The Creepy Man In My Brother's Closet (Horror Story)

this happened two months ago in January of 2019 my parents went out to a party they told me they wouldn't be back until at least 3 a.m. in the morning because the party was supposed to start at 8 p.m. and the party was going to be in New Jersey we live in Connecticut so it takes a while to get there and back they told me to watch my 10 year old brother and expected me to be responsible because I'm 15 years old when they left we watched movies all night while eating a bunch of popcorn he was around 11:30 and we just finished watching infinity war I told my brother to brush his teeth and go to bed I stayed up later than him to watch the movie Logan the movie ended and it was around 2:00 in the morning I was getting ready for bed when my brother came down the stairs I asked him what he was still doing up and he said the boogeyman was in his closet and wanted to touch him I looked at him in confusion my brother isn't the type of kid to pull pranks or joke around he wanted me to check it out I said fine and started saying he probably just heard a house noise he said he heard a noise coming from his closet and when he checked inside the boogeyman was there and said he wanted to touch him we went inside his room I turned on the light and we went to the closet door I opened it and what I saw made me seriously angry there was a tall scruffy looking man with long black greasy hair he looked as if he was in his mid-40s and was fairly built I was pissed off when I saw this creep watching my 10 year old brother sleep and I figured out what my brother meant when he said the boogeyman wanted to touch him I was so pissed off I punched his throat he dropped to the floor gasping for air but I stepped on his face as hard as I could at least six times he was covered in blood and was having trouble breathing I grabbed my brother and ran into the bathroom locking the door and calling the cops then I called my parents my parents freaked out in about ten minutes the cops showed up and searched the bedroom he wasn't in there they searched the house he wasn't anywhere to be found I gave them a good description of his appearance and an officer even stayed at our house until sunrise a week later I was informed that the same guy was caught and arrested for raping an 11 year old boy and murdering his parents it turns out he had raped multiple children before and even murdered some of them and their parents he was 47 years old and received a death sentence if my brother never came downstairs to tell me what happened then I fear the worst could have happened to him and I'm extremely thankful that didn't happen


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