THE CHALLENGER GAMES – Who is the fastest entertainer?!

it's incredible to watch now Jake ball probably reading some sort of apology letter for letting everyone down and Brigida go to Ally right now as a disgusted Jay Paul frozen flavor all right guys we are here with Jake Paul he just threw the standings down what's going through your mind you got third place you're not first you're last baby shot at the Ricky Bobby I'm sorry sorry mom sorry team ten sorry team everyone I lost I'm disappointed I'm sorry Jake callers YouTube this it's an embarrassment why do you feel like you're an embarrassment I think you put your you put everything you had into it didn't you yeah but it just wasn't good enough you know sometimes sometimes your life you know you just gotta take it up I'm gonna come back next year come back next year and I'm gonna whip in the 100-meter pins relay any words for destroying well I offered him $20,000 to lose the rapes and he didn't take it so he's a good guy so congrats just trying you're a good kid actually yeah what happened out there I mean third place Jake got third place I mean hey buddy you up lastly but I put this event together bro and it's not about you and it's not about me it's not about destroying it's about charity it's about the Special Olympics I think we did a good job I think that you guys did a great job I'm really proud of you how how do you feel right now the games are done you know the crowning is about to happen but just tell me a little bit about how you feel I I want to get drunk say there's a half the party at my house pull up a wreck no I'm gonna put this behind me and get married tomorrow and just take that w and go on my honeymoon and just forget about this and come back next year that's right Eddie for next year what training any differently not pulling hamstrings facts we're to start with the ham sorry to everyone good start the healthy hamstring I just want to say thanks everyone for watching this event has been incredible also surprised at how smooth the first one was and you know every year we are gonna get better thanks for thank you to everyone who donated to the Special Olympics do you have any idea how much money you guys have raised I don't know but also each each winner got to donate I think they're like 5,000 s oh the money has been diversified it's been spread out and like I said it the goal of this was to show how powerful creators could be when we come together and for charity I think I think we did good I'm happy today even though I I heard I lost embarrass myself in front of the internet sorry you didn't but I would say the same thing when Suzy picked you up and helped you across the finish line that's what happens what creators come together like I'm a posted on my instagram if someone got it like yeah and then ya know I'm content I'm really happy and also seeing the fans in real life like you guys are awesome I love you great job Logan Congrats thank you thank you so much Ellie will say Jake mentioned his wedding and our sponsor halogen is the only place to watch Jake and tannaz wedding tomorrow night the pay-per-view event will include the red carpet cocktail hour ceremony and reception nobody knows what's going to go down in Vegas but you'll be able to see it live go to halogen TV slash Jake in Tana tune in tomorrow night I mean I won't have to tune in obviously Thomas cuz I'll be there but everyone else should I do want to speak quickly on Logan and Jake's little announcement there and you know I we talk we joke around a lot but what an incredible event put on by Logan and what a great show put on by Jake he really stuck in there with with some pretty serious runners and you know it looks at this point like little brother Jake he may be a little bit quicker than Logan hopefully they can both you don't get real healthy and come back and and show up next year [Applause] you gotta love what's going on in front of us it looks like fans and everyone's coming onto the track and meeting why they're out here all the contestants all the internet personalities and it's great to see I mean listen it's it's it's the one time where I where I went to a party that I couldn't get into I feel like I'm at a gate peering over looking at all the people enjoying themselves and by the way I'm enjoying myself as well Thomas but there's there's just all this beautiful stuff going on out here and we're sitting at this plastic table doing our jobs job and it said we're having fun doing and as we go the scene is set up by the way over at the long jump and we'll get the contestants for you in a moment okay so we're the second round here of the long chop Tanner Fox watching on now there's there's a big dog I thought that it should see how Terry Fox is doing so far so I just got word Sam Hurley is the current leader for the long jump as they rake that stand as they've been doing for the last hour so and this is Sam this is the leader right now that's a great 17 feet 17 feet Wow and actually the form on that was pretty good yeah you know what it is he's got great hair I think that hair interacts with the wind causing some sort of chemical reaction is a lift effect it's absolutely incredible and the kid the kid looks like he should be a model for fashion know of a bed just just absolute you know great looking guys and I've never been quite a jumper as well [Applause] got a rake in that sand I've got another competitor winding up here I do believe that's box boy set to jump next he looks calm confident looks calm also another another you know this this fox boy looks like he's channeling his 2003 FIFO phase with the black hair and good speed jump but I don't think that's gonna be enough to dethrone Sam Hurley at this juncture I don't think so either and also very unimpressed with the dismount look look he went for a somersault in front of there and destroying I believe now destroying has collected more checks than happy gilmore as remember happy gilmore collected all in large checks with a little hop skip and a jump as he goes out there oh wow actually I thought his butt right there quite a jump of course and I think they're measuring from his but not where is my touchdown yeah you hate to see it you know and these kind of jumps you really got to keep that momentum moving forward so that you don't fall backwards you know as you saw with this last jump you know if you fall backwards they'll mark your backwards progress and so you got to keep moving forward as if you