"The Bachelorette" Finale: Will Hannah Brown Find Love? | E! News

  • And the Award goes to the guys that didn't sleep with Hannah because they dodged the VD bullet! And that crazy in the eyes "I'll kill you in your sleep" look she gets when she's "MAD" could be due to being demon-possessed especially the way she took the Lord's name in vain when she stated that "Jesus still loved her even if she sleeps around outside of wedlock".

  • All the dudes that slept with Hannah the HO line up and to get your Vaccines against Herpes and all other sexually transmitted diseases….Or do they do that before signing up for the show?

  • After tongue lashing Jed for his dishonesty ….. Within a few minutes Tyler comes out and she admits she " Never lost her feeling for him …" Then asked him out on a coffee or drink date. Can we spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E ???? Also she never told Jed she fucked Peter FOUR times in the infamous "Windmill", just a few days before accepting Jed's proposal. Really ?

  • Time to maybe cancel this show. They will nit because low cost and brings in the dollars. In the end the creator said years ago he does not care about the outcome. His concern was ratings and if the couple works that is a bonus.

  • Tyler may be nice but DO NOT TAKE HANNAH BACK!!!!! Why would any guy months later want to be a woman’s second choice. Who wants to be a plan b or backup plan. Once Tyler sent packing no matter if he still cared for her she did not choose him. I already think he is nit that bright and dating her would be a mistake. Plus he would have shot at bachelor with women who would be his first choice,

  • (Jared) Kushner Properties has over 1000 rental units in BALTIMORE, with a Class Action (currently) against them for filthy, rat infested conditions. And North Korea…a missle here a missle there, I thought the Orange Great Oz had Kim under control. Fool!
    Anyone still supporting Donald Trump and Moscow Mitch, is an American Coward. Period!

  • I need Tyler on my screen so if he’s not the next Bachelor then please sign him up for dancing with the stars!

  • abc, the producers, and people like you really find the casting and the editing and actions in the show – for the drama and the attention that it gets the respective you. And the bottom line is the thing, eh.

  • You’re a moron girlfriend you let go of two great men and got stuck with a cheater Ha ha ha good luck Hannah you moron even your parents didn’t like him how could you

  • bruh she's not even all that. you can walk down the street in any major city and find 20 girls that look better and offer way more to a relationship than her LOL. The casting must not have went well.

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