and will try to prove that he's lying. His life will become a hell. If he says "Yes", he's career will probablly suffer because he will not get some roles by now.

  • To my shock and dismay this comments section is full of praise and adoration…!!? one idiot even spouting that this was the most beautiful
    movie ever made…lololol Oscar Wilde was a pedophile and it is all in his court records….. but you sick fucks want to lock up people like Bill Cosby and worship old men fucking teenage boys…. wow, what double standard motherfuckers…. read on –
    Parts of Oscar's case dealt with Wilde’s relationships with teenage boys. Most of those on Queensberry’s list were “renters”, prostitutes who Wilde paid for sex. Charles Parker, 17 when he met the 38-year-old Wilde in 1893, is typical: he alleged that on their first meeting Wilde took him to the Savoy, gave him iced champagne and took him to bed where he performed “certain operations with his mouth”. The next morning Wilde gave him money. Parker became a star witness in the criminal trial, and we now hear his voice again as he claims that Wilde “committed the act of sodomy upon me”…etc.. AND YOU THINK WILDE STOPPED THERE!!!????
    I hope and old man fucks all your underage sons…. although I'm sure of few of you lying ass raping sickos cheering this shit on,
    wud probably join in.
    – Fuck this boring sexually abusive bullshit movie glorifying a pedo hero.

  • "A dreaded sunny day,
    So let's go where we're wanted,
    and I meet you at the cemetery gates,
    Keats and Yates are on your side,
    But you lose, because weird lover
    Wilde is on mine…"

    "Cemetery Gates"
    (from "The Queen is Dead" by The Smiths) (1986)

  • Again colin morgan plays a spectacular performance i love his passion to his craft. The film, I liked it very much though quite sad towards the end.

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