know there's a some sort of wobble behind you the long jump combines a lot of athleticism speed and then launch angle you really want to be going full forward momentum as fast as you can in get that launch angle to propel you as far as possible do a little Running Man style in the air yep absolutely it looks like we've got some selfies going on there now you know once again these influencers absolutely incredible with their fans looks like the medal ceremony and we're gonna go to Dylan right now at the medal ceremony of course that's a familiar face on top of the podium that's destroying it is time to announce the biggest award of the evening the fastest entertainer on the planet challenger games audience do you guys have a good time today make some noise in a third place the man is getting married tomorrow it's mr. Jake ha in second place he's been in the top of the ranks all day long this silver medalist in the men's 100-meter dash table chisel and taking the award home that's the fastest entertainer on planet Earth make some noise for your gold medal winner DS Troy ladies and gentlemen these are your challenger game athletes one more time make some noise $5,000 presented to Covenant House of Florida by fashion Nova thank you guys so much for coming out tonight Jake Paul thank you for joining us please step off table chisel thanks for joining us destroying we're going to take that check from you and now present you with your fastest man alive trophy one more time for D [Applause] Charlie tour did Charlie tour did come on we'll do both you at the same time Charlie toured and bring your trophy bring your trophy and that is how it's done here at the Challenger games presented by halogen thank you guys for joining us all night long we'll be coming with you all year long with multiple events throughout the year finding the best of the best online charlie toured in the fastest woman alive and destroy the fastest man alive that looks amazing guys that looks amazing trophies up [Applause] long jump winners long jump winners come on over [Applause] ladies and gentlemen thank you so much the fastest man the fastest woman appreciate you coming out sharing we're loving that saver lease was his job right there 18 feet 8 inches right there so we actually extended his lead so Sam Hurley the guy to be in the long jump he literally just jumped over three of me if I laid out vertically I think I could get it like a nice 12 foot I'm confident in 12 feet thank you guys for coming out it was I was awesome event and I'm sorry I got third I want to ask you guys some questions Charlie how did you get so quick what's your secret can't ask my parents without is it true that you got a college track scholarship that is true some people said you've been cheating is that cheating how cheating like you're way too good to be competing with a bunch of influencers should I go back surround it no no you know you're doing great and what about you why are you so quick you're in like Olympic times what was your time 11:07 that's crazy man congratulations for real like I'm gonna shake your hand right now even if my hand even if my hand Street was right I don't know I don't know who rode for real congratulations of course of course you got to rematch when your legs better next year challenger Games 2020 destroy you first Logan Paul and Jake I guess if you want to do it too are you coming back next year I'm a train the whole year so yeah shout out the halogen for putting this on shout out the fashion Nova for these dope suits you already know guys there's an amazing event we love you at home don't forget to donate everybody if you all give $1 that's watching this right now the donations are gonna go out of this roof so if you just give $1 it's gonna make a big difference for the Special Olympics we appreciate you all make sure you guys donate two minutes for the kids make sure you guys donate to masks for the kids I appreciate you guys having me thank you so much for the kids this is amazing promoting being active and charity so you guys are awesome heck yeah oh my god thank you Wow athlete only to the halogen athlete lounge music we just do it this time to dance a little bit here we go hands up dancers here we go hands up [Applause] [Applause] challenger games thank you guys for joining us right here the 2019 challenger games we've had shake paw Logan Paul King batch summary and so many more of your favorite athletes we'll see you next year make sure you click that Tony button or text to give on screen to helpful Olympics and which parties of our athletes choice big shout out to halogen and fashion OVA for making this possible but most importantly thank you guys for joining us for a very special event this has been the Challenger games 2019 we'll see you next time Goga we are here with Logan and Jake the founders of the Challenger Yves congratulations on your first what do you want to say to the fans thank you we owe it all to them like truly like I took a second to walk around here and meeting everyone in the meet and greet was incredible for everyone who watched everyone who donated thank you literally we would be nothing without you and you know that and when I say that really comes from a place that's at the bottom of my heart I mean it I love meeting you guys in person say what's up to us when you see us I don't know how I get out of here I am gonna sprint so precisely the next 20 minutes ago I love you guys we love you he said it right he said it right yeah we are surrounded by these fans hi guys how you doing awesome well it seems like today was a huge success Jake you have a medal around your neck how does that feel it feels good I mean again if you're not first you're last but third place you know my dad's probably taking home a medal Logan Paul better than fun better luck next year but overall just an incredible event destroying fastest person on planet Earth Charlie Jordan fastest the second fastest person I plan on I mean these people are faster than lightning and it's awesome to watch and as you can tell everyone's having fun down here on Memorial Stadium the crowds out there into it we had a great time bringing it to as you said Special Olympics special shout-out to them halogen you guys have done a great job and thanks so much to the production team at echo alley Shannon Briggs we love bringing it to you live [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you


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