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The beginning of Daniela’s downfall | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

These are all your siblings? Even this child
I’m carrying. You should’ve told
Marga right away. It’s not as easy as you think. Trina, we’re here to
help you clear your name, but we can’t do that if you won’t make us
understand your situation. We’re orphans now, Cassie. Our parents abandoned us. And if my siblings get involved
in my problem at school and the authorities find out
about our situation, they’ll take my siblings
away from me. So please, Cassie. Stay out of this. Are you the owner… …of this car shop? Yeah. So, I guess you’re a big shot. No. I’m Mitchi, by the way. I’m Carlos. Looks like you’ve downed
a lot of bottles. No. These are just
their leftovers. Is it okay if I
drink with you? I’m just a little bored. Sure. Here you go. It’s done. Good. Now all you need
is some evidence. Perfect. Alright, I’ll send you
the rest of the money. Let’s see if you still won’t
leave your husband now, Daniela. Will somebody explain to me
what happened?! Why are there many winners?! Isn’t it very clear that there
should only be one winner?! Is nobody going to talk?! Ma’am, our IT’s at fault. They encoded it wrongly
on the system. Well then, tell that person to pay for the prizes of
all the winners! I don’t care if he has to sell
all of his internal organs! We’ve always done
these promos, right?! Even back when Dad
was still here! Why did this happen?
Why did they make a mistake?! Daniela… …our employees from back then
are already gone. Where are they? Bring them to me and
let them explain! Daniela, have you
already forgotten? All of them already went
to Romina. – Out of my way, Cassie.
– Over here, sir! Over here, sir. Sir, we saw two huge rats here. That’s right, sir. You need to contain them. We might end up getting sick. Cafeterias are supposed
to be sanitary, right? Alright. I’ll call maintenance
to check the premises. We’ll do it. – We’ll call them.
– Dessa! The students saw some
rats in the cafeteria. Over there. Trina… Listen up, everybody! Our company is trying
to resolve the matter. But don’t worry. Rest assured, you will be
able to claim your rewards. Yes! Thank you! Thank you, ma’am! Again, we will
resolve the matter. And we’ll give you updates. But for now, you may leave
the company premises. Thank you for
your cooperation. It’s nice to know
you have integrity. But it looks like it’s going
to cost you quite a lot. Before you start meddling
in other people’s problems, try solving your
own problems first, especially since there’s a
criminal in your company. What are you talking about? Clearly, you’re clueless again. And it seems like your
business partner hasn’t told you
the truth yet. Let me break it to you. Leon Herrera is a murderer! He’s a criminal! Did you really
murder somebody? Is that why you’re
being so secretive? Daniela was lying. You really believe her? To be honest,
I’m not sure. I’ve asked you about
your past several times, but you always get so evasive. I’ve never lied to you, Romina. Why didn’t you tell
me about this? Because… I didn’t want you to judge me. That’s why I don’t like
opening up about my past. Leon, you know what
I’ve been through. You think I would
ever judge you? Romina already knows. What did you say? My past is haunting me. And I don’t want to cause
trouble to Romina. Leon. You shouldn’t live like this. You can’t always hide when someone finds out
about your past. You need to face it, Leon. You know I’m here
to help you. But I haven’t forgiven
myself yet. Then it’s time you do it. You can’t turn
back time, Leon. All you can do is just
accept what happened. Leon? Carlos! How dare you?! What’s your problem?! This is my problem!
Explain this to me! I don’t need to explain
anything to you. Are you this desperate?! You can’t get Romina that’s why you’re out
sleeping with other women?! So what if I am? We’ll be
separated soon enough. We’re not separated yet! Because you’re impeding it! Carlos, I can have you
arrested for what you’ve done! I can have you locked up! I’d rather be in jail than
spend my life with you! Everything you heard about
me and my son is all wrong. I am the real criminal. Leon only got involved because he knows
the person I killed. I’m sorry if I judged you
too quickly, Leon. I’m sorry too for not
telling you the truth. A lot of people judged us
when Papa was convicted. A lot of people judged us
when Papa was convicted. Then our businesses failed and everything went
downhill from there. I was afraid that your business
might get affected as well. Leon, we’ll face your problems
with your business together. That’s how business
partners are. People tend to judge me
whenever this is brought up. I’m not like other people. Just like you, I have a past
that I want to forget too. And people still judge me
about it up to this day. But I never hid it from you. I just want you… to trust me like
how I trust you. Trina’s mother died
during childbirth, that’s why she’s the one
taking care of her family. Why does she have to do it? Where’s your father? He’s in jail. He’s been there
for a long time. So, he’s a criminal. Marga, that’s not
the issue here. The issue here is how
judgmental you are, and how you’ve hurt
other people. How did I hurt her?
