The Best Triumph Trophy Review I've Ever Seen

first of all let's start off with skills getting hit by a truck what's up guys this is Sean from SRK cycles and this is the first ever second test-drive video that we've ever done and we're doing it because the whole YouTube flew off and flipped out and said that we were talking too much during the test drive video and everyone was like why she's talking to me of the customer which could end up being me talking to myself and so we're to do it all over again actually I want to get some good image you guys got loads long a voice honestly I didn't give this bike enough research I don't really know anything about it to really give it a good review and I want to give it I want to give it just let's start off with the words of wisdom Psalm 23:4 even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me I know that one by party I didn't even need that little on sticky note on my rear view mirror guys consider doing this consider putting a sticky a sticky note Bible verse on your rear view mirror because I look in the past when you can look towards Scripture make a mat but I'm not laughing laughing no agree there was a good pun a party they got on there is there is a good I don't know whatever I'm going to shut up yeah what youtube want you to shout out I'm gonna shut up yeah yeah don't do that alright guys so one this was a yeah it's the 2015 triumph trophy I really do like this bike and just to counter what someone said about comparing this with the gold wing you're like well the Goulding's not really for touring the goal with the gold wing stance is very squirty you know I mean your knees are in front of your feet so I don't know one this windshield has the most travel I've ever seen in my life event this windshield moves up to my town car side window still got 12 inch spread on a parent especially on its wind chills actually tuned in a wind tunnel they wanted to see they wanted to get above that buffering point from everyone's head which is super cool what is that another cool thing about this bike is it has a kind of like the BMW bikes do it's got electronically adjusting three loads so you can change your suspension settings with buttons and it will adjust suspension it actually has little little knobs and wires and cables that connect to the top of the fork tubes where you would normally be adjusting that with a screwdriver it's got a little got a little mechanism that's going to go through it itself that is super cool just like the BMWs this bike actually comes in at somewhere around what the thing starts at 19,000 MSRP it also has adjustable seat height I'm also I'm going to shred this guy up this up this hill Caleb's ubers me buddy even though this bike only have 140 some horsepower it actually feels extremely peppy I personally think this is faster than the Goldwing but I also had to render going a long time so maybe I'm wrong it definitely feels a little more compact and not as robust as the wings I mean I'm not bashing the wing I love the wings don't get me wrong this thing has a just ability height it also gets width which is insane this giant bike 1215 CCS this giant bike gets 55 miles to the gallon thank you that has a 6.6 gallon gas tank that gives it a range first of all I feel really confident hitting these corner pretty fast normally on the other bikes I'll slow down a bit I just feel real confident hitting these corners with this bike it's very it's a very nimble bike we're taking right here so you got 55 gallon fuel tank with over with a range over 300 miles is pretty impressive my my truck with a and it cost me a lot more to fill it up another thing is this bike only weights 650 pounds 650 pounds that's only 200 pounds more than my sport bike now 250 pounds more than my sport bike but when you look at it my sport bikes like maybe I'll do a picture of it might look like is this big and this bike is this big it looks 12 times as big and you actually put two people on it comfortably and that's not enough of those pretty impressive a pretty delight bike they also did the utmost most motorcycle companies are doing it including harley-davidson I think Harley may have been one of the original one of the earlier ones I'll actually implement this and most of their bikes but throttle by wire but you notice when Harley will hold up when Harley did it he didn't tell anybody it didn't like brag or make like commercials there you travel by wire because you know what people don't want to no one wants to know that now they're doing throttle by why they don't want to think they're like the test on me for it they want to find out that you've been doing you've been using throttle by wire for ten years and you never even notice and then they go oh I like it but come on look am i right to find out that all this is the first vehicle you're ever going to ride the throttle by wire that might scare you when you find out that else they been using it for like a decade you'd like oh I had no idea most most cars were throttled by wire f-150 has been brought on by wire so it's like that 2004 or something like that it's got cruise control it's got all that jazz got eaten grant I almost hit that girl what else okay I got one more really cool thing and I kind of want to test I kind of want to try it out but the rear brake is connected and I don't know this electronic or hydraulic let's connect it to the front brake system so when you get on the rear brake and I can feel I could dive from the front when you get on the rear brake it it gives you front braking it probably gives you more front braking than a rear braking which is why I've been advocated for a long time in most and 99% of the cases don't use your rear brake you only need your rear brake if the front brake is not powerful enough the fact that and you never use your rear brake by itself I'm not sure in like gravel or something like that you're on a turn state it right right here but yeah this makes a this feels pretty cool I'm not going to lie I really like the way it feels I like that that's pretty cool that rear breaking a you could feel it I mean I could almost you can almost write this thing like it's a like it's a can and just only grab the verb right because it is using the front brakes it feels very stable it would feel like old back heavy actually I'm going to try to lock up the back brake watch this I tend to do it and you definitely I just mashed it and that that's the reason why they do that because if you're used to using front and rear brakes wait for it at this Butte if you're used to using front and rear brakes and then you get in a crazy situation you're going to go and try to grab both of them your leg your giant leg is a whole lot more powerful then your two little tiny itty bitty fingers so most likely you're going to lock up your back brake and now you're in a whole nother dilemma because you know how not only you try to brake real fast your back is getting all sideways and stuff so that's that's why they do stuff like this if you have an older bike I just don't be able don't use a trip ring I'm sure I'll get a lot of comments about it on the YouTube but guys I really enjoyed riding this bike it's a lot of fun and I feel like and I feel really really really comfortable riding on it even so you know sometimes you ride a bike for 20 minute and a month Tom's right to fight for 20 minutes you know you don't get fatigued or anything like that but um I feel like I'd ride sing all day long I ditched a Caleb come on Caleb it does have a gear indicator which is awesome it is a six-speed it uncle tells me my temperature says 80 degrees outside camp look like what does yours like say in terms of temperature okay – is 79 now where's your state now interesting that's obscene Yamaha and triumph all right guys I'm really enjoying this bike I hope this was the test-drive you guys who hated a last one hope you guys liked this one if you don't just Raj and I can do about it hi guys remember it's not what you're riding where are you going and subscribe

  • The Guy Is On A Motorcycle And Talking With His Hands. I Bet This Guy Waves His Hands Around When He Is Taking A Crap.

