The Decline of Western Entertainment Part I – Remakes, Gender Swaps and General Wokeness

what's up everybody if you want to join the greatest online Star Wars community the Phantom Menace make sure you hit that subscribe button for today's video starts so you don't miss out on any updates and you're always the first to know when our newest videos go live the following is a world-class bullshit is exclusive it is now accepted among historical scholars that in the decades before the collapse America suffered from the sickness of racism and cultural identity everyone wanted to be seen as special every group had to be equal or to be preferably better than its neighbours and it's thought to protect his special rights if anyone had something that someone else wanted they were painted as a racist sexist elitist or worse this divisive me-first attitude eventually toward the fabric of American culture apart and caused it to self-destruct in a fireball competing ideologies none of which truly recognized each other's validity diversity led inexorably to Anarchy if I told you this eerie prophecy was written in 1988 and comes from the cyberpunk 2020 rulebook would you believe me can you believe that something from 30 years ago so accurately depicts modern society we've reached the boiling point or identity politics reign supreme online and our entertainment this trend has been infecting things we love since at least 2014 we can trace it back to gamergate then the comic book fell into the pit of oblivion as characters that we've known and loved for decades were sacrificed for weaker less developed and quite frankly less marketable characters finally we're at the point where our films have begun to suffer Star Wars is now a shell of its former self Star Trek is a damn joke on TV doctor who is forgettable and now the most tragic of all the MCU is now broken after the announcement of Marvel's face Fort San Diego comic-con 2019 the internet released a collective sigh of indifference as a wave of underwhelming shows paired with a week film slate was combined with the announcement of Natalie Portman a store in for love and thunder for those who don't read comics it was a moment of confusion as to them Thor is a man played by Chris Hemsworth for longtime readers it was a moment of anguish as our biggest fear and the MCU was realized they're adapting modern marvel like a moth to the flame or flies to shit the outraged mob moved in the moment anyone voiced their displeasure with the announcement sexist racist and the most heinous offender it's about time we're all shouted at the top of their stunted lungs for those who champion useless change this is a point of pride to watch great entertainment fall to them it is strictly about their message and quality storytelling be damned pandering would be a good word to describe a scoring on these days in entertainment companies are pandering to a crowd that doesn't like their product they're hoping they'll bring in a new audience with an odd worldview and they'll hope if they'll spend money on their products they get constant approval from social media but when the big day comes these companies realize that social media engagement doesn't equal money what I find odd is how all these companies are doing this at once it's not a gradual thing like when Ra's al Ghul had the League of Shadows introduced the poison into the Gotham City water supply it's like a shot to the head one day everything's okay in the next BAM everything around you changes and you bleed out wondering if you're the same one or has the world gone to hell now clearly if you spent any time on this channel and if you're new here welcome and subscribe you've heard us describe Star Wars at great length the conversation about the integration of modern identity politics began way back in 2015 when we saw two of our three protagonists Rey and Finn Rey as a woman and finish a black man and the internet erupted with praise for Disney and disdain for anyone less than 100 percent enthusiastic and that's where we find one of our biggest problems facing entertainment the constant need to promote a product as the first of its kind in Star Wars the world acted like Finn was the first black person ever to appear and Rey was the first woman in the case of a black man in Star Wars we cite a little-known character known as will ro hood or as the fans call him the ice cream maker guy there was also another one a guy by the name of Lando Calrissian but the fans didn't really like him and Disney would never use him again with Rey the Internet collectively forgot about Princess Leia and how accomplished she was not only was she a fleshed out character with agency and emotion she was also damn cool another thing that made Princess Leia great was that she couldn't do everything she relied on Han Solo to fly the ship or Luke Skywalker to well she was a much better shot than Luke but she still couldn't fly she was also able to defeat the one thing Han Solo couldn't escape Jabba the Hutt Princess Leia was a layered character who grew as the trilogy progressed with Rey she started out a flat boring perfect character that could do everything including defeat the bad guy when we got to the second chapter of the story she was exactly the same she showed no character growth just a flat boring idealized character I'd venture to guess that she'll be exactly the same in the rise of Skywalker Rey fails in the same way that characters like Captain Marvel do they're idealized versions of what a small sect of society expects strong women to be and in these examples the idea of a strong woman is essentially making her more like a man these characters come off as unlikable and turn off a portion of the audience then just like we discussed earlier the outraged mob comes to start a fight and make it Marvel Studios really wants to tout that they're the first to do something they really drove home the point of black panther being Marvel's first black superhero and the internet ate it up but unlike Captain Marvel and Ray from Star Wars black panther was a fleshed out character with depth he was introduced very well in Captain America's Civil War and by the time we got there his solo film we had a better picture of who he was if we compare both of Marvel's first films black panther is clearly the better of the two not only was it the superior film but the hype surrounding the film was far less abrasive than anything brie Larson said we get a similar crazy response from the internet when we the same people opposed the next topic on our list gender swaps reboots and remakes the laziness of Hollywood is painfully obvious in 2019 if they can take an old movie and slap a new coat of paint on it they will and in 2019 a new coat of paint and swapping out the men for the women obviously Ghostbusters 2016 was the biggest example of the failed gender swaps but it's hardly the only one since Ghostbusters 2016 we've had