The Britannia Awards 2012 British Artist of the Year Daniel Craig

our two men once again breaking new ground showing the world that their brilliance which now has been recognized with Tony's Emmys Grammys and Academy Award nominations also deserves recognition by the same people who gave us Shakespeare and Daniel Craig you are so damn sexy it's actually reckless it's actually reckless listen our next award is the Britannia Award for British artist of the year and tonight it is being presented to the lovely Daniel Craig Daniel has gone from geordie peacock and our friends in the north to the world's greatest secret agent in the last three James Bond films but here to present the award is the man who fought side-by-side with him in the movie that really made us sit up and take notice cowboys and Aliens what what did you see it ladies and gentlemen please welcome a genuine screen legend his indiana jones he's Chuck Ryan and his hands solo all wrapped in one very handsome packets Harrison for thank you very much I must warn you in advance I have nothing funny to say or wear but I am very honored and pleased to be here thank you way back in in the olden days 1989 I was making a film called Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and I was fortunate enough to work with a very nice elderly gentleman who played my father and who defined the character of James Bond originally sean.conner 22 years later I appeared on screen with the gentleman who redefined bond for the 21st century Daniel Craig anybody who's worked with Daniel will tell you that he is a complete professional well prepared on time knew my lines and his he's a charming collaborator a matey sort of bloke he brings his his good taste his wisdom about storytelling he is incredibly visceral emotional actor and he has a genuine understanding of character and of filmmaking it's a rare set of skills to be able to take on a an icon like bond and make it his own but daniel has done it with style like he does everything the British artist of the Year award was created in 2006 and the first recipients of that that award was another incredibly talented actor Rachel Weisz Daniel's wife and now six years later with rachel's patient tutelage and coaching he is in the position to be able to accept let's take a quick look at some of the highlights of Daniels career good evening w7 I'm delighted to hear about this award quite right too waving the flag for the country perfect in this very important here intelligent gifted good-looking fun at a party but enough about me this is your night there no Britannia Award Best British sorry I'll get it together other day Best British brick artist Daniel artist the first time I worked with him was in Road to Perdition and he gave the single worst audition in the history of all actors certainly the worst Edition I've ever seen and was absolutely terrified came all the way to Chicago was nervous as a flee but it was clear to me from the work that I seen on screen from our friends in the north from sort of on a trilogy and just from the way he walked into the room that there was a kind of energy and excitement of charisma danger you know all the things that you know of Daniel now you know he really Daniel specifically want to me in the war room last other people playing superheroes to make him to be dressed as superheroes that's only Severus he's obsessed it's gotta be that way but you can't really say James Bond is a superhero not in the same league as anyway you know the second time I saw him he said what do you think about me playing James Bond and I thought I said it's a terrible idea don't touch it with a barge pole it's a come recipe for disaster so you know the first time was a successful meeting the second time was not such a successful meeting and I gave him a terrible piece of advice and then I saw him in Casino Royal and I thought it was a game-changer that 11 people got off of the role before him who don't but don't put any of this Clooney I think was first Clooney I got off and um I think him he had Jude Law got off in it Will Ferrell got off it joking aside you know he's an incredible collaborator um he's an unbelievably honest person and I by that I mean he is who he sets out he purports to be know what you see is what you get he comes with everything with his energy his vulnerability his enormous heart I'd like to apologize you would like to apologize try him you there were times on set that you know I felt he was almost too dedicated you know and that something interesting happens when you have someone like that playing the lead in a movie this scale when you say Daniel you don't have to get on top of that train traveling at 50 miles an hour over that five hundred foot precipice you know when you see that let me have a go at it let me let me have a look at it then go to 20 miles an hour and 30 miles now and then he goes at 40 miles now and then he starts doing a fistfight on top of the Train something happens which is that when the lead actor and he's playing James Bond does that everyone else gives it their best you know woe betide you if you are lazy when the man playing James Bond is willing to take that kind of risk and and it's an incredible energy to have at the center of a project like Skyfall and there's a reason why I think the movies since he's been in them have been so good and that's that's him and it's not just his acting skill you know it's his energy and it's his commitment and it's his heart and it's the fact that he gives everything and you know Daniel I know you hate these occasions but you deserve it make and really enjoy it congratulations you deserve ariani you get because let's face it it really is no one else but you he could ever play the role of James Bond you're one in a million you are in my eyes the artist of the year so I think you're my very very best wishes and an enormous kiss on the mouth with my time half way down your throat for the biggest artists of the it's a guy okay thank you on Harrison for that beautifully read eulogy you won't remember this because we were very drunk but I told you one night and it's true the reason that I wanted to be an actor and when I wanted to be in the movies was because of you so thank you that's a very real honor Thank You BAFTA for this it's incredibly humbling and to receive this honor with all these amazingly talented people thank you to a few my team over here to Sally and Chris and Brian and I love you guys and Michael Wilson and Barbara broccoli together with cubby broccoli they made a franchise last 50 years and they allowed me to be part of it so thank you


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