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The Fantasy of Ultimate Purpose – How Our Entertainment Reveals Our Deepest Desire

The great thing about films, television series and video games is that they give us an escape from our daily lives They let us immerse ourselves in exciting new worlds,
let us be somebody else, like a treasure hunter chasing
mysteries in exotic locations, or a knight adventuring in medieval times. They let us be warriors with superhuman abilities,
practice magic in a world of wizardry, and wield lightsabers in a galaxy far, far away. It is understandable that we imagine ourselves
as the heroes of such stories, that we fantasize about living lives that are more exciting and rewarding than our own, that let us accomplish greater deeds
and be part of grander romances. I’ve always wondered what it is exactly
that draws us into these stories, especially seeing as they don’t always add something
positive to the lives we’re already living. Why is there a part of us that also finds such enjoyment in characters who are worse off than we are, that finds excitement in situations that seem to imply the opposite of happiness. Why do so many of us secretly fantasize about being a survivor in a worldwide apocalypse? About being a superhero even when that implies losing the ones you love for a tragic, but necessary origin story or about being a soldier in
history’s most traumatic events? Although there is no singular answer to this,
one of the main reasons, I believe, is because stories such as these actually do add something
to our lives worth fantasizing about, they do contain something fundamental that we are
lacking, and that is a clear sense of purpose. In his book Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl argues that finding a meaning in life
is our primary motivational force. As a Holocaust survivor, he found that having
purpose is what we value more than anything else. More than pleasure, money and power, more even than our comfort, our security and our happiness. He begins by explaining that to find such
purpose, we need a certain degree of tension; a tension between what we have already done
and what we still have to do, or between who we are and who we have to become. “Such a tension is inherent in the human being and therefore is indispensable to mental well-being. We should not, then, be hesitant about challenging
man with a potential meaning for him to fulfill. It is only thus that we evoke his will to
meaning from its state of latency.” As we see in many films, series and video
games, having a goal to strive for not only drives characters to act, but also embeds
the world around them with meaning, which makes interacting with it purposeful and exciting. To showcase this, I’ve compiled a couple of
commonly used tropes that, although not seeming like ideal situations on the surface level,
do exemplify this deeper sense of purpose that still makes them enjoyable to immerse
ourselves in or fantasize about. Let’s start with the building blocks of purpose and discuss a trope that I like to call ‘Prepare for Nightfall’. Let’s be honest; who hasn’t ever built
a fort to keep the monsters at bay? Who hasn’t ever imagined dangerous creatures
lurking in the darkness beyond our self-established safe zones? A fear of the dark is common among children
and is generally considered to be a natural part of their development. I think part of the reason why the film Home
Alone was so popular is that it plays into this basic fear by confronting its main character
Kevin with an actual danger coming after nightfall. We’ll come back about 9 o’clock This way it’s dark then. Yeah, kids are scared of the dark. Realistically speaking, a situation like this
would be terrifying. As a film, it’s still scary, but also kind
of exciting. Before he was left at home, Kevin was just
a child struggling to find his place within his family. I’m not an idiot. Oh really? You’re completely helpless. Everyone has to do everything for you. After they were gone, he enjoys the pleasures
of his newly gained freedom, but only for a short while. It is only after he learns he is in danger
that his purpose becomes crystal clear. This is it. Don’t get scared now. Even as adults, the simple purpose arising
from having to prepare for the dangers of the night can be quite thrilling. We see it in films like I Am Legend, but also
increasingly in video games; Take for example the hostile mobs in Minecraft, the volatiles in Dying Light or the predators in Far Cry: Primal All of these dangers are exclusive to the night, giving a titillating purpose to the day as preparations must be made under the suspense of the setting sun; be they setting traps, gathering resources, building a fortress or finding a safe zone. All actions are given meaning by the simple
goal of surviving the night, of staying alive until the sunrise relieves you of the danger. At least for a little while. Yikes, I did it again. The prepare for nightfall trope can be fitted
into the larger survival genre. ‘The Survivor’ takes many forms, but what
it comes down to is that characters are thrown into a an unrelenting wilderness, often including
some additional dangers, turning their complicated existence into a much simpler life or death situation. Let’s briefly zoom in on one of the most
popular survival situations: the zombie apocalypse. I may seem like an unlikely survivor with
all my phobias and irritable bowel syndrome. I survive, because I play it safe
and follow the rules. My rules. Zombies are interesting because they are just
threatening enough to create tension, but not so much that it breaks the illusion that
