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The Center for Business, Entertainment & Sport Management at Dean College

Description: outside view of Gillette Stadium Description: Aerial view of Gillette Stadium Ever wanted to get inside the stadium and see what it takes to be a part of one of the most influential organizations in the world? Description: students on a tour of Gillette Stadium Come and join our team. Description: aerial view of Dean College Dean College and Kraft Sports & Entertainment have created an exclusive partnership with a Center for Business Entertainment and Sport Management. Description: John Rooke, Director of The Center for Business, Entertainment and Sport Management We’re giving our students a chance to peek inside the curtain so to speak to really see how things are done here at Gillette, whether it’s game management, Description: A speaker at the Dean Leadership Institute Executive Lecture whether it’s security management, event management, sport management Description: students meeting New England Patriots players our students have the chance to learn from the experts Description: The exterior of The Patriots ProShop that are doing it here at a very high level perhaps none higher in the country or even in the world in terms of Description: students walking into the Putnam Club at Gillette Stadium Description: John Rooke speaking professional sports and learning how to run a business run a franchise and be successful. The best education comes from equal parts traditional learning and hands-on experience. Description: students listening to a speaker at Gillette Stadium So at the center we’re introducing a cutting-edge curriculum Description: exterior of Gillette Stadium Combined with the opportunity to listen to and interact with business executives spanning multiple areas of expertise Description: Chelsea Livers Gowdy, Dance Major, Communications Major Having the opportunity to work with the Kraft Sports Group has been a complete rush and been just utterly Description: Gillette Stadium interior, John Reed, Business Management Major exciting for me. There’s so many different opportunities from just interacting with members of the Kraft Sports Group to actually doing hands-on activities such as being a part of the NFL season kickoff and Description: photos of students on the field at Gillette Stadium, and building playgrounds. building a playground with the Patriots and Revolution players. Description: students in the classroom The center welcomes students enrolled in a variety of Dean College’s programs including sport management communications, sports broadcasting, marketing, homeland security management, business, coaching and recreation, and exercise science. Description: students inside Gillette Stadium You’ll be learning from the best and building relationships with top professionals in these fields Description: Matt Quinn, Director of Sales, New England Patriots/Revolution Our organization is so proud to expand our relationship with Dean College We’re really looking forward to offering students more opportunities to gain real-world exposure to the sports business and entertainment industries and so many different possibilities out there Description: John Rooke speaking We keep bringing them along and our students are always like this and they come into my office all the time And they talk about hey, how can I get involved? and so we give them opportunity to Look at internships to look at part-time jobs to look at whatever they think that they can do best That’s the best part about it here. There’s always an avenue for them to travel Description: Interior of Gillette Stadium, Boomer the mascot at Gillette Stadium Are you ready to join our team? The Center for Business Entertainment and Sport Management just might be for you. Description: A student standing in front of Gillette Stadium Description: exterior of Dean Hall.

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