  • 3:27 Dude, 140HP on a sport-touring motorcycle is still WAY up there, it’s nothing to sneeze at. My Burgman 650 has ~54HP to move ~850 pounds of cycle+rider+gear — and it gets up and leaves the cages behind at the stoplights.
    Seriously considered buying a Trophy in the late 90’s, but the chain drive turned me off – as well as the foot positioning. If it had been belt or shaft, I might have been riding a Triumph instead of a POS Vulcan 1500 (and then slightly later a Valkyrie, which was awesome.)

  • At 3:27 in the video you go "shredding" through a residential neighbourhood, and past a 25 mph speed sign at what appears to be at least twice the posted limit. Smarten up.

  • The recording format (i.e. filming from another vehicle) is SO much better than the rider just wearing a GoPro on his helmet. But the wind noise here was really intrusive to the point where I bailed 3/4 of the way through it. And what's with the religious BS? Can't you keep that sort of stuff private?

  • I have watched some of their "reviews" of bikes only problem I have is they don't give a detailed analysis of the bikes if it's a moto vlog call it that don't use clickbait titles & not deliver

  • Nice bike , good review but your views on the back brake usage are ameteur , the back brake can be used all the time , usually to trail brake in corners to stabilise the machine and tighten the turning radius , you saying the back brake is needed 99 percent of the time is just plain wrong .
    the valley of death is duality, the rod and staff is your spinal cord and spinal vertebrae respectively , if your havnt raised the serpent up your spine by cleaning your house then you are lost ,,,,, it is not a mystery.

  • Just bought 2000 TT 900, loving the triple! Great review much appreciated. Trying to find your Alpinestar jacket – see nothing here in the states close to it. You rocked the review! I totally get the one hand on the bend feels like a 4 wheeler! Like how you go no boots, socks or gloves but you don't forgo the leather shell! Any chance that jacket has a model number on it? Its the perfect weight I'm looking for.

  • Where oh where was this filmed? It seems that in some parts the traffic was on the left and others on the right? Am I seeing things?

  • Whoever told you that it was good to share your religion lied to you.

    Sharing your religion is like farting in an elevator with strangers, it might make you feel good to get it out, but nobody else wants to hear or smell it!

  • Good on you for starting with a scripture. If it bothers a person then just ignore it. I agree with it and for you can keep it up. Thanks for sharing the word. I did note a few mistakes in your video but the substance of your impression of the bike was good.

  • So much for not talking.
    Also having postit notes on your mirrors means you are more likely to meet your God.

  • What’s with the traffic on the wrong side of the road? You guys do things different in the East?

  • Thanks for an honest review of my bike. I love my Trophy it has given me hours of enjoyment, I love to go for the days with my wife on my bike it has brought us closer together. Plus it is not the same as every other bike out there like Harley and BMW. Love your reviews keep them going.

  • Another narcissistic bible thumping motor mouth who has nothing useful to say about motorcycles.

  • Great review! I was leaning to the R1200RT, but this is persuading me to the Trophy. And thanks for quoting the Scripture. I need it.

  • Hey Dudes! Thanks for the review. I found it to be very helpful in my decision making process. What I like about these reviews that you guys do is that you show the bike in action – not just the standard in-cockpit shots like most others. This is what I found to be the most useful. So thanks for that. I just bought a 2017 Trophy SE and this bike is Awesome. It is Fast, nimble and very luxurious. It also has one of the best feature sets I have found on a bike in this class.

    So thanks again and keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for RUINING an otherwise decent bike review with a bible reading. Glad you think you have the right to push your religion on to others (with NO warning – after all this is a bike review and not advertised as a bible reading) while (no doubt!) earnestly expecting (no make that demanding!) others to respect your religion……so you are free to try to convert others to your religion WHILE they MUST respect yours right? I think the bible does mention hypocrites though……read that part of the bible hey….you should be able to relate to it…….just IMAGINE how YOU would react if you watched a bike review then the test rider started to sprout on about THEIR non-Christian religion…..or would that be somehow "different" because (of course!) yours is "the only true religion" bla bla bla? My point? Let's keep "religion" out of motorcycle reviewing OR at least ADVERTISE your intentions HONESTLY so we don't have to listen to your little sermon.

  • This guy is at least 6. 4" tall, man handles the bike well, the bike is probably not for short people, totally wrong about braking. I would rather control the front brake myself, good at it. It would make me cautious in emergency braking, not good. Love the bike though.

  • Hey! Thanks for the review. I just bought a 2014 trophy….picking it up in a few days. Appreciate the comparison with the Gold wing, as I am transitioning from the wing to the triumph. Most of all I appreciate the scripture! PTL! ….looks like I need to change my name now…..Triumphant Ward? ……I don't know…


  • Keep being you. Don't allow people, who have nothing better to do than troll on the internet, make you change who you are. Your videos make me want to drive over 215 miles from Pittsburgh to buy from you. That says so much.

  • Kawasaki also has linked braking called K-ACT which also includes ABS…wonderful technology. I have to disagree on your comment to never use rear braking. Using hard front only braking in a turn could end up dropping the bike, especially on big heavy bikes like Harley's. Rear braking is also essential in controlled slow speed turns and friction zone control. Love the videos.

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