we, as regular citizens, could take them on. Because of course, even though only a tiny percentage of the population will survive a zombie outbreak, we’re all convinced we’ll
be among the lucky ones. The enticing element of such an apocalypse is that it frees us from the shackles of our modern existence; taxes, consumption, social
media, reality shows, personal appearance.. none of it matters in this world of renewed purpose. a purpose that is continuously generated by basic needs like food, water, shelter and safety. Tools must be turned into weapons, stores
must be scavenged, homes must be fortified; one is never bored in the face of the living
dead. Although survival is arguably the most basic
way of creating purpose, it’s rarely the sole purpose in these stories as there is
usually a larger narrative present; maybe there is someone to protect,
or someone to hunt. Whatever it is; there is always something
more at stake; a purpose that is higher than simply
not getting yourself killed. In video games too there’s usually more
to do than just existing in the game world; there can be skills to improve, achievements
to unlock and storylines to progress. It shows the importance of finding a purpose
that transcends your own being. And indeed, for Viktor Frankl this is also
essential as he writes that; “The true meaning of life is to be discovered
in the world rather than within man or his own psyche,
as though it were a closed system.” So let’s continue our exploration and examine some stories which give their characters a higher purpose, thereby making them enjoyable
to engage in even though they still do not seem like ideal situations on the surface level. One way you can find a higher purpose is by
dedicating yourself to your job. Now, obviously, not all occupations are equal
in this, but there is one type of character for which complete devotion to the job is
pretty common, and that is ‘The Lone Detective’. Lone Detectives are usually brooding, solitary
characters whose personal lives have been either negatively impacted or sacrificed altogether
for their work. My life’s a disaster zone, because I spend
all my time chasing guys like you around the block. That’s my life. As a result, they are more likely to find
themselves on the fringes of society, observing humanity from a safe distance; We are things that labor under the illusion
of having a self; programmed with total assurance
that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody. For Lone Detectives, there is only the case,
and it is here; in protecting the innocent and trying to bring a little light into the darkness, that we find the Lone Detective’s higher purpose, one that is worthwhile enough to motivate action, and one that makes interacting with the world meaningful. Even someone like James Bond, who is known
for his hyper masculinity, expensive lifestyle and encounters with beautiful women, is ultimately
not defined by these perks, but by how easily he can give them up. They mean little to him as is purpose lies
in his absolute devotion to his country, not in simple pleasures. Is this really what you want? Living in the shadows, hunting, being hunted, always looking behind you, always alone. I don’t stop to think about it. This distinction between what is truly important
and what is expendable is made even more explicit in the Batman films in which it becomes clear
that Bruce Wayne’s fame and fortune only serves to hide who he really is and what he
really cares about; protecting the citizens of Gotham. Batman is just a symbol Rachel. No, this, is your mask. Your real face is the one that criminals now fear. And this is what makes Lone Detectives so fascinating despite them not appearing like
very inspiring characters; they always aim towards something
greater than themselves, and that is what gives their world meaning. You don’t owe these people any more, you’ve
given them everything. Not everything, not yet. Instead of empty places; they see puzzles,
clues, and dots waiting to be connected. Instead of strangers, they see suspects, witnesses
and sources of information; which is an especially enticing fantasy for those who aren’t naturally outgoing; the Lone Detective always has a reason
to interact with people, without really having to participate
in social conventions. On the other side of the detectives we find
the prisoners and the widely popular stories of their escapes. Alcatraz was built to keep all the rotten
eggs in one basket. No one has ever escaped from Alcatraz. Many films and series about these daring attempts
at breaking out of confinement feature sympathetic main characters who are wrongfully accused or prisoners of war, thereby turning the escape into a rightful act. There will be no escapes from this camp. Colonel Van Luger, it is the sworn duty of
all officers to try to escape. But putting such motivations aside,
I think it’s fair to assume there is something naturally exciting about a prison break regardless of its justification. This is because for prisoners, most of their
daily lives is decided for them. Put your trust in the Lord, your ass belongs
to me. All that’s left for them to determine is
whatever they occupy themselves with while sitting out their sentence, and what higher purpose could that be other than reclaiming their freedom? And so, somewhat paradoxically, it is exactly
through their imprisonment, that prisoners are free to devote themselves completely to this higher purpose. I’m getting you out of here. Without having to worry about anything else,
and with time as their ally, prisoners spend their days mapping out their escapes, digging tunnels, gathering some materials, losing some others, putting up appearances for the
