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hey what's up guys it's for the chief aka the shed aka the pathetic facial hair bringing you another episode of Raw stars we're inside of today's video I'm gonna be telling you guys the fastest ways to get trophies inside of brawl stars right now and playing a couple of matches for you guys to show off how this goes down you didn't see already I don't know how because it's been weeks but the newest brawl starts trophy system makes it much easier to push up that it ever was before previously once you got to 500 trophies you get reset in half and the matchmaking got pretty difficult as far as trophies gained versus trophies lost but now they make it much easier to be able to pick those trophies up including 10 trophies for a showdown win once you get to 500 and I found out generally the best way to find out how to get more trophies inside of the game and the quickest way to push yourself up now my recommendations for gaining trophies super quickly are as follows I feel like early on the best way to get trophies inside a brawl stars especially if you're a pretty capable player is by spamming Showdown and picking up those easy wins being able to take people out but once you get to around somewhere let's say between 300 and 500 trophies inside of the game maybe even 300 400 trophies inside of the game depending on your showdown prowess by far in the way the fastest way to get quick trophies inside of the game is queuing up with one of your best brawlers trying to get together with some of your friends and there's two specific modes where you can gain or any games super easily and that's gonna end up being heist as well as brawl ball with Bravo and heist if you especially play with your friends and play quickly you can end matches within 30 seconds to a minute repeatedly get eight trophies for every single win depending on what trophy count you're actually out and inside of today's video I'm gonna be playing some heist and hopefully we can a storm our way through hopefully we get matched up with some good teammates but again I recommend you guys play with your teammates who you trust who you know won't run with all the gems like a primo a 10 gem promote to the other side of the map and hopefully it'll work out for you but personally I've been picking up some super quick wins and already look at this one we've got the bull going at the other side of the map which means we can go ham over here a three-on-two I'm feeling much more comfortable about I know I can just dodge all over this Dynamite's don't have to worry about this dynamics worrying about us meat as bear is destroying right here Dynamite's probably enough to throw down as big bomb he's finally gonna get us but already save us down to 32% and you can see how quick these matches go they go so quickly and if you find a group of friends that you trust even if it's random people you play with and you continue to spam play again you can stack up win on win on win and just like that we're gonna take victory number one 45 seconds for us to gain a true easy trophies and especially if you're playing with friends that uh that you know and you trust and if you're on voice comms or something like that you can go completely unbeatable storm your way up to seven hundred trophies just like that and you can find yourself getting really easy victories now not only heist but you can also play brawl ball and use this brawl ball you can end super quickly you can get two goals in 30 seconds if you're really good at it personally I think brawl balls a little bit more difficult than um then heist but that's just me I feel like I like playing heists better than I like playing brawl ball so generally all spam heist if I want to get some easy wins because we showdown although showdown is great you obviously have the risk of people teaming against you people doing some crazy stuff and look at this one right here we're just gonna do the same exact thing right now storm our way on through they've got some pretty scary people on the other side of the map so we may end up losing this one in the very end they've got a bowl plus a primo I think but this dynamite literally has no chance of being able to stop us cold actually gonna go back right here it looks like he's gonna try to help out there side looks like they're primo did go down so for us all we're gonna be doing is dodging this primo right here and look at this dynamite trying to take us out this is actually hilarious we got the safe down to 24 percent HP we're 40 seconds into this match primo gonna go ahead and go ham pretty Mo's gonna go ahead and use that big fat super on the safe dynamite gonna start throwing down as well we're actually taking a lot of damage right there and again maybe we're not playing this one perfectly he'll like as far as gameplay goes but you can see how quick these matches go and if you guys know what you're doing you're gonna find yourself getting a lot of wins unfortunately we just don't know what we're doing because we're letting this bowl just completely destroy us right here oh okay we're gonna end up losing trophies on that when 8% HP was pretty dang close right there but these matches go so quickly and