The Bet Awards are the Most DC Thing. This is why

if plenty of comments pictures and video sent in to us all the time and every day we feature one of them as our most DC thing today's comes from April on Twitter April tweets this is the most Decius thing ever I love it hash tag BT Awards you already get the most DC thing for that tweet last night not only did the host Regina Hall pay tribute to gogo music and the don't mute DC movement she also touched on a sensitive subject the gentrification of DC washington DC i grew up in when i grew up DC was chocolate city now with gentrification is it's white chocolate city now she talks about the changes to our city highlighting places like hoe gates and 14th Street with before and afters now although she did it with humor gentrification is alive and kicking in DC we reported earlier in the year a study that showed DC has the most gentrifying neighborhoods in the country and while many are feeling that they're losing and have lost the DC that they knew I do want to thank Regina Hall for using our platform to show the DC we will never forget now if you see a most DC thing make sure you send it my way I'm at Reese waters on Twitter Facebook and Instagram or email our waters at wusa9 comm and you know you can use that hashtag get up DC

  • And before Regina Hall was born: it was Vanilla City until white flight turned it to Chocolate City. History just repeats itself. Need to focus on the ECONOMIC factors of gentrification, not the color. That's what they want us to do: fight amongst eachother, all colors: to divide & conquer WE THE PPL, ALL oppressed AMERICANS. ✊👊✋⚠⏰⏳🌎

  • But Regina know what's up she's friends with Muriel Bowser.. I'm sure she knew about gentrification before it happend.

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