what's going on everybody afflicted gamer here welcome back to another Division two video so in the Ken Lee library expedition there is actually a secret backpack trophy that is honestly in my opinion hidden in plain sight so I'm gonna go ahead and show you how you can acquire it now in this video if you guys enjoy the video or find it helpful drop a like on and it's very much appreciated and if you're new to the channel consider subscribing for more division 2 content so the first thing you need to do is head down the steps where you will have to reconstruct an echo I chose the echo that is in the middle the reason being that it does open up all of the main doors so that you can run in a straight line to the back area where the library is running underneath the sign here it says the Octagon and because you did reconstruct an echo you will have some NPCs that you'll have to take care of clear out this first wave and once they are all gone what you're going to do is head up the steps I'm actually directly underneath the steps right now that you will be going up so once you've taken care of all of the NPC's you're gonna make your way up the steps here you're going to take a left into this first room there will be a yellow control panel on the wall we've seen plenty of these in the division game shoot this one first then make your way over to the balcony look over into the next room shoot that electrical panel the door will now open and then walk in go up to the table you'll see a barrel and some wires you'll have the ability to search and that is it now you have yourself a baby barrel backpack kofi pretty simple pretty cool I like to collect these things so I thought it would make this video to help you guys out in case you missed it your first go around or if you haven't gotten in there yet so anyways guys I'm out of here like I said drop like on the video if you enjoyed it don't forget to follow me over on twitter at afflicted gamer i'll see you very soon in the next one


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