The Challenger Games 100m Final (Includes Medal Ceremony)

no idea what's going on right now I like I said haven't eaten my butt is stuck to my pants I've been sitting in this plastic chair for an eternity and you know at this point I really don't even remember I might remember my own name at all well you're good at disguising it I will say that but that takes us to the hundred meter dash this is the event everyone came for this is going to dub the fastest man on the Internet and I think we already know who that is I think it's destroying but anything could happen out of the blocks we have destroying clocking in and at eleven point seven hundred meter dash officially and we have taupe gisle at twelve point two six in jake paul at twelve point two five so those are the three main competitors to watch out for yeah destroying a full second ahead of those guys it's going to take an insurmountable effort be thrown in I mean I'm calling it destroying taupe gisle Jake Paul destroying is the fastest man in the entire planet it would take a intergalactic boomerang to destroy his lane completely would have to fall into the ocean for him to lose I mean this kid is gonna destroy everyone and as they get to the blocks the crowd settles and there we go Paul slow out of the blocks and there you go destroying just no one within him it's just mind-blowing how fast that man is mustering the star of the show thus far four four four on events get this guy some handicap over here I mean it's just my boy he's he's sleeping on the course now so you know signifying that he could do this in his sleep he might as well have been shot out of a goddamn cannon this dude is is quite honestly being Usain Bolt of the entertainment industry well that's your champion right there you're having a live look destroying as you put the competition to sleep he's the fastest aperture of the world and you know it takes you back to times when Logan Paul was talking smack about being the fastest entertainer in the world and man was he wrong well Paul pretty quick out of the gate just couldn't maintain acceleration but there you see destroying just as soon as he gets those first couple steps he is just gone I mean he looks like some sort of fighter jet that's just breaking the sound barrier as he runs everyone around him just looks absolutely terrible Jorge Janko again once you know once again with the world's ugliest you know look of all time just a real tragic situation for everyone except for destroying and an emphatic win to an impressive evening destroying four for four in these games definitely the star of the show yeah now he's just taking a nap and rightfully so I mean listen you win it you win a contest like this you take a nap we're here with the champ the fastest man on the Internet looked at him y'all talk to the people and now talk too much stress on the Internet to not come out here prove myself today man I just like that phone and we're gonna go to Dillon right now the medal ceremony of course that's a familiar face on top of the podium that's destroying it is time to announce the biggest award of the evening the fastest entertainer on the planet challenger Games audience do you guys have a good time today make some noise in a third place the man is getting married tomorrow it's mr. Jake Paul in second place he's been in the top of the ranks all day long this silver medalist in the men's 100-meter dash table chisel and taking the award home as the fastest entertainer on planet earth make some noise for your gold medal winner destroy ladies and gentlemen these are your challenge their game athletes one more time make some noise $5,000 presented to Covenant House of Florida by fashion Nova thank you guys so much for coming out tonight Jake Paul thank you for joining us please step off table chisel thanks for joining us destroy him we're gonna take that check from you and now present you with your fastest man alive trophy one more time for d-stroid Charlie Joe

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