The Division 2 Classified Assignment: NSA Security Alert – Pizza Trophy and All Collectibles

hello agents in this video I'm going to cover the new classified assignment NSA security alert in this assignment there are free collectibles to get and a new backpack trophy which is a Pizza backpack TRO futures now one of my favorites I'm going to be wearing it for a long time I want to show you how to get all of that in this assignment this is only available for season one pass holders so if you bought the pass this will be available from today for you on the tier so I title update 5 which went live before we get into it if you do like this video please do hit like I consider hit and subscribe for more content from myself and please do check out the link at the top of my video description that will take you to a discord community I'm sure you'll like it there do come and check us out you will first need to find a door if you lock on the screen now I'm showing you the location of this on the map just come here and follow her I go to find the door for this assignment no collectibles are available until you get to this point of the assignment this is the generator room you're gonna have some enemies to kill in here they add the objectives are gonna tell you to hit some switches or whatnot get some power reactivated and then you're gonna have to return to the previous room your images to hobb now on your way back you're gonna be able to open this door on the left here it's open on the screen now but just interact with that which I hit and that doors gonna open it's gonna allow you to run through here into the communal area where you'll find your first collectable this is one of free once their assignment requests you to go into the personal quarters to find the level 7 key you're gonna enter this door here and just follow where I go to find the second collectable you will be searching around because you're going to be looking for the key I found the level 1 key I think I found the level 5 key before I eventually found the level 7 key you'll have to do that as well but while you're here if you just come to this door where I am now which is number 2 and open it you're gonna find a second collectable this is two out of three we've still got a backpack trophy to find as well once you have that level seven key it's going to ask you to go back to the main hub room where I am now there'll be some more enemies for you to take care of and then once you've done that I'll ask you to interact with this door over here with your level seven key however before you do that if you just turn around there's the third and final collectable just up hidden in this room here and you're not able to open this and so you have that level 7 keycard so it's a good time to do it now just open the door the shutter will open and your third and final collectibles right in front of you here the pizza backpack trophy is very well hidden when you get up to this area now the assignment will bring you here you'll hit a switch ramen Cove where you'll take out some drones and some enemies before it requests you to go back to the previous area instead of going back to the previous area just exit left here and climb this rock formation you might want to turn your brightness settings up because it is very dark but once you've climbed over this rock formation you're gonna climb over this yellow tarpaulin there there's a ladder to your left now that you'll see that takes you up to well as their fan and it's spinning around you need to stop this fan before you can progress beyond it and to do that just follow this yellow cable to the right here which you can't really see unless you turn your brightness settings up but that's going to take you to a junction box you can shoot now to get a better angle at this just walk to the edge of the platform where I am now and you're able to jump over the railing to get back on the rock formation just to give you a bit of a better angle to shoot the box you can kind of see it on the screen there I just press L free to switch your aim and then shoot it out once you shut that out you can climb back up and that fan will stop and I need all year to run through I just follow the route I take now and they'll take you straight to the pizza backpack trophy you can have a look at the pizza backpack trophy on screen now I think it's awesome before you do finish this assignment it will give you a warning to make sure you've got the free collectables and a trophy if you haven't you can backtrack through the whole mission and get them so choose this guide and it should be easy enough again guys if you have liked this please do hit the like button or consider subscribing for more content from myself and don't forget to hit that link at the top of the video description that will take you to a discord community I'm sure you're gonna like it there but come and check it out thank you again for watching this video and until the next one peace out


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