The BOL Publication Trophy Div II WINNER: HIS EMINENCE

almost ready they are way in racing for the world publication trophy Division two level start by all the runners and as they settle down Willow Glen is the lead Oceania puts in a fast and to take or the running ocean as the leader Bovada and lengthen a quarter in front of Octopussy Coakley would've run second is a manager the one on the inside is Willow Glen keeping company on the far side learning about 3d posture friends his private paradise scorpion then comes win striker three and a half lengths behind his tag on spine comes the next classic dwell savage Kingdom is keeping company another three lengths behind running last aiding the field is my queen back to the leaders they bring to negotiate the Menace later for the final run in Oceania the leader by water lengths in front of ena join and the art set by His Eminence Willow Glen comes in X octopus he's not Fabien private paradise as they enter the final runnin behind them another length behind uh comes in existence with score peat and the far side is wind striker his eminence comes in as yields come and goes in front by Botha a lentil in sand a quarter in front of Oceania villa Glen win striker then comes private paradise they have been followed by the other owners of coffee but his eminences as that youthful heed about the two and a half in front of Willow Glen any up say convinced Myka finishes on third Oh sheriff scorpion then comes the other owners of star guns for the back was classic Jill Mike Green savage Kingdom private paradise point and any up last was Octopussy

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