guards, avoiding suspicion; all of it to turn otherwise mind-numbing routines into purposeful action. There are many other tropes I could discuss, but I think I’ve discussed enough of them to showcase that these films, series and video games, more than anything, play into our desire for purpose to create engaging stories for us to immerse ourselves in. This will to meaning, I believe, runs deeper
than just having a worthwhile goal to strive for; it also suggests our longing for ultimate purpose,
for the world to have tangible deeper meaning. After all, one thing that makes all these
stories so attractive is that purpose is often created for the characters by the world around them;
they are given meaning through external circumstances. This can happen within the narrative as characters
get superpowers by accident, are faced with a tragedy, are born with a natural talent
or predisposition towards a certain skill, are given a mission by superior forces, or are simply destined to become a purposeful actor within a meaningful world. You are the one Neo, I’ve spent my entire
life looking for you. But let’s not forget that all these films,
series and video games are created by people, people who did so with a purpose in mind and
while following certain story structures, most commonly; Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. So even when it doesn’t seem like any special meaning was directly imposed on the characters by the narrative, on a meta-level; they are still part of a story that was created with a particular purpose, they still exist within a universe that carries a
self-transcending significance. Consider also how video games are specifically
designed to have purpose, to keep you engaged. In a game; it is always pretty clear which actions are purposeful and will lead to meaningful interactions, and which are not. This is precisely why so many players are
able to find the discipline to spend countless hours improving themselves
in a game world even though they can’t bring up that same motivation
in the actual one. It should be mentioned that this purpose sometimes
requires your own creativity, which is what many sandbox survival games like Minecraft are ultimately about. These are the kind of game worlds that quickly
lose their purpose when you, as the player, can no longer find anything to accomplish
within it, which brings us much closer to
a reflection of our actual reality. For in the real world, we aren’t born with
an innate purpose, and there is no creator providing us with one,
at least not one that we know of. Even if there is such a thing as ultimate
purpose in our universe, it is inaccessible to us. Furthermore, one consequence of our modern
society is that the basic tension from survival is generally decreasing, leading to a growing
number of people being trapped in what Viktor Frankl calls the existential vacuum;
a feeling of meaninglessness. “Now we can understand Schopenhauer when
he said that mankind was apparently doomed to vacillate eternally between the two extremes
of distress and boredom. In actual fact, boredom is now causing, and
certainly bringing to psychiatrists, more problems to solve than distress.” It is therefore understandable that we turn to fictional stories that do give us a sense of real meaning, that simplify our existence
into a singular purpose in a world specifically designed to accommodate it. It is also understandable how these escapes
can become a substitute for actual purpose, how we can let ourselves become lost in fantasies;
wishing that if only we had a special talent, a unique skill, or an ultimate destiny to
determine our path; even secretly wishing for more distress; for a tragedy, a nemesis, or an apocalypse; anything that would give us that feeling
of ultimate purpose. But this, of course, would be to deny our
true task, which, according to Viktor Frankl, is to take up our personal responsibility
and decide for ourselves what our purpose is. “It did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us. We needed to stop asking about the meaning
of life, and instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life
— daily and hourly. Our answer must consist, not in talk and meditation,
but in right action and in right conduct. Life ultimately means taking the responsibility
to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the tasks which it constantly sets
for each individual.” So what actual lessons can we find in all these stories when it comes to finding real purpose in our lives? How can we not only enjoy these fictional
worlds but also find inspiration in them? The first and most obvious point is that it
is important to transcend our own being, to find purpose in a cause that is greater than ourselves. Viktor Frankl explains how this can be done
by finding or creating a task to fulfill; by experiencing beauty, by finding someone
to love; or as I discussed in my video the Grey; by showing courage in the face of unavoidable
suffering. Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Secondly, we must acknowledge that the meaning
of our lives is always changing, it is not found in one singular purpose. Just look at how many characters end up in
an existential crisis after achieving their goal, or how many are killed by their creators because the purpose they served was negated by its achievement. Luckily, we are not tied to such narrative
constraints, which brings me to the last point; our purpose may not always be clear, but because
it’s bound by our own free will and the limitlessness of our creativity and inspiration, the meaning of our lives is an unconditional one. And thus it never ceases to be.

