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The fall of Cuatro | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

Hurry! Find them! There they are! Let’s move! Cuatro! Where is the bomb?! Surrender now before
I kill you. You think all this will end
if I surrender?! I’ll do everything I can to stop whatever you
and Tiago are planning! You can never defeat General! You should know that, Uno! Many lives will be lost. But that’s just how it is
in war, right? Some lives have to
be sacrificed for the greater good. Because there’s nothing more
important than the mission! Noblejas! What mission are you
talking about? What are you and
Tiago planning?! Where is the bomb? Where is it?! Don’t do anything stupid!
Just surrender! It shouldn’t be just Noblejas. Rhian should surrender too! Jessie, you should
get out of here! Go call Ramirez! I’ll ask you again. Where is the bomb?! You can kill me if you want,
but I won’t tell you anything! We won’t kill you. We’ll put you in jail so
you’ll pay for your crimes. Even if you arrest me, you won’t be able to stop
what’s coming next! Because before you can
throw me in jail, I’ll make sure all of us
are dead! Alex… Alex, don’t do it! Don’t do it, Alex! I’ll see you all in hell!


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