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The Demons In My Head | Dussehra Special | 9tanki Entertainment

Anu (Mother): Ramya, wake up dear. You’ll be late for school. Anu: Ramya, Ramya.. What are you doing? Ramya (Daughter): Mom, only 10 days remaining Anu: Oh ho.. it’s your birthday in 10 days Ramya: Yes, and I’ll be completing 13 years. A teenager! Anu: So what do want as gift for your birthday? Ramya: Will I get what I ask for? Anu: I’m sure you’ll ask for something we can afford to give you. Ramya: I want Dad to change back to being my old Dad. I don’t like the way he is today. Ramya: Mom, say something? Anu: Sweetheart you know right, ever since he lost money in business he’s been upset.. I’m sure he’ll change, just give him some time. For now, ask for something else. Ramya: No mom, I don’t want anything else! Pradeep: Rishi.. Rishi.. I’m headed the same way. Could you please hold on for a couple of minutes? I’ll be right there. Waiter: Here you go sir, the usual. Ramya: I want Dad to change back to being my old Dad. I just hate what he is today. Pradeep: Rishi.. Rishi.. Please wait for me, I’m headed the same way. Rishi: Yes, sure. Friend: Why do you always avoid him? Rishi: He’s a loner. People in the society make fun of him. If they see me with him, I’ll be a laughing stock as well. Kadam: What Rishi Sir? This guy is a junior and yet he was considered for promotion over you. Rishi: Congratulations Pravin! Pravin: Thank you sir! Rishi: A well deserved promotion Pravin: All thanks to you sir. You have been a great mentor. Rishi: Thank you. Glad to know your thoughts. So don’t I get offered sweets? Pravin: Just a moment Sir Rishi: Thank you. Thank you so much! Pravin: Please take some for Ramya and Anu Ma’am as well. Rishi: Oh ok. Thank you. Angry Passenger: Dude, you want some? Rishi: Sorry buddy, sorry! Colleague: Go ahead, wake him up! Rishi: Chuck it, he must be tired. Colleague: You’ve changed a lot Rishi. Rishi: For good? Colleague: Yes, for good! Rishi: Anu Anu: Yes? Anu: What are doing? I’ll do the dishes. Rishi: Why? Is dish washing only for women? Anu: No, but I always do it. Rishi: I understand I have changed a lot lately. But I want to go back to being Ramya’s old dad for her birthday. Anu: Yes, but.. Rishi: You aren’t feeling well, right? Anu: Yes, just a little cough and cold. Rishi: Go, take rest. Rishi: Pradeep.. Pradeep.. Pradeep: Rishi? Rishi: Are you not coming along? I’m headed the same way! Pradip: Yes, yes. I’ll be right there. Rishi: So what’s up? All good? Rishi: Wait up for a moment. Rishi:Excuse me, where are you headed? Girl: Vasant Vihar, why? Rishi: Well, I’m going to Saket. Girl: So? That’s in the opposite direction to where I am headed. Rishi: No no. I mean you please take this rickshaw. My house isn’t very far, I’ll walk my way. Girl: If you don’t mind, I can drop you and then head my way. Rishi: OK Girl: What are you doing? Oh please no. Rishi: Ah no no, I insist Rishi Thank you Girl: Hmm ok. Thanks. Bye. Rishi: Bye Rishi: Hello? Anu: Happy birthday dear! Ramya: Thank you Mom! Anu: Don’t you want to see your gift? Ramya: Where’s my gift? Anu: GO out and check. Ramya: Who could it be this late at night? Rishi: Presenting to you, new and improved Dad, version 2.0! Happy birthday dear! Ramya: Thank you Dad! Rishi: On your birthday today, I promise to never change. I’ll always be this way – the way you like me. I’m sorry for everything. Can you forgive me please? Ramya: Obviously Dad! Rishi: Thank you!


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