overboard oceans eight what women want excuse me what men want the hustle which is a remake of dirty rotten scoundrels splash Lord of the Flies is rumored and high fidelity is now a TV series with zoe kravitz what do all these gender swapped remakes and reboots have in common they all suck and they pale in comparison to the originals both creatively and financially it would be completely unfair to say that gender swapped films are the sole reason Hollywood sucks it's not true there have been a whole bunch of crap remakes over the last decade like Robocop Total Recall a Nightmare on Elm Street Ben Hur and a whole slew of Disney animated films held in 2019 alone we've had Dumbo The Lion King Aladdin Pet Sematary child's play the hustle which is essentially dirty rotten scoundrels the lady in the Tramp cold pursuit and Alita battle angel though in the case of Alita battle angel I guess it's just an adaptation last November den of geeks posted an article titled 121 remakes and reboots currently in the works and it's a doozy I'll spare you the entire list and read you none of it these remakes have very little reason to exist outside of a company's desire to make easy money and people pick up on that the most recent film that people saw right through as men in black international it's like the Russian say veni vidi vici it came it went it flopped normally when these things flop we get the racist sexist argument but surprisingly Sony's top boss Tom Rothman has an honest answer Sony boss blames men in black international failure on not strong story idea the box office has not been kind to movies not released by Disney and one of the season's biggest bombs is Sony's men and black international directed by the fate of the Furious Homer F gary Gray latest men and black film was expected to relaunch the once popular Sony franchise following 2012's men in black 3 in a recent interview with Business Insider Sony motion picture Group Chairman Tom Rothman admitted men and black International is not the success Sony had hoped it would be at the box office I think it's a matter that the audience really liked the film and the cast was wonderful Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth for great and did a terrific job but if we made any mistake I think it was probably that there was not a strong enough idea in the story Rothman said especially when you compare that to Jumanji which had a very very strong idea so the lesson of it is we have a pretty darn good batting average around here but you're never going to bat a thousand and you need to continue to take risks and try to manage risks in the case of men in black we had two co-financed ears on the movie and that manages the risk I really do believe you cannot eliminate risk in the movie business if you try to eliminate risk you try to eliminate creativity and if you eliminate creativity you will eliminate success well Tom if you eliminate creativity and originality you get men in black international so it's almost like the audience didn't want another men in black film without Will Smith the star of the franchise interesting bad movies like this hurt the future of a franchise men in black is effectively dead that's another series Sony can't dig up because the people are done with it Sony is attempting to salvage Ghostbusters with Jason Reitman SCO's busters 2020 but that is yet to be released so we can't say if the plan worked well Sony throw money at Will Smith for men in black for who knows but they better do something quick before Tommy Lee Jones passes away another reason for the failure of films like men in black international Ghostbusters 2016 and a myriad of other films is on the political slant of the entertainment and the way the media handles reporting it in other words it's called woke nests and people just don't like it it has infected franchises and people are getting tired of it Marvel is the latest victim well propaganda tool for inherently women-led films aren't woke what makes a film whoa is when it's solely sold on its progressive agenda for love and thunder isn't sold on the epic continuation of our favorite Asgardian hero no it's just sold on female 4 and by Valkyrie and in its current state it exists to promote an agenda it's like the build-up to Captain Marvel it was all about her a her oh these woke movies don't exist a tell story they just exist for social media cred wellness or a political slant can definitely have an impact on even the biggest of entertainment Giants Netflix has seen its biggest decline since 2011 as they lost subscribers well into the six-figure range and their international growth was 50% of what they expected there are a multitude of reasons for people to leave Netflix but personally I feel that there's an overabundance in Netflix original content and that original content has a strong political slant that makes me want to avoid all of it entertainment can have a strong message that promotes a better world but this decade has rendered Hollywood unable to do that subtlety is the key to changing people's perceptions about race sexual orientation tolerance etc and in many ways this woke entertainment is causing people to regress socially what does the future hold for this brand of entertainment well to find out we have to go back to the past to a time where things were much worse but the ideas were so much better and we'll talk about that next Thursday so folks I hope you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and share it all over social media and make sure that you're subscribed to this channel for part 2 next Thursday we're gonna discuss how you tell a very engaging progressive and quotation story about wanting a better world we're gonna be talking about well we're not gonna tell you we'll just talk about it next time so what do you think about all this woke in quotation mark entertainment personally I'm fed up with it I feel like Tommy was so fed up with this world I'm just fed up with this bloke I don't like it it's like I said in the video women-led films aren't the problem bad lazy films that cash in on political points are the problem you know if Hollywood had a million great ideas they wouldn't be doing shit like this so that is my problem and I want to know what your problem is down below so folks if you're a super famous channel join our patreon page a buck a month helps put 5 bucks which is like 17 cents a day goes even further and if you're a current patron and you haven't checked it out recently well you guys got a 30 minute video of us a quarter hound last year with Deion in the turkey suit you're gonna get broke last bullshitters after hours and we have something special planned for our $5 and up dear members what is it well find out tonight but until then folks do the one thing I always ask no it's not to go see a movie no it's not to go subscribe to PewDiePie what it is is just simple go out into the world and be excellent to each other