again if you can find yourself getting that edge find yourself with some great teammates you can steamroll through so quickly and I feel like my teammates didn't play well we just could we just sort of mess that one up right there that's that's the bare end of it there is always that balance between do I go full ham on offense or do I go on defense obviously you shouldn't be trying to won like you shouldn't be trying to solo as safe by yourself if you don't think your teammates can defend the three brawlers on the other side but in general find some teammates that you trust to go ham obviously make friends and people you know who you play with who you trust like for me obviously being a youtuber I think I said obviously like seven times in a row so I need to stop that but being a youtuber I can get added with like pro players and stuff like that but even if it's just people you know and you trust and you play with them a couple of times you're gonna you're gonna find yourself doing some easy work now this is a little bit of a tough matchup for us going against a very angry little BB right now this is this is really bad yeah this is this is really bad right here I don't even know why I'm trying to defend this I probably should just be like going to the other side of the map right here I'm gonna finally get a hit onto this BB looks like this this barley is gonna go through and this is where things get a little bit sketched let's try to spam and spray-and-pray but unfortunately once again we're gonna end up missing this BB BB it's just gonna continue to steamroll us this is a little bit ugly right here but I think with the one on two on the other side we should be able to maybe get this what I didn't know that a draw was possible inside of heist that was interesting right there okay well they full-on fiesta right there if I could have hit BB we would have definitely won right there but that wasn't great at all I have never seen a draw inside a heist before I saw zero to zero I was like what I don't know if I've ever seen that before inside a brawl starts fun stuff now they're playing a triple tank right here so at least someone's gonna have to play defense I think primo is gonna need to help me out over here because obviously it's their primo as you saw what the BB things can get pretty dang ugly let's try to make our way through right now we don't have anyone attacking their side of the base which is pretty bad in general you want to have someone at least like one person trying to apply some pressure let's try to make our way through now and if I can put some dance moves on to a Shelly or something like this yeah this will be a little bit better probably let's go and blast her only a little bit of HP there she's gonna spin it up she probably knows who we are with that spin right there let's go and slap that Shelly down for some easy damage primo on primo action on this side and it looks like it's gonna be bull right here who's gonna be the one for us to take out now we can start spamming now we can start doing our dance right here some good damage going through already big shots on to the Shelly primo is gonna be the herbals gonna go to the other side of the map and this is what I'm talking about if you don't think your teammates can defend you can't try to 1v3 that's gonna be GG and that's how you get that job done eight easy trophies one minute 58 seconds no other game-mode other than brawl ball goes by this quickly and especially if you're playing with teammates the RNG isn't very much right there or the randomness isn't really there you can steamroll through and get to me you went heist my favorite mode for pushing quickly with teammates especially once you get higher up in trophies and showdowns less reliable obviously I'm you know the self-proclaimed showdown God with like 2500 showdown wins which is pretty sick I catch a lot of flame for that is what it is but yeah I mean besides besides showdown for you know getting some nice little 10 trophy victories something a little bit rest less risky is playing with people that you trust and that you know and picking up some easy wins all right well we ended up getting a spanking by that barley right there so we're gonna have to back on up fortunately she does never super so she doesn't get that free damage done right there but barley still gonna be a bit of a pain let's let that primo start putting in some work right there finally gonna be able to take her out and now that we're making our way to this side we should have a good opportunity plus my super is gonna completely blast down that a rose are right there so much damage on to their safe roses spawning once more oh I thought I was behind the wall right there that was so bad at me to get caught by that rose a man I could have been stick I could have stayed alive for so long right there but instead only down to 34 percent HP primo still just laying it down as dynamite he's doing his dance on this side Donnelly doesn't have the best dps against the safe by himself compared to someone like a primo obviously or like a Shelly so let's see if we can put in some work defending right here I'm gonna just drop a big bomb right on top you know talk about that all right I'm still