what is gonna everybody's you're born into my skills and today we're gonna be talking about how to get this beautiful one of my favorite back buy trophies in the game the pizza trophy so let's get into it so first thing you guys want to do is you guys need to head over to the classified assignment all the way down just west of Capitol Hill so once you guys arrive there you're gonna be looking for kind of a sinkhole and then you're gonna want to go straight down and then on one side there will be a door that will allow you to finally start this assignment once you hit scan entrance you'll be able to start the mission now you'll see there are three collectibles and one backpack trophy in this mission and I'll show you how to get all three this is the NSA Security Alert classified assignment so the first collectable will not pop up until a little way through the mission itself you're gonna get to a door that says open the door and at the top it says coffin true now once you enter this room right here you're gonna pass through here and then once you get through the next two set of double doors that is when you will get access to your first collectible item remember on this mission there's only three collectible items and then one backpack trophy so collect the collectible and then continue on with the mission now you're gonna go back into the main area where it says personal quarters and then you're gonna click on the panel now once you enter this area you're gonna continue on and then enter another set of doors and inside that set of doors you're gonna end up picking up two key cards and a collectible so enter these doors right here and once you get inside there is going to be these jords you need to open and you'll get the first key card you want now this is a level 1 key card and you're looking for the level 7 key card but that cue cards going to be access to other areas so you want to take it up now right next to the soda machines is this door that you can open open this door and there's going to be another key card in the back corner now this is a level 5 key card so we're still looking for the level 70 card so just head back outside and now on the other side of the soda machines a panel you're gonna want to press the panel and they continue on you're gonna be some rooms in here and in one of these rooms you're gonna find a level seven keycard and you just have to look for the lockers and in one of these lockers the level seven keycard it will come out so you want to make sure you loop that and now we have all the cue cards we need before you leave you want to make sure that you open up one of these doors that's gonna give you access to the next collectible it's not gonna be one of the room doors that is already opened it's gonna be one that you need to open so it's gonna be this one to my left you open it up and there is going to be your second collectible right here now once you make it back to the main area you will have access to those areas that you weren't able to get into so there is one that weren't able to get into before but once you open up this door you'll get your third and final collectible and now all we have to do is get the backpack trophy which all of you guys want cuz who doesn't want that nice-looking Pizza trophy hanging from their backpack so let's get to that so you're gonna get to a point where it's gonna tell you to go to the data center are you gonna open that panel and they continue on now this is where you're gonna end up picking up your backpack children so if you forgot it initially because you tried doing this by yourself you can always go back and do this as long as you don't leave your mission so we're gonna continue on so once you clear out the area it's gonna say return to the hub but you don't want to return to the hub just yet if you're looking from the top the top of the area where there is this red box right here that you can shoot go straight down low stairs and then look to your left on your left hand side is gonna be a little cliff so you're gonna want to climb up there climb up here you're gonna drop down and you're gonna climb up again and then to your left you'll have some stairs and then you have a fan here blocking your way so we need to shut off this fan right so we're gonna turn around we're gonna follow that cord all the way around and if you look behind us right on the edge you can see the yellow box so you just want to shoot that yellow box right there and then it's gonna shut off the fan for us now that we shut off the fan we can continue on there's nothing to my left you're gonna jump up here and then to my left is gonna be a gear box if you want to get that gear item real quick you can jump back down and take a left you're gonna jump up here and then continue on now you're gonna follow this all the way through climb up one more time then you're gonna jump down and then you're gonna open up this panel right here so you jump through here and then these doors are closed but you gonna go all the way down or it says commanding officer run across and if you look we're above the hub right now you know the main center where most of the mission happens we're above it and right back here you get your weapon box and if you look to my right you can already see it you can see the backpack trophy box so you're gonna click this backpack trophy collected pizza and that's it that is how you get the backpack trophy in this classified assignment so if you're looking at getting this really cool looking backpack trophy probably one of my favorite it's the one that I'm currently using right now this is how you do it don't forget you just follow the same way out and then once you finish the mission gotta tell you to leave the mission area and then of course you can double check collectibles 3 or 3 backpack trophy one of one and then just hit confirm and that's it that is how you get all three collectibles and you get the backpack trophy let me know what you guys think about this backpack trophy do you guys like it don't like it did you guys already get it let me know in the comment section thank you guys again but until the next video nothing bus goes Oh


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