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The Bet (Saxxy Awards 2014)

We make good team! Heavy! Rock, Paper, Scissors! if i lose, i will Dress up as a baby and you
will treat me like one! And if i lose? if you lose, i will take sasha for one Week! Whats the matter? Scared? No! 1… 2… 3! Woo hoo hoo! See ya Fatty! Heavy Are
you sure you want to go out there with a shotgun? are you sure that the weapon is powerful enough
for you? Da! this will work. Uh oh. Augh! Help! Yo, a
little help here?! (Flashback: Rock, Paper,
Scissors!) Scout Cheated! Oh, scout. i am going to save you. but i will NEVER Forget
what you did! Go ahead and Cry baby. You! If you know whats good for ya, you will RUN! Scout, Here! i will meet you outside. Gotcha! Take that! And this! Ah, Ha, Ha, Ha! Fight like Big man! Help! And this! And That! Ha! you Cannot Beat me! Killing you, is full time
job now. Thank you! No problem. Lets go! Scout! Ah crap.


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