The Emmet Awards Show! – The LEGO Movie

live from the dog it's the Emmitt Awards you send in your creative creations you told us your favorites and now it's time to reveal winners in this special presentation being broadcast to all the realms because this show is live there may be one or two hiccups but we're sure that everything will go great and now our host the one and only Emmett the one and only [Applause] dammit we're easy can we get a camera backstage and that's it check and here he is ladies and gentlemen the host of our special live ceremonies Emmett hello I'm Emmett sorry folks just a little trouble with the sound system of a while we're working on getting that fixed Emmett will take you on a sensational musical tour of the lego movie once there was a guy called him and you found a thing underground and now a policeman is yelling at him well sweet bride and then they had a big chase through the Wild West whoa Peaks look out but there's Batman Batman save them then they drove up to rainbow buddies that a cat they had to go underwater hey I know that guy there was a big big box a bunch of noodles everyone built stuff into other stuff then they put the thing on the other thing the end ah I guess we still don't have any sound hey yeah but we can't hear you well I guess he can't hear us either let me check the script hello I'm Emmett blah blah blah and a really great time filming the lego movie funny joke about the audience members okay here we go our first category the direct your own trailer award presented by the actual directors of the lego movie we asked you to sit in the director's chair and edit together your own trailer for the lego movie you use the movie builder app to rearrange scenes added some catchy beats and came up with lots of award worthy contenders it was tough to pick a favor but we did it and the winner of the direct your own trailer award is [Applause] okay I'm told Emmet knows about the sound problem now so for the next presentation he's going to hey has he rehearse this alright our second category is the double-decker award just like Emmett's double-decker couch from the movie we challenged you to take something and then put another one of that thing on top to make a twice as cool double decker thing really that's what we told them to do whose idea was a right and the winner of the double-decker award and actually did look pretty cool hey guys got the sound system working yet yeah let me just check the mic hey mom sounds good to me good news folks were back in business okay on to the next award and what an award it is the ordinary to extraordinary award celebrates those creative builders who can take something every day an ordinary like a regular old truck and rebuild it into aren't they supposed to be building those the other way around ordinary to extraordinary not extraordinary to that and now they're stuck ladies and gentlemen well while we try to figure this out here's the winner of the ordinary to extraordinary award up next I said up next can we get a traffic cop out here oh I said a traffic cop bad cop now it's time for our next category that dedicated to Mon pop cop award this award goes out to everybody who has ever built a gift for their parents guardians or other close friends or family members you're generous you're great and you're full of love everyone is a winner in this category would actually realize there can only be one actual winner and here it is the winner of the dedicated to Mon pop cop award [Applause] isn't that sweet folks and moving on to our next category in the first ever live Emmitt Awards we asked you to use your bricks to build the biggest craziest most amazing spaceship you can imagine oh my G oh Sh hey whoa live theater everybody come on Benny who's the winner well we may not have any sound but I think everything is gonna be just fine from here on in we asked you to use the music builder app to make the most awesome music video ever and the winner is [Applause] and that is the end of the Emmitt Awards folks we hope you had a good Wow that really is a surprise will I have some great news folks I've just been told that we have one final extra special award to give to a builder who showed awesomely extraordinary skill in multiple categories and an extra special award deserves an extra special trophy which is not quite finished yet so up in the meantime please enjoy these impressions bi-metal beard that was great folks let's give him a big hand [Applause] how's that trophy coming along there guys all right for demonstrating the skill of a master builder in several categories the winner of the first ever ultimate have an award is [Applause] and that's the show thanks for watching the first ever live a man Awards spectacular there may have been a few bumps along the way I'll bet you didn't even notice them good night and good building brought to you by octan

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