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The Full List of Nominations for the 2020 BAFTA Awards | THR News

(dramatic music) – [Joker] For my whole life, I didnt’t know if I even really existed. (dramatic music) But I do. – This year’s BAFTA nominations have officially been revealed, and “Joker” leads the pack with 11 noms. That film was closely
followed by “The Irishman” and “Once Upon a Time in…
Hollywood” with 10 noms each, and “1917” with nine. (bombs exploding) – I hoped today might be a good day. (dramatic music) Hope is a dangerous thing. – This news comes just two days after Brits dominated the winners
at the Golden Globes. The titles competing for
best film at the BAFTAs include “1917”, “The Irishman”, “Joker”, “Once Upon a Time in…
Hollywood” and “Parasite”. (speaking in foreign language) – Jessica, (speaking in foreign language) Illinois, Chicago. (speaking in foreign language) – Over in the performance categories, the nominees for Leading Actress include Jessie Buckley for “Wild Rose”, Scarlett Johansson for “Marriage Story”, Saoirse Ronan for “Little Women”, Charlize Theron for “Bombshell”, and Renee Zellweger for “Judy”,
who just won a Golden Globe for her performance in
that film on Sunday. – What? – Room service. – [Judy] I didn’t order anything. – There’s a man under the trolley. – Oh! – Surprise!
– Ricky! – As for leading actor, the nominees are Leonardo Dicaprio for “Once
Upon a Time in… Hollywood” Adam Driver for “Marriage Story”, Jonathan Pryce for “The Two Popes”, and this year’s Golden Globe winners, Joaquin Phoenix for “Joker”, and Taron Egerton for “Rocketman”. – I could hear the whole tune in my head. It was all there, I
could see all the notes, and I just had to get it out. ♪ It’s a little bit funny ♪ – The awards ceremony itself
will take place in London on February 2nd. For the complete list of
nominees, head to Until next time for The
Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Tiffany Taylor. (upbeat music)


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