THE ENTERTAINER by John Addison "Why Should I Care?" performed by Rena Strober/Stephen Van Dorn

  • Hi, I'm currently directing The Entertainer as one of my exams at drama school and I am looking for the sheet music of 'Why Should I Care' but can't seem to find it anywhere! Did you use it at all in your production, and if so, are you able to help me at all please?

    Thanks, Jess

  • I am working on "The Entertainer" by John Osborn for an acting class and would  like to work on the song "Why Should I Care" by John Addison, which is part of the play.  But I can't find the sheet music.  Even the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts doesn't have it.  Can anybody help me?  Jonathan Slaff, [email protected]

  • Is this sheet music still available anywhere? John Addison's score is one of my favourite aspects of the film, and I'd love to add this song to my repertoire.

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