running for my life right there looks like Rosa's gonna activate her super at the worst possible second Rose are probably just gonna run towards the safe seven percent HP Tober Zen HP GG well played one minute and 11 seconds easy wins besides that one lost early on we have just continually climbed our way up right now we're at 591 and we can make our way to 600 inside of this video so long as we play with this team that we trust if you guys play with the team that doesn't man the thing that's really been making me annoyed in brawl Sarge right now have you guys been playing with Shelly's that have a 500 trophy Shelly do two band-aid and then every other brawler they had is that like a hundred that is the worst when you get teamed up with that person because the only thing they know how to do is play band-aid Shelly and then you know at 3,000 total trophies with one brawler being 500 I feel like it turns into a pretty unpleasant time alright let's keep on rollin through right here big damage coming in gonna continue just chopping down on this safe Rico gonna finally get me right here not before I get another shot on to that safe eighty-five percent HP primo gonna have to play some good defense so at least hold them off for a bit but with this big fat Rico's super I know we're gonna be a little bit of trial so let's try to try to do something right here Rico's gonna start bouncing it up but what am i doing with that shot wow I really need I need something honey my mommy okay fortunately this Rico is gonna target me instead of the primo primo finally gonna waste his super unfortunately but I did end up missing a lot of shots so that's on me right there let's make our way on this side time to do the ring around a primo let's see what we can do using our super ooh juicy damage done right there looks like the knee that actually got the job done which means we can spin to win on the top let's go ahead and take this safe out guys can you say a one minute game okay well maybe it was like a minute in a second oh I must like need I better get that right there all right Gigi let's go one minute five seconds 599 trophies on this Dyna Mike I still can't believe we tied but this is how you get the job done and get easy wins whether this is like a ten minute video right now and already we've won four or five games and lost one and you only lose six trophies you gain eight even if you go above eight 600 trophies you still get such a nice boost honestly I feel like it's pretty reasonable if you're a good player and you spend time on the game to get you on to get to what is it so you get to 700 trophies what is going on right now though okay the Wi-Fi gods unfortunate trying to take us out right there let's see if we can pick up this win even with a not so ideal start and what the heck is going on did we get connected to the Australia servers I don't know what's happening right here I'm gonna continue to spray and pray looks like Rick or Barley's going in on this side I guess I'll just sort of pray that we can do something I ended up getting oh I'm getting some decent damage done right here even with the terrible Wi-Fi bars guys what is happening right now this penny is definitely upset about what's going on just with this one sliver of HP we ended up doing over 34 percent damage to the safe right there pretty nice even with these Wi-Fi bars we are winning this game right now this one definitely has to be the last and if we can make it through these Wi-Fi bars we can make it through anything in life guys that's that's my inspirational speech right there unfortunately now we don't know how to attack so that's probably not gonna be ideal right there let's just use our super at least be able to get some more damage done I don't even think that super popped off right there but primo is doing so much damage on that side looks like Penny's going through I'm gonna have to try to be a hero right here should be a dead penny up top unless thing terrible happens and even as men messages are flying Wi-Fi I've had a minute and 15 seconds straight of Wi-Fi this is a this is a clash Royale or this is a brawl stars record right they're still gonna get that dubbed through the fire and the flames JG well played star power and seat meme and fabrics shout out to those guys find yourself a team that you work with spam that play again button I'm even sad to stop playing with these guys because we dominated so much and you're gonna find yourself getting some juicy wins inside of brawl stars that's my advice whether it's heist or brawl ball once you get to that certain trophy level where you're not gaining quickly off of showdown find some teams that you like whether it's your friends in real life if you have them unlike me or find friends inside of the game that you play with and that you can stack up some wins guys that's gonna do for this episode hope you enjoyed this video on brawl stars and this advice helped you out to push those cups easily let me know in the comment section below what your favorite game mode is to play but I love high spray-z trophies and this is chief powder proof that's gonna do it until next time I will see you guys later peace


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