  • This project took a long time, beginning with a few scrambled notes from a couple of years ago and me wondering why I enjoy immersing myself into certain stories even though they would be horrible experiences in real life. At first, it was just a collection of short observations of particular tropes and genres, but I challenged myself to connect them into a more cohesive analysis. The result is still very exploratory in nature and perhaps not as concise as my other videos, but I hope you will enjoy the journey 🙂

  • Incredible video, I find a lot of similarities between these ideas and that of stoicism and existentialism. It reminds me of a quote that I once heard “life is inherently meaningless, but in our search for beauty we can create meaning”

  • This channel is most definitely my all time favorite. I let go of an illusion of being popular, or rich and successful. The universe is constantly showing us the meaning of life. It's about being true to yourself and passing knowledge to others while forever living and learning in a dualistic existence. Stories and song are our most valuable form of art. They teach more than you know.

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  • wow I really did not expect to see some of my thoughts which were pieces here and there, collect and structure themselves into an amazing video ( I actually exited fullscreen to like the video after watching the first minutes of it). I've been observing my generation – 1980s – fall into this purposelessness although we have everything others would wish for. But still when I think of my grandparents' generation they seemed happier in a worse environment (world war I & II, civil wars etc.). But this gave them a purpose. A clear path to follow – survival. Unlike my generation that is lost in all those possibilities that seem to exist only to remind us how stupid we are that we cannot make the most out of.

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  • Motivational speakers play on this fantasy of ultimate purpose is well. This fools people in order to sucker them out of their money. 3:13

  • You would have been right only if there was no such thing as meditation/yoga. Once there is enough awareness the feeling of purpose appears automatically, while all suffering ceases. The purpose that can be decided upon will always be a lesser one.

  • "And i have not created humans and daemons, but to worship me." the creator have spoken, but its time we follow & obey.

  • great video. I even think this is the reason why we all are so easily tempted to fight for a political idea, or even a religious idea. Because we confuse "reasons" with "purpose".

  • Purpose is being a slave.
    When you subscribe to a slave morality system like Christianity or progressivism then you will never feel content unless you're doing someone else's bidding.

    True freedom is rejecting slave morality and living every day to improve your own personal happiness. "Purpose" is over rated live life to improve and entertain your self.

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  • So at one part, you talk about not having a creator or not even hearing about one…so you've never heard about GOD of Jesus? I am surprised at one being so smart as you being so ignorant. I greatly encourage you to explore that path fully sir, I can guarantee you WILL find your purpose there.

  • "The true meaning of life is to be discovered in the world, rather than within man or his own psyche, as though it were a closed system." – Victor Frankl

    I had an awakening experience 5 years ago that allowed me to see the other side. I will share what I learned here for those few that are interested. The above quote is misleading. On the one hand, the first part is true in that meaning is derived from the world, but not in the way Frankl explains it, because he uses the words "rather than". The world is nothing more than a projection of our consciousness. The world doesn't exist independent of our consciousness, thus as a singularity (The Quantum Field), we would not use "rather than", because at that point we are attempting division or separation of the mind from the world, which isn't possible.

    Without Mind, the Universe would disappear. Mind is cause, the world is effect. You can think of it as a movie theater. The movie screen is completely neutral, it doesn't produce any content, it simply reflects to the audience (the observer), what is in the Mind indirectly but faithfully and accurately. Turn off the projector and the screen goes blank. Therefore, the proper quote could be phrased this way

    "The 3D world is an outer demonstration of the inner condition."