  • I'm amazed, truly amazed how blissfully ignorant all of you are.
    Have any of you ever studied cultural Marxism, let alone heard of it?
    This is classic cultural Marxism at it's best at play here.
    Yes the older generations aren't happy with the females taking all the places of their male counterparts. Yes the majority aren't happy with putting blacks into white roles and period dramas. Yes the majority aren't happy with all the 'woke' storylines but those behind the agenda (((JEWS))) don't care.
    Cultural Marxism TARGETS the youngest generations to ACCEPT, as reality, what the majority DON'T ACCEPT. So, they'll grow up believing Thor was a woman, Heimdall was black, Mary Queen of Scots was Asian, that there is no difference between peoples, that whites are evil who persecuted the chosen people of God, the Jews, who were completely innocent…..
    Orwell's 1984 – "He who controls the past controls the present. He who controls the present controls the future." This is the reality. History is being erased before your eyes.
    People will ignorantly state – "It won't work because people will stop buying comics and going to the cinema. They will lose so much money they'll have to stop." They have an unlimited supply of cash. Jews control the money system. It is no longer based on a base metal (gold and silver). The Federal Reserve is Rothschild. They own all western, African, Indian banks. They MAKE MONEY! Why do you think the Federal Reserve has never been audited?

    Read the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.'

  • Disney is already woke and if Disney is work then so is Marvel. I'm waiting for Disney to lose money because of how terrible and greedy they are.

  • 6:50, I know you were being ironic, but for the sake of thruth, "Veni vidi vici" is not a russian say. It's the sentence pronounced by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar when he conquered Pontus (modern northern Turkey) and it means "I came, I saw, I conquered" 😉

  • Blade is kinda annoyed you consider "Black Panther" the first Black Marvel Superhero Film…(and Blade was also better)

  • Globalism, to reach that goal they must destroy your culture, art, morals, ideals, love of country and your religion, movies are art, or they once were.

  • Jews strategy to take over a country is to destroy is culture. It's art, it's moral structure, family structure, and religion.

    It's all connected, time to open your eyes.

  • Great video . Wokness is killing all my favorite franchises . I love good stories I could give a shit about if it’s make or female lead. What I don’t want is iconic characters like Mary Jane Watson changed into a SJW angry black girls . That just pisses me off. Another example of course is Thor .