I only posted her picture. The rumors didn’t
come from me. But you still hurt her. You are a respected student
of Maxwell International. You’re the student
council president! You should be the one
setting a good example, instead of promoting
these things! Don’t tell me
what to do, Cassie. Sure. And it’s okay to
disagree with me. I can’t force you to be right. And that goes for
everyone here too. Don’t forget. This is our last year
in high school. Do you really want to leave
behind memories like this? Nothing but senseless fighting? Isn’t it better to get to know
and accept each other instead of spreading rumors? Instead of making trouble, why don’t we make
new friends instead? Let’s not waste this year by
fighting one another. We’re all students
of this school. Are you mad because
I helped Cassie? I’m mad because you
interfered earlier. Trina would’ve hurt me, and Cassie would’ve been
kicked out from Maxwell. You’re such a masochist. I just didn’t want you
to get hurt. Why are you so
concerned about me? Why do you always
want to help me? Well, it’s because– Don’t tell me… …you like me? I knew it. You like me. No way. You should ask
Kristoff instead so we can forget about
our dare already. Don’t change the subject. Hey, he has a crush on me. You must think
I’m really pretty. You’re annoying,
you know that? I already said no. It’s because I pity you. So you’re just pitying me? That’s not what
I meant, Marga. I don’t need your pity, Mikoy. Everyone, these
are our sales. From 10%, it’s down to 5%. That’s all. Get out. Get out! – Hooray!
– Congratulations! Mondragon, Bartolome. Lopez, Jimenez. Um, excuse me, ma’am. Sorry, but this is one of the
highlights of our senior year. I don’t want to waste it by
having Cassie as my partner. Can I just get another partner? Or I could just easily
do it by myself. Ms. Bartolome, the decision
is already final. Besides, you’re both
intelligent women, so I’m sure you’ll come up
with a good presentation. So, whatever’s going on
between the two of you, I suggest you settle it
right now so it won’t affect
your performance. – But, ma’am–
– No buts, Ms. Bartolome. Ms. Mondragon, do you have
any problems with this? I’m willing to work with Marga, even if we don’t always
see eye to eye. We’ll make sure to come up
with a good presentation. I have a delivery for
Ms. Romina Mondragon. Please sign here. Thank you. That’s scary! What are
those black roses for?! Who sent those?! Ate, do you know what
these numbers mean? I will never forget it. This is the date of
my bridal shower. This was the date
when I was raped! Neil, I don’t understand
why anyone would remind me of what happened that day. Ate, maybe Daniela’s
the one behind this. Think about it. She can’t do
anything about your success. I bet she burst a vein, because she knows you’re on
your way to surpassing her. Maybe she’s trying
to distract you, so you can’t focus
on our company. If this is how she wants
to play, then so be it. And if she thinks she can
use my past against me, she’s dead wrong. She will not
defeat me this way. She only gave me
even more motivation to take back everything
she stole from me. And I will make sure that
I will beat her in her own game! An acquaintance told me that
Camila is selling their trucks. They also have other properties
lined up to be sold. From what they’re doing, it seems like they
need some fast money. Then good. Let’s bid. We have an expansion
planned out, right? We could save a lot
of money from that. Looks like their company has
a lot of problems right now. This is our chance, Leon. It’s our turn to rise. I won’t just take
her properties. I will also take
the shareholders that are keeping
her company afloat. Hello, Mrs. Villanueva.
How are you? I hope this is not
a bad time to talk to you. It isn’t, Mrs. Mondragon. Well, I think there are some
things you’re not aware of, like how Daniela
is hiding the fact that her company is
losing money. What?! How can you do that when
she’s right in front of you? You really have
the guts, huh? She doesn’t know
what will hit her. What’s your plan? Is it brilliant enough
to sabotage her? It’s actually very simple. I will leak my business
plan using her laptop. Why are you using my laptop? Why are you posting your
business plan online? What are you planning, Marga? You were even using my account
to upload that file! Tell me, Marga. Do you really want to ruin
my reputation at school? Marga, what’s going on? What are you planning to do? Marga, I thought we agreed
to work together. That’s what you think. To be honest, I can’t do it. You have no right to
be in my world. The world doesn’t
belong to you, Marga. I could hear you shouting at
my daughter from the gates! Mom… They’re ganging up on me. Why are you talking to her
like that?! I’m just trying to correct
what you taught her. You’re dragging her
into this mess! Daniela, she’s your daughter. I know, which is why you have
no right to do that. So you’d just let her
live in anger? You’d let her do anything
to sate her rage, just like what you did before? You even ordered someone
to rape me! About what
Tita Romina said earlier… You believe her? Of course she would
do anything to take me down. But you didn’t retaliate. You looked like you were
panicking earlier, Mom. Seriously, Marga. Not you, too. Look, I’m not angry at you. I just want you to let
Cassie stay at Maxwell. Just let her be. What? Why? You don’t want to get back
at them anymore? Am I supposed to take on
Cassie by myself now? I thought we were
in this together, Ma. Cassie is my sister… …based on the results
of the DNA test. Look, Marga… Just trust me, okay? Stop wasting your time
on Cassie. Just do that for me. Please. I already have my hands full trying to
get the company together, so I don’t need another
problem on my hands. So that’s it. I’m just another problem
to deal with. All of a sudden, you’re
pulling out your shares?! We’re in the middle of war! And you’d just choose
to leave?! We never asked for this war! Besides, it’s all your fault! You should think this through! We can still talk about this! We’ve already thought about it. We invested a lot of money
in this company. Admit it or not,
this company needs saving. But you can’t do it alone. We can only save ourselves before the company
goes bankrupt. Who said anything about
the company going bankrupt? Romina Mondragon. Romina Mondragon is not
part of this company, I am! So don’t believe her lies!


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