    Now as there are many souls on this planet, there are 2 demonstrations. The first is the collective consciousness and the second is an individual consciousness. The collective consciousness has certain mutual agreements in place like gravity. However, there are many changes that can be made or rules that can be broken on an individual level such as walking on water, turning water into wine or stones into bread. Although this describes one man's journey, there are many on the planet that can do this, but it remains out of sight for a certain reason that won't be discussed here, but will be shared soon in this generation.

    Why would we believe this dream world is so real and be able to experience pain and suffering? As powerful Creator Gods, we have the ability to create an illusory experience for ourselves in which we seem to move from being Superman to Clark Kent. To do this, we need a quarantine over a planet and a veil between our consciousness and God's. While in this "perceived" powerless state (which requires very powerful beings to do this – US), we quest for an Ultimate Purpose so that we can take on God's Role as Prime Creator. We can manifest thousands of lifetimes to experience self-creation. But we have already been created, so these lifetimes will always be dreams or fantasies. In our fantasy land, we can create our own definitions of all that is, judge others, have enemies and problems and then solve them in our own way. However, since we don't actually have problems or enemies in Reality, all our "solutions" do is perpetuate the illusory merry-go-round.

    However, it is important to note that while this world is an illusion, the experience the Soul and it's Soul Group gains is Real. It teaches us what love is not. Reality is oneness and Love. This dream of separation is duality (opposites/contradictions) and UN-love. So the desire for Ultimate Purpose is to understand ourselves from an upside and opposite perspective. It's not required for soul growth obviously since the definition of this perspective is akin to insanity. This bus stop or dream or hell (separated consciousness) is optional. And few Spirits choose to come here to experience darkness. Darkness doesn't actually exist, it is the illusory perception of a lack of light. God is all there is. God is every molecule, every atom and every particle. But in the dream, we see it all through a distorted lens were we perceive time, space, enemies, pain, fear and death.

    If you want to wake up, then you must first realize you are already God. You are already a holy son or daughter of God. You and Source are one. Therefore, what is there to do? Nothing, but to undo. Enlightenment is an undoing. You are already done. You are already Perfectly Created. You are eternal. You are already in the "other" side pretending to be here. Undoing entails surrendering back to the power you already are. It is letting go of the lower mind, and returning to the Higher Mind. Use the world then to understand what beliefs you hold about yourself as they will be demonstrated for you over and over again until you own it within your own mind and let go of the distortion there. Once it is gone from your Mind, it will no longer manifest in your local world. Once the mind is fully healed of these distorted beliefs, you will wake up. If you need help, just ask your entourage, who are always with you and ready to help. I love you all.

  • Praise Allah we have a just purpose and a vision. The billionaires who rule the world through your puppet leaders are in the way. They may have lured you into boredom by hiding the ongoing fight from you. They plan and plot but rest assured Allah is the best of planners. The enemy are few yet the most formidable force on the planet, its international, well organized, resourceful with its own secret tech medicine banks finances airforce army ++ the struggle for human kinds future is more awesome than any game and more epic than any movie as none of us ordinary folk know the big picture. They have gotten a scifi nerd like me praying for a solar emp to reset civilization should we lose and the billionaires get to enslave mankind..

  • Well hundreds of millions are probably going to die because of inaction on Climate Change. So there's a purpose.

  • You have purpose in every day to resist being a selfish and hedonistic person, in caring for others, while having fun enjoying the problem solving of life. When you understand the truly horrible evil that does exist out there in the world, it makes each small mundane act of kindness u offer to others much more meaningful.

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  • 17:59 What does LSOO meant by saying that 'The meaning of our lives is an unconditional one'? condition means = subject to one or more conditions or requirements being met; made or granted on certain terms. Therefore in this statement do you mean that it is nothing or of no need of requirements to achieve.

  • Many of us fantasize about being stranded on a desert island, surviving a cataclysm, etc because we wish to escape the confines and banality of modern technological society and return to nature. We wish to use of our instincts and abilities to survive… or not survive, a life in which our results are a direct result of our decisions and efforts rather than a result of societal controls imposed on us. Danger of death awakens within us the instincts and passions that are needed to survive in the wild, the same urges that modern mass society forces us to suppress.