  • This wokeness and remakes has always been a trend. Look at all the crime dramas that have never left TV. Murder She Wrote, Cagney and Lacy and Nancy Drew Mysteries all involve gender swaps of various troupes.

    Sure there is creativity, such as Red Dwarf, Babylon 5, Killjoys, Wynonna Earp and Dark Matter that weren't based on anything while The Magicians has some plots and characters from the book series it's basically its own thing now. The trouble with new things is that they get low ratings and people don't flock to the movies to see most of them at first. Hits are so rare, that they are milked into the ground.

  • I work in the film business and the shenanigans taking place within it are definitely a problem. The worst part is the outright greed and “every film should be a blockbuster” mentality that has infected the major studios- a project needs to be a runaway hit (regardless of how weak the story is) or it won’t get made. Then they try to hedge their bets by filming a given project as cheaply as possible.

    The “woke” part of films is the most baffling, as they try to cater to a segment who won’t see them anyway. But it’s all in the name of perceived “moral superiority”, right?

  • i mean, you're right about the culture war, but your knowledge of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is incomplete. its like the argument against climate change. is this an oddity, an anthropromorphic, man made change that is causing the environment to change? or just another iteration of a larger cycle, in this case social, something that may seem worse because of social media and the internet, but that this heightening, this increased divide is always the route of social development. is it getting hottter, is the culture war heating up? sure seems hot out there. but there is a larger cycle and larger truth and this moment is just another turn around the same old bend.

  • We all saw this coming…thankfully there are other outlets…Eastern outlets…South Korea/Japan has been steadily putting out quality stuff and China is looking to get in on the action. Western Entertainment has hit rock bottom and it can stay there…I look forward to watching it's carcass rot in the sun.

  • If you guys are actually truly tired of mainstream entertainment, consider supporting independent filmmakers. I myself have a few short films on my channel and I'm planning more, but people don't really seem to care. Sure, I'm not backed by million dollar studios but damn if I don't try.

  • The bottom line is 💵.
    Thats it. Hollywood studios, Disney, dont value stories or art in general. Just product and politics that affect their lifestyle which is pedophilia and satanism

  • Its the year of out lord : 2030
    Remember when leftists cucks owned The media , the movies , tv shows and the Internet itself ? 🤔 god that was a horrible time

    Thank god we killed them all in the second American civil war

  • Reminds me of how far we have fallen. American goals: 1969 Men on the moon, 2019 Men in womens restrooms.

  • "Me First" bringing the world to its end.

    Now I understand why SJWs and Neoliberals get so well along.

    They're both socio-psychopathic narcissists tearing down what is left of
    society (don't know about the former, but the latter doesn't believe it
    existed) to bolster their egos.

  • As a kid in the 50's, comic books were .10 cents, so I bought a lot of them: Batman, Superman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Ghost Rider, Tim Holt [40's/50's RKO western star] as Red Mask, Lone Ranger, Plastic Man, Black Hawk, etc. Perhaps not many folks today are familiar with Black Hawk, but this was an international team of crime fighters who flew these amazing jet planes and fought the bad guys. All were white males, so I'm sure it would be interesting to see how these characters become 'woke' if a movie was made.

    With respect to Ghost Rider, that was in a western setting and he rode a horse and not a motorcycle. lol. It was the Lone Ranger who called the shots and Tonto was his faithful Indian…uh, Native American companion. The Johnny Depp Lone Ranger was one of those 'woke' movies. Although Depp is white portraying a Native American, the producers/directors managed to make the Lone Ranger inept and saved by 'Tonto'.

    Remakes have always been part and parcel in Hollywood. Ben Hur was a silent, then remade with Charlton Heston, and then again in the 21st century. Sleepless in Seattle was a remake of a 1939 movie and a 1956 movie. You've Got Mail was a remake of a 1940 movie. Yes, I know this is about comic book heroes, but the point is H-town lives or dies on remaking the same movies over and over and over.

    Thank you.

    PS: Captain Marvel was a man. The movie with a female as the Captain was abominable. Captain Marvel was made into a serial in the 40's. You can see it and other super hero serials like Batman and Superman good folks have downloaded on You Tube. They are extremely dated but times were a bit different in the 1940's. As an example, in a late 40's Batman and Robin serial, the Batmobile was a late 40's Mercury. While one of the caped crusaders drove, the other changed in the back seat.

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