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The Chainsmokers Dish On Finding Out They Won A Grammy | PEN | People

we are live with the chainsmokers capital p very very excited to have you guys tell me how you’re feeling in this moment heavily nominated what’s the feeling and a winner in your winner great yeah we just want our first Grammy woo awesome that’s amazing sorry i wish i had a very interesting yeah it’s amazing how much weight that when you’re out there getting it looking out what was going through your mind in that moment well we actually it was in the pre-ceremony we’re actually the card with all our friends and we got attacks that we had one and it was great we were in a car but was a very big car with a bunch of people in it are our family and friends and just scream for about five minutes and I never hear ya think I take a Southie my mom did I so much from our moms are days i know that my mom’s always like creeping fact that they think about oh yeah probably more than I know about right how can I ask even been here a while you like okay now we’re for everybody know me about her just made ya plus YC not and rubbers are not together together our time he’s amazing when you that was walking around recording with her like what was the inspection basement because both you know kind of fresh artist request you sound like that you know Mel I mean we just wanted to make it a great record and then when we write songs you hope that we can pair them up with them we have something that is something i can really deliver it and and capture the meeting of the song and and they have first try and smash it has it all over song she’s just an incredible new artist and you gonna be around forever so what what what what happened that we made this song called roses and I if we come from the dancers extreme and we’d always think about you know it’s just so I’m gonna work on the club that’s where we come from and I with roses we just that you know it’s true it’s just make exactly what we want to make a change the tempo up and that’s on end up becoming a huge success for us and really gave us the confidence that grow into the artists that we are now because you have to give me laugh I’ve we’re like it’d be I love it the mozy that subscribe and looked met by remote and little guy that goes like this purpose just buy a house that’s good that will hide ya got ya just ok for anything you did before you hit the red carpet that you know was just kind of like a maybe you could have been a little sick type thing that you want to go to get incentives but yeah like a shot of tequila or like jumped around and several shots of tequila the head guy thanks yeah commoner and lastly don’t let me down who’s the one person in your careers in your lives that never let me down that’s been the rock my mom yeah my moms like always been there and my dad I like I come from an amazing family i’m really really fortunate my dog shutter your home watching and howling i love you you’re my rock yeah I hope that matter i love you guys have a great great time and get excited for you don’t want everything in the middle of studio suites with three girls those are medicines who wasn’t used to it that we’re going to lot of TMI for you saturday iveco bass now children our restroom and protect you got rocks haha why thank you


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