  • Why do I fantasies about being a zombie apocalypse survivor? Because i reeealy don't want to go to work tomorrow. That's why.

  • Oh $#*7. That just gave me an existential crisis. Like, when I quit Minecraft or other free-world game because I find it boring that no purpose was given to me — what does this say about my own real life simulation? Am I just someone who needs to be acted upon before a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment manifests itself? Am I incapable of creating purpose for myself? Oh gosh…

  • @BigHenFor – On a slight but itching tangent, I haven't gotten around the modern lore regarding "super" heroes: the masks, second identity, the new distinctive title "super" and how they differ from the classic heroes (and where do the bad guys work during the day to fund their operations? )

    I could use your insight on it. I'm a recent initiate in this bridge between myth and modern psychology. Thanks for the superb rich content and shared knowledge!

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    And to lay it down, doesn't necessarily mean to physically die, but to surrender your life to and for your friends.  Finding how  you are to do this, is the excitement of life.

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  • A world with God is the ultimate purpose. To become Saints, to bring Heaven to Earth to the extent that we are able to. Indeed, a world without God motivates only escapism and uncertainty. A utilitarian perspective of trying to fix the world around oneself inevitably inspires ideological utopia that creates more suffering.

  • We do have a creator and we do have purpose. It's just most of us dont tri and find out out including me.

  • I really enjoyed the video and its themes. But I don't think that the idea of having a higher purpose, as suggested by countless media tropes and as I understand you also proliferated by this video, is something we should strive for by "transcending ourselves", as you put it. There is something deeply narcissistic about constructing meaningful narratives (as opposed to merely accepting the world as we actually see it) about ourselves and our alter egos, a libertarian (or capitalistic) fantasy of a self that can only exist when it differentiates itself from others. Maybe we aren't jaded as much of life as we are jaded of media.

  • Part of the problem of modern life is its complexity. First of all, it's relatively easy to survive (I mean, in most parts of the world). So what's left after obtaining food, shelter, etc.? Well, that's for us to figure out and that's where the complexity comes in. One difference I see in the modern world is that we are so much more aware of everyone else and the world at large. A long time ago, we did not have the worry of cutting down too many trees – there were a lot of them, and we didn't know about global climatic change, or ruining an ecosystem. I think our own view of our place in the world was simple too – we didn't have to worry about our jobs going overseas or being replaced by robots. Even holding onto certain principles used to be easier. Certain behaviors or views were considered "good" or "evil" where nowadays those views are much more complicated and nuanced. So I think a lot of us kind of go through life wondering what views we "should" have, and what our place in this world "should" be. Maybe we're too aware for our own good? No, I'm not saying I want things to return to they way they were – I'm only arguing that there is a lot more to take into consideration nowadays than in the past…

  • The Bible has told us what our ultimate purpose is in life.

    Read it. Study it.
    Gods word will show you the truth, and the truth will set you free.

  • Very poetic. Some people look to movies or stories as inspiration or guidelines for finding meaning. Movies are more so reflections of ideas about past and potential human experiences. The movies are made because the experiences are relevant to the human being. Otherwise there would be no reason to expect that an audience would ever connect with them. The dynamics of heroism, self-sacrifice, dedication predate the movies or the stories. It's characteristic of the human experience. The movies often draw viewers because people often aren't able to identify the ultimate purpose behind their existence and take solace in their imagined heroes finding theirs. We desire to live vicariously through them. The question becomes "Is there ultimate purpose?" I believe there is because there would be no reason for the universe alone to instill the ability, yearning or even imagination, apart from the myriad of other components, factors and variables, external and internal, which support the very real existence of such a fundamental human inclination, and without which, no movie, of the kind you've shown, would be made.

  • Fantasy allows humans to consider possibilities, to run simulations.
    This increasing the chances of finding practical solutions to problems we are currently in, or could encounter.
    Ultimately, it increases the chances for a human to survive.
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  • the story of home alone. and quoting fron dr. jordan peterson. the meaning of life is holding personal responsibility.

    freedom without responsibility is boring

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