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The Gold Award

You’re quite bombarded when you first arrive at Goldsmiths, there’s all these initial things to think about
and become part of and something that caught my attention really early on was the Gold Award. Interestingly I’m going
to a department rep meeting tonight and the topic is on campus infrastructure, and one of the main things they want to talk about
is study spaces… Something that I like about the Gold Award is that it’s gonna make us really use
the careers services, it has these extra seminars and workshops thinking about what’s the next right step, and that’s something I’m really thinking about right now, what should the next step of my career look like. – It’s just really cool to do that while you’re still studying, because then when you finish your degree,
you’re not completely at loss and you’re like ‘oh I need to do a LinkedIn and I need to do a CV’. So we’re in New Cross House for
Christmas showcase of GoldReel. It’s part of the 40 hours of activities that we have to do throughout the year. The context of the Gold Award helps me to realise how much I’m doing as well, and why I’m doing it. – You feel you’re making progress each day, and even as small as just completing one task on your to-do-list can mean a lot in the long term. In my first year I started volunteering at Cen8, and then I joined Hacksmiths, which is one of the tech societies. I decided to start volunteering because it gave me the opportunity to gain work experience, and to really put the technical skills
I’m learning from my course and put it into practice. – It’s just another chance to engage with different people on campus, so, the career development stuff,
learning some extra skills, meeting a lot of really interesting people
seemed worth my while, and so far it really is.

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