The Economics of Entertainment

I've been in the entertainment business I
started when I was four. I did it professionally for a decade as an
amateur. Ever since college and I've been involved
with a lot of musicians and artists and so on so I'm very passionate about both the business
and the creative side of entertainment. So I kind of jumped on that opportunity and
said OK I'll teach a course about something that I find personally very interesting. So the economics of entertainment. Course is concerned primarily with music and
movies. A big part of it of course was just learning
about all the different things that you can do in the music industry. So we learned about everything from the finance
and accounting side of it to artists and repertoire, to marketing, to actually creating music,
to doing audio services. We have an experiential component so the students
do everything from designing marketing campaigns for artists. They'd catch movies. There's all kinds of things that involve kind
of real production of business activity. Every class we have a case that we do at the
end so we all meet with our groups and we get this question that relates the readings
that we discussed and we have to answer the question to the best of our ability and then
we present that at the end of class and I really never had a class that does that before. It's really interesting. It gives like a lot of freedom for the individual
so you can like really study and explore the specific things that you want to do. So it's nice to be able to enjoy your coursework
and do things like that are fun and so far great that you're learning from at the same
time. I think it's a real opportunity for students
to have those sort of creative interest to bring into the class and also learn about
business and to improve their own business skills. Maybe they want to be in the creative part
maybe you want to be on the management side. Either way